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Wu Han Ying does not know why a bunch of people following him around shouting sister-in-law. Xia Chen does not know why he begins to like the existence of this obedient Little Wudang, who sometimes a bit silly as well. Being followed and being called Sister-in-law, Little Wudang could not stand it anymore and retorted, “I’m a man.” — Lao Da (Boss) confessed, Sister-in-law (Sao Zi) ran away, so Lao Da is going crazy. Guild Member 1: Sister-in-law, please come back, Lao Da doesn’t mind that you’re a ladyboy! (ladyboy – a male plays female character in game; this happens often in RPG ^^) Guild Member 2: Pei Pei Pei, ladyboy your a.s.s! Dare to call my sister-in-law as ladyboy, come to Yan Nan* (A place’s name, where players use for PVP) Guild Members: … Little Wudang thought to himself, you can’t blame me for disappearing, it’s because the school internet got disconnected.

[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 69 Aug-19-17
Chapter 68 Aug-18-17
Chapter 67 Aug-15-17
Chapter 66 Aug-14-17
Chapter 65 Aug-10-17
Chapter 64 Aug-10-17
Chapter 63 Aug-10-17
Chapter 62 Jul-27-17
Chapter 61 Jul-26-17
Chapter 60 Jul-23-17
Chapter 59 Jul-23-17
Chapter 58 Jul-23-17
Chapter 57 Jul-23-17
Chapter 56 Jul-23-17
Chapter 55 Jul-23-17
Chapter 54 Jul-23-17
Chapter 53 Jul-04-17
Chapter 52 Jul-04-17
Chapter 51 Jun-27-17
Chapter 50 Jun-27-17
Chapter 49 Jun-27-17
Chapter 48 Jun-27-17
Chapter 47 Jun-27-17
Chapter 46 Jun-14-17
Chapter 45 Jun-11-17
Chapter 44 Jun-09-17
Chapter 43 Jun-06-17
Chapter 42 Jun-06-17
Chapter 41 Jun-06-17
Chapter 40 Jun-06-17
Chapter 39 Jun-06-17
Chapter 38 May-24-17
Chapter 37 May-24-17
Chapter 36 May-24-17
Chapter 35 May-14-17
Chapter 34 May-11-17
Chapter 33 May-09-17
Chapter 32 May-07-17
Chapter 31 May-07-17
Chapter 30 Apr-30-17
Chapter 29 Apr-27-17
Chapter 28 Apr-27-17
Chapter 27 Apr-22-17
Chapter 26 Apr-18-17
Chapter 25 Apr-18-17
Chapter 24 Apr-18-17
Chapter 23 Apr-18-17
Chapter 22 Apr-18-17
Chapter 21 Apr-18-17
Chapter 20 Apr-18-17
Chapter 19 Apr-18-17
Chapter 18 Apr-18-17
Chapter 17 Apr-18-17
Chapter 16 Apr-18-17
Chapter 15 Apr-18-17
Chapter 14 Apr-18-17
Chapter 13 Apr-18-17
Chapter 12 Apr-18-17
Chapter 11 Apr-18-17
Chapter 10 Apr-18-17
Chapter 9 Apr-18-17
Chapter 8 Apr-18-17
Chapter 7 Apr-18-17
Chapter 6 Apr-18-17
Chapter 5 Apr-18-17
Chapter 4 Apr-18-17
Chapter 3 Apr-18-17
Chapter 2 Apr-18-17
Chapter 1 Apr-18-17
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