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  • I Don't Want You To Be Responsible!

  • Author(s): 北棠墨
  • GENRES: Updating
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 17-Aug-2019 15:28
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I Don't Want You To Be Responsible! summary:

MC went to a party, rolled the sheets with a stranger, got knocked up, and demanded the ML to take responsibility. The ML suggested a paternity test and abortion, to which the MC agreed. But when it was time to get the abortion, he died on the operating table from blood loss. When he opened his eyes, MC had returned to the night he rolled the sheets. What can he do? The rice has been cooked and the bun has been made. To avoid his past fate, MC decides to take care of his children himself. *Enters ML* “I’m in love with you.” MC: “No! I dont want you to be responsible.”

I Don't Want You To Be Responsible! Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 75 Aug-17-19
Chapter 74 Aug-17-19
Chapter 73 Aug-17-19
Chapter 72 Aug-17-19
Chapter 71 Aug-17-19
Chapter 70 Aug-17-19
Chapter 69 Aug-17-19
Chapter 68 Aug-17-19
Chapter 67 Aug-17-19
Chapter 66 Aug-17-19
Chapter 65 Aug-17-19
Chapter 64 Aug-17-19
Chapter 63 Aug-17-19
Chapter 62 Aug-17-19
Chapter 61 Aug-17-19
Chapter 60 Aug-17-19
Chapter 59 Jul-25-19
Chapter 58 Jul-25-19
Chapter 57 Jul-25-19
Chapter 56 Jul-21-19
Chapter 55 Jul-21-19
Chapter 54 Jul-19-19
Chapter 53 Jul-18-19
Chapter 52 Jul-18-19
Chapter 51 Jul-16-19
Chapter 50 Jul-16-19
Chapter 49 Jul-14-19
Chapter 48 Jul-13-19
Chapter 47 Jul-13-19
Chapter 46 Jul-11-19
Chapter 45 Jul-10-19
Chapter 44 Jul-09-19
Chapter 43 Jul-08-19
Chapter 42 Jul-08-19
Chapter 41 Jun-27-19
Chapter 40 Jun-27-19
Chapter 39 Jun-27-19
Chapter 38 Jun-27-19
Chapter 37 Jun-27-19
Chapter 36 Jun-27-19
Chapter 35 Jun-27-19
Chapter 34 Jun-27-19
Chapter 33 Jun-27-19
Chapter 32 Jun-27-19
Chapter 31 Jun-16-19
Chapter 30 Jun-16-19
Chapter 29 Jun-11-19
Chapter 26-28 Jun-06-19
Chapter 24-25 Jun-02-19
Chapter 23 May-30-19
Chapter 22 May-27-19
Chapter 21 May-22-19
Chapter 20 May-19-19
Chapter 19 May-16-19
Chapter 16-18 May-16-19
Chapter 14-15 May-08-19
Chapter 12-13 May-04-19
Chapter 10-11 Apr-29-19
Chapter 8-9 Apr-27-19
Chapter 5-7 Apr-27-19
Chapter 1-4 Apr-27-19
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