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Esper Harem in the Apocalypse summary:

«Farming wives in the apocalypse.» Getting a wife is possible. Getting Wives is hard. And in the apocalypse, it’s impossible. But what if you have superpowers that allow you to do anything? I mean everything!
Rudy was optimistic, handsome, and blessed with knowledge. He topped every exam with minimal effort and got into his first choice university. Growing up in a low-cla.s.s family, he had to do what it took to be a successful person. So he focused on his studies and aced the university.
When he was in his last year, dozens of famous companies wanted to recruit him. He had a bright future waiting for him. However, he got into an accident on the day of his graduation.
He was left crippled at the age of 23, and all his hard work was in vain. He had to break up with his girlfriend of 5 years, his friends stopped visiting him, and his family was working hard to pay his medical fees.
One night, when he was staring at the ceiling like countless other nights, a mysterious man visited him. He said he was from an organization that was working on the ‘gene experiment.’
The man offered Rudy a chance to live his life again, but if he died in the experiment, he promised to give Rudy’s family a huge amount of money. It was a win-win situation for Rudy as he had nothing else to lose.
However, after months of experiments, nothing happened. As his last wish, Rudy was left alone to die in the middle of nowhere. As he was taking his last breaths, he recalled everything he had done in his life, and he remembered all he did was work hard to have a bright future, which he never got a chance to experience.
«If I knew this would happen to me, I would have lived a better life.»
Left with regret and despair, Rudy died. But when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in his high school. He later learned that the experiment was successful, and he had become an esper with all the psychic abilities.
«I will live every moment of my life to the fullest!» he shouted during the cla.s.s and dashed out of the cla.s.sroom.
However, there was a catch. The world was different from what he used to live. It was a post-apocalyptic world in a parallel universe, where his superpowers were going to help him dominate the world.
Note- It is a harem novel, so expect at least one yandere.

Esper Harem in the Apocalypse Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 977 Jane Feb-26-24
Chapter 336 Full Oct-17-23
Chapter 880 Kinks Aug-30-23
Chapter 872 Lounge Aug-23-23
Chapter 837 Ride Jul-19-23
Chapter 713 Ruby Apr-23-23
Chapter 684 Cop Apr-23-23
Chapter 647 Karma Apr-23-23
Chapter 630 Memory Apr-23-23
Chapter 599 Energy Apr-23-23
Chapter 597 TING! Apr-23-23
Chapter 593 God Apr-23-23
Chapter 575 Voting Apr-23-23
Chapter 538 Date Apr-23-23
Chapter 536 Elena Apr-23-23
Chapter 507 Cassy Apr-23-23
Chapter 365 Master Apr-23-23
Chapter 346 Return Apr-23-23
Chapter 339 Party Apr-23-23
Chapter 316 Miu Apr-23-23
Chapter 283 Vesier Apr-23-23
Chapter 278 Niti Apr-23-23
Chapter 248 Letter Apr-23-23
Chapter 226 Virgil Apr-23-23
Chapter 191 Flick Apr-23-23
Chapter 167 Bonds Apr-23-23
Chapter 130 - Jinx Apr-23-23
Chapter 27 - Rize Apr-23-23
Chapter 9 - Flight Apr-23-23
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