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Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 summary:

Many people felt frustrated by the lack of knowledge after time travel. Many took their laptops with them during time travel and fell into an awkward situation with deficient electricity. Many others took the troops with them and found that there were only logistics of 19th century. Countless predecessors had died on the way, numerous on the land of another world. A large number of people had achieved both success and fame after time travel, but failed to find the way back home. Do you still regret not remembering the formula of gla.s.s? Are you still confused about the ingredients of gunpowder? Are you still trying to perfect the shape of mirrors? Nowadays, a lot of colleges and universities are rus.h.i.+ng about, looking for sponsors.h.i.+p; many inst.i.tutions are drifting along the wave of bank notes; a host of experts’ and professors’ subjects have been brought to a halt because they are short of funds. There is a solution to every problem. …

Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 109 Mar-20-18
Chapter 108 Mar-20-18
Chapter 107 Mar-16-18
Chapter 106 Mar-13-18
Chapter 105 Mar-10-18
Chapter 104 Mar-09-18
Chapter 103 Mar-06-18
Chapter 102 Mar-04-18
Chapter 101 Mar-03-18
Chapter 100 Feb-23-18
Chapter 99 Feb-22-18
Chapter 98 Feb-07-18
Chapter 97 Jan-30-18
Chapter 96 Jan-25-18
Chapter 95 Jan-21-18
Chapter 94 Jan-19-18
Chapter 93 Jan-17-18
Chapter 92 Jan-12-18
Chapter 91 Jan-11-18
Chapter 90 Jan-10-18
Chapter 89 Jan-09-18
Chapter 88 Oct-12-17
Chapter 87 Oct-04-17
Chapter 85 Oct-04-17
Chapter 86 Oct-04-17
Chapter 84 Oct-01-17
Chapter 83 Sep-19-17
Chapter 82 Aug-27-17
Chapter 81 Aug-22-17
Chapter 80 Aug-08-17
Chapter 79 Aug-04-17
Chapter 78 Aug-03-17
Chapter 77 Aug-02-17
Chapter 76 Jul-30-17
Chapter 75 Jul-29-17
Chapter 74 Jul-28-17
Chapter 73 Jul-27-17
Chapter 72 Jul-25-17
Chapter 71 Jul-22-17
Chapter 70 Jul-22-17
Chapter 69 Jul-07-17
Chapter 68 Jul-06-17
Chapter 67 Jul-04-17
Chapter 66 Jul-02-17
Chapter 65 Jul-01-17
Chapter 64 Jun-30-17
Chapter 63 Jun-29-17
Chapter 62 Jun-27-17
Chapter 61 Jun-25-17
Chapter 60 Jun-24-17
Chapter 59 Jun-23-17
Chapter 58 Jun-22-17
Chapter 57 Jun-20-17
Chapter 56 Jun-18-17
Chapter 55 Jun-17-17
Chapter 54 Jun-16-17
Chapter 53 Jun-15-17
Chapter 52 Jun-13-17
Chapter 51 Jun-11-17
Chapter 50 Jun-10-17
Chapter 49 Jun-09-17
Chapter 48 Jun-08-17
Chapter 47 Jun-06-17
Chapter 46 Jun-04-17
Chapter 45 Jun-03-17
Chapter 44 Jun-02-17
Chapter 43 Jun-01-17
Chapter 42 May-30-17
Chapter 41 May-28-17
Chapter 40 May-27-17
Chapter 39 May-26-17
Chapter 38 May-25-17
Chapter 37 May-23-17
Chapter 36 May-21-17
Chapter 35 May-20-17
Chapter 34 May-19-17
Chapter 33 May-18-17
Chapter 32 May-16-17
Chapter 31 May-14-17
Chapter 30 May-13-17
Chapter 29 May-12-17
Chapter 28 May-11-17
Chapter 27 May-09-17
Chapter 26 May-07-17
Chapter 25 May-06-17
Chapter 24 May-05-17
Chapter 23 May-04-17
Chapter 22 May-02-17
Chapter 21 Apr-30-17
Chapter 20 Apr-29-17
Chapter 19 Apr-28-17
Chapter 18 Apr-27-17
Chapter 17 Apr-25-17
Chapter 16 Apr-23-17
Chapter 15 Apr-22-17
Chapter 14 Apr-21-17
Chapter 13 Apr-20-17
Chapter 12 Apr-18-17
Chapter 11 Apr-18-17
Chapter 10 Apr-15-17
Chapter 9 Apr-15-17
Chapter 8 Apr-15-17
Chapter 7 Apr-15-17
Chapter 6 Apr-15-17
Chapter 5 Apr-15-17
Chapter 4 Apr-15-17
Chapter 3 Apr-15-17
Chapter 2 Apr-15-17
Chapter 1 Apr-15-17
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