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  • The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead

  • Author(s): Fantasy Color Coffee
  • GENRES: Drama - Romance
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The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead summary:

Xia Wei transmigrated as the prettiest woman in a book, but she was merely the evil cannon-fodder female supporting character. This was a novel about s...o...b..z. In the novel, Xia Wei was the female lead’s best friend. Due to Xia We’s beauty, the female lead had always been secretly envious of her, but Xia Wei also kept her guard up against the female lead.
Although she knew she was pretty, any man who came into contact with the female lead would eventually fall in love with her instead. Hence, Xia Wei began to keep her distance from the female lead. After that, she capitalized on her looks to get into s...o...b..z. She also started a relations.h.i.+p with her boss.
Just as she thought she’d finally moved away from the female lead’s shadow, she suddenly discovered that the female lead had also become an artist at her boyfriend’s company. Moreover, the female lead had a romantic relations.h.i.+p with her boyfriend.
Xia Wei was triggered and began to go against the female lead. She wanted the female lead to know her place and back off by leaving the company and her boyfriend. However, not only did Xia Wei fail, but her boyfriend also dumped her, and her reputation in s...o...b..z plummeted. Xia Wei finally panicked. She went on a dating show with her ex-boyfriend and the female lead to salvage their relations.h.i.+p and her own reputation.
However, several male partic.i.p.ants on the show were Xia Wei’s ex-boyfriends. They all befriended Xia Wei’s ex-boyfriend, who had just dumped her, and the female lead. The only guy remaining was a bigshot actor with countless resources but was deemed cold and unapproachable in s...o...b..z.
Xia Wei, who transmigrated into the novel, knew he was way out of her league. Hence, she began to do as she pleased on the show. She waited for the male and female lead to hold each other’s hands so that the show would end and she could retire from s...o...b..z.
However, to her surprise, the storyline went in a different direction. The other male partic.i.p.ants all came to confess their feelings for her. Unfortunately for them, Xia Wei wasn’t interested in any of them.
Later, the actor, who was way out of her league, posted a photo of them on his social media account. “I’m yours, @XiaWei.”
Xia Wei responded with her own post. “Please maintain your image as a cold and unapproachable person!”

The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead Chapters

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Chapter 219: Treat Jan-26-24
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Chapter 113: Storm Jan-26-24
Chapter 82: Chaos Jan-26-24
Chapter 66: Why? Jan-26-24
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Chapter 3 Jan-26-24
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Chapter 1 Jan-26-24
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