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  • Priceless Baby's Super Daddy

    Alternative : Tiānjià Bǎobèi: Diē Dì, Chāo Gěilì!, 天价宝贝:爹地,超给力!
  • Author(s): 半城凡雪 - Ban Cheng Fan Xue
  • GENRES: Action - Comedy - Romance
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 02-Jul-2022 15:58
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  • rate : 4.17/ 5 - 6 votes

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy summary:

“He is the entertainment king who is in charge of everything. Been single for years, he had zero scandal. One day, a woman and a girl turned his life upside down.
The little cutie held him tight, not letting go. “”Handsome uncle, you look very much like the daddy I have lost for many years!”” Huo Yunshen felt depressed. “Me? Daddy?!”
The little cutie proudly pulled her mommy over, “”Mommy, I have found a long-term meal ticket for you, handsome and gullible.””
Xu Xiyan smiled at the elegant man.
Recalling the accident five years ago, his face sank. “”How dare you steal my DNA?””
She laughed. “”Not steal, just borrow!”” The man took her in his arms and warned in a dangerous tone, “”Woman, should I get what’s mine back, with interest?””
She stood on her toes. “”Yeah, how about another baby?”””

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2559 Jul-02-22
Chapter 2558 Jul-02-22
Chapter 2557 Jul-02-22
Chapter 2556 Jul-02-22
Chapter 2555 Jun-28-22
Chapter 2554 Jun-28-22
Chapter 2553 Jun-27-22
Chapter 2552 Jun-27-22
Chapter 2551 Jun-26-22
Chapter 2550 Jun-26-22
Chapter 2549 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2548 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2547 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2546 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2545 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2544 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2543 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2542 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2541 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2540 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2539 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2538 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2537 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2536 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2535 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2534 Jun-14-22
Chapter 2533 Jun-05-22
Chapter 2532 Jun-05-22
Chapter 2531 Jun-04-22
Chapter 2530 Jun-03-22
Chapter 2529 Jun-03-22
Chapter 2528 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2527 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2526 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2525 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2524 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2523 Jun-02-22
Chapter 2522 May-30-22
Chapter 2521 May-30-22
Chapter 2520 May-30-22
Chapter 2519 May-30-22
Chapter 2518 May-30-22
Chapter 2517 May-30-22
Chapter 2516 May-30-22
Chapter 2515 May-27-22
Chapter 2514 May-27-22
Chapter 2513 May-27-22
Chapter 2382 May-11-22
Chapter 2375 May-11-22
Chapter 1934 - Beg Aug-17-21
Chapter 1627 Mar-31-21
Chapter 1424 - Lit Dec-22-20
Chapter 1388 - Gay Dec-11-20
Chapter 1356 Nov-16-20
Chapter 1340 - Sad Nov-08-20
Chapter 725 - E Feb-27-20
Chapter 571 - Sexy Feb-27-20
Chapter 158 Feb-27-20
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