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Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement summary:

An 18-year-old girl who lost her family in an accident, Yamano Mitsuwa falls off a cliff one day and transferred to a different world with a civilization level of medieval Europe. Mitsuwa who discovered it was possible to go and return to Earth after a deadly fight with wolves decided to live in both worlds. 「For security in old age, I will aim for 80,000 gold coins!」 I will try not to let strange things circulate to not distort the progress of the world, but I won’t hold back for the sake of my easy life and safety! While wearing three handguns along with words and deeds that appear decent, in her head Yamano Mitsuwa is a sly girl. Making an effort to make money even with a small body that looks like a child to Westerners! Oh, my secrets are too dangerous, is that so? It’s all right, it’s fine! I’ll teleport away when push comes to shove!

Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for Retirement Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 91 Apr-18-19
Chapter 90 Apr-16-19
Chapter 89 Apr-10-19
Chapter 88 Apr-09-19
Chapter 87 Apr-04-19
Chapter 86 Apr-03-19
Chapter 85 Apr-02-19
Chapter 84 Apr-02-19
Chapter 83 Mar-21-19
Chapter 82 Mar-21-19
Chapter 81 Mar-18-19
Chapter 80 Mar-18-19
Chapter 79 Mar-17-19
Chapter 78 Mar-16-19
Chapter 77 Mar-15-19
Chapter 76 Feb-05-19
Chapter 75 Feb-03-19
Chapter 74 Jan-30-19
Chapter 73 Jan-26-19
Chapter 72 Jan-21-19
Chapter 71 Jan-19-19
Chapter 70 Jan-15-19
Chapter 69 Jan-11-19
Chapter 68 Jan-05-19
Chapter 67 Jan-01-19
Chapter 66 Dec-30-18
Chapter 65 Dec-26-18
Chapter 64 Dec-23-18
Chapter 63 Dec-20-18
Chapter 62 Dec-18-18
Chapter 61 Dec-17-18
Chapter 60 Dec-14-18
Chapter 59 Dec-09-18
Chapter 58 Dec-07-18
Chapter 57 Dec-02-18
Chapter 56 Nov-26-18
Chapter 55 Nov-23-18
Chapter 54 Nov-21-18
Chapter 53 Nov-15-18
Chapter 52 Nov-13-18
Chapter 51 Nov-09-18
Chapter 50 Nov-08-18
Chapter 47 Sep-06-18
Chapter 49 Sep-03-18
Chapter 1007 Aug-15-18
Chapter 48 Aug-15-18
Chapter 46 Aug-05-18
Chapter 46 Aug-05-18
Chapter 45 Jul-31-18
Chapter 44 Jul-24-18
Chapter 43 Jul-22-18
Chapter 42 Jul-18-18
Chapter 41 Jul-13-18
Chapter 40 Jul-10-18
Chapter 39 Jul-06-18
Chapter 38 Jul-03-18
Chapter 37 Jul-01-18
Chapter 36 Jul-01-18
Chapter 35 Jun-27-18
Chapter 33 Jun-27-18
Chapter 34 May-26-18
Chapter 32 May-03-18
Chapter 31 May-02-18
Chapter 30 Mar-29-18
Chapter 29 Feb-20-18
Chapter 28 Feb-01-18
Chapter 27 Jan-31-18
Chapter 26 Jan-30-18
Chapter 25 Jan-30-18
Chapter 24 Jan-15-18
Chapter 23 Jan-10-18
Chapter 22 Jan-02-18
Chapter 21 Dec-28-17
Chapter 20 Dec-25-17
Chapter 19 Dec-24-17
Chapter 18 Nov-25-17
Chapter 14 Sep-18-17
Chapter 17 Sep-18-17
Chapter 16 Sep-12-17
Chapter 15 Sep-03-17
Chapter 14 Part2 Aug-30-17
Chapter 13 Aug-25-17
Chapter 12 Aug-22-17
Chapter 11 Aug-20-17
Chapter 10 Aug-14-17
Chapter 9 Aug-09-17
Chapter 8 Aug-05-17
Chapter 7 Aug-02-17
Chapter 6 Jul-31-17
Chapter 5 Jul-27-17
Chapter 4 Jul-24-17
Chapter 3 Jul-24-17
Chapter 2 Jul-24-17
Chapter 1 Jul-24-17
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