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The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side summary:

The number one pill concocter of the immortal world, Mu Chen, had always believed that it was because he had wholeheartedly concocted pills that had lead to him failing to pay sufficient attention to his disciple, causing him to become seduced by devil cultivation and going astray, later making the three realms to fall to disaster. After rebirthing, Mu Chen decided he must properly teach his disciple, give him the very best resources, earnestly love him, carry him close to his body, and don’t let him grow crooked. Sure enough, his disciple became more and more “intimate”, every day must crawl into his bed to rub his chest and hug his thigh. Only his expression isn’t exactly quite right……

The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 109 Nov-11-19
Chapter 106 Nov-11-19
Chapter 105 Nov-07-19
Chapter 101 Nov-02-19
Chapter 97 Oct-26-19
Chapter 96 Oct-22-19
Chapter 90 Oct-13-19
Chapter 89 Oct-13-19
Chapter 88 Oct-13-19
Chapter 87 Oct-08-19
Chapter 86 Oct-06-19
Chapter 84 Oct-03-19
Chapter 83 Oct-03-19
Chapter 81 Sep-26-19
Chapter 80 Sep-24-19
Chapter 77: God! Sep-21-19
Chapter 75 Sep-15-19
Chapter 74 Sep-15-19
Chapter 73 Sep-15-19
Chapter 71 Sep-08-19
Chapter 70 Sep-08-19
Chapter 69 Sep-08-19
Chapter 68 Sep-05-19
Chapter 64 Sep-01-19
Chapter 63 Sep-01-19
Chapter 59 Aug-24-19
Chapter 58 Aug-18-19
Chapter 57 Aug-16-19
Chapter 56 Aug-15-19
Chapter 55 Aug-15-19
Chapter 54 Aug-15-19
Chapter 53 Aug-10-19
Chapter 52 Aug-10-19
Chapter 51 Aug-10-19
Chapter 50 Aug-10-19
Chapter 49 Aug-10-19
Chapter 48 Aug-10-19
Chapter 47 Aug-10-19
Chapter 46 Jul-27-19
Chapter 45 Jul-26-19
Chapter 44 Jul-25-19
Chapter 43 Jul-25-19
Chapter 42 Jul-25-19
Chapter 41 Jul-25-19
Chapter 40 Jul-18-19
Chapter 39 Jul-13-19
Chapter 38 Jul-11-19
Chapter 36 Jul-09-19
Chapter 30 Jul-04-19
Chapter 29 Jun-25-19
Chapter 26 Jun-22-19
Chapter 25 Jun-20-19
Chapter 22 Jun-20-19
Chapter 21 Jun-20-19
Chapter 20 Jun-20-19
Chapter 19 Jun-20-19
Chapter 18 Jun-20-19
Chapter 17 Jun-20-19
Chapter 16 Jun-20-19
Chapter 15 Mar-17-18
Chapter 14-15 Mar-17-18
Chapter 13 Feb-20-18
Chapter 12 Jan-17-18
Chapter 11 Oct-14-17
Chapter 10 Oct-14-17
Chapter 9 Oct-14-17
Chapter 9 Part4 Sep-18-17
Chapter 9 Part3 Aug-14-17
Chapter 9 Part2 Jul-28-17
Chapter 9 Part1 Jul-27-17
Chapter 8 Jul-26-17
Chapter 7 Jul-26-17
Chapter 6 Jul-25-17
Chapter 5 Jul-25-17
Chapter 4 Jul-25-17
Chapter 3 Jul-25-17
Chapter 2 Jul-25-17
Chapter 1 Jul-25-17
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