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  • Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore

  • Author(s): 黑心蘋果
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Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore summary:

She reincarnated, she died when she was twenty, the murderer pushed her to the road in the glare of public eye. However, within the people —— Her respectful father said to the murderer: Don’t take it to your heart, this is not your fault. Her loving-kindness mother said to the murderer: Don’t worry, I still got you, you’re much better than my real daughter. Her lovely brother said to the murderer: Tsk, this kind of woman should have just die earlier, her existence me. Her beloved man said to the murderer: You’re the only one I loved from the start. The murderer was moved to tears, as if she was the only pure white lotus that remains in this world, n.o.body notices her vicious and scarcely smile. Hence —— When everything resets, she swears she will take everything back and make her pay twice the price, she desires to become the princess where everyone comforts her for murdering a person too. She’ll definitely make that person who stole everything from her to experience the deepest agony in her soul. // Before he was in love with her, he calmly said: “I can sense the smell of crime on her.” After he was in love with her, his face was cold but his heart was warm: “I can sense the smell that turns me into a crime on her.” She said: “Can I keep your corpse into my collection when you die?” He said: “Are you going to rape me day and night?” She said: “I just want to make you into a mummy.” He said: “I didn’t know you were so hardcore, using this kind of method to make me stay by your side forever.”

Reincarnation - Lord Is Extremely Hardcore Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 47 Apr-19-19
Chapter 46 Apr-17-19
Chapter 45 Apr-17-19
Chapter 44 Apr-12-19
Chapter 43 Apr-10-19
Chapter 42 Apr-07-19
Chapter 41 Apr-05-19
Chapter 40 Apr-03-19
Chapter 39 Mar-31-19
Chapter 38 Mar-31-19
Chapter 37 Mar-31-19
Chapter 36 Mar-31-19
Chapter 35 Mar-31-19
Chapter 34 Mar-19-19
Chapter 33 Mar-17-19
Chapter 32 Mar-15-19
Chapter 31 Mar-13-19
Chapter 30 Mar-11-19
Chapter 29 Mar-11-19
Chapter 28 Mar-11-19
Chapter 27 Mar-05-19
Chapter 26 Mar-03-19
Chapter 25 Mar-01-19
Chapter 24 Feb-27-19
Chapter 23 Feb-25-19
Chapter 22 Feb-23-19
Chapter 21 Feb-21-19
Chapter 20 Feb-19-19
Chapter 19 Feb-17-19
Chapter 18 Feb-15-19
Chapter 17 Feb-13-19
Chapter 16 Feb-11-19
Chapter 15 Feb-09-19
Chapter 14 Feb-07-19
Chapter 13 Feb-05-19
Chapter 12 Feb-03-19
Chapter 11 Feb-01-19
Chapter 10 Jan-31-19
Chapter 9 Jan-28-19
Chapter 8 Jan-26-19
Chapter 7 Jan-25-19
Chapter 6 Jan-23-19
Chapter 5 Jan-21-19
Chapter 4 Jan-18-19
Chapter 3 Jan-18-19
Chapter 2 Jan-16-19
Chapter 1 Jan-16-19
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