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  • One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones

    Alternative : One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones; 一生一世美人骨
  • Author(s): Mo Bao Fei Bao - 墨宝非宝
  • GENRES: Drama - Josei - Mystery - Romance - Supernatural
  • STATUS : completed
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One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones summary:

Beautiful bones. Rare in this world.
Those with bone do not have skin. Those with skin do not have bone.
Most people’s eyes are shallow, seeing only the skin-deep appearance and not the ‘bones,’ the appearance of the inside.”
The “bones” and “skin” are metaphorical and taken from an ancient text in which these are actually referring to inner and outer beauty, respectively. Most people are shallow and only see outward beauty and fail to acknowledge inner beauty.
The female lead, s.h.i.+ Yi, has memories of her past life in which her heart belonged to Zhousheng Chen. That life ended in tragedy for them, and in this life, her only goal and desire is to find him again… and one day, she does. He does not look the same, but she knows that beneath the outer appearance, it is him. He, however, does not remember her.

One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones Chapters

Time uploaded
Final Chapter Feb-26-17
Chapter 17.3 May-05-17
Chapter 17.2 Feb-26-17
Chapter 17.1 May-05-17
Chapter 16.3 May-05-17
Chapter 16.2 Feb-26-17
Chapter 16.1 Feb-26-17
Chapter 15.3 Feb-26-17
Chapter 15.2 Feb-26-17
Chapter 15.1 May-05-17
Chapter 14.3 May-05-17
Chapter 14.2 Feb-26-17
Chapter 14.1 Feb-26-17
Chapter 13.3 May-08-17
Chapter 13.2 May-05-17
Chapter 13.1 Feb-26-17
Chapter 12.3 May-05-17
Chapter 12.2 May-05-17
Chapter 12.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 11.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 11.2 May-05-17
Chapter 11.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 10.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 10.2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 10.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 9.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 9.2 May-05-17
Chapter 9.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 8.3 May-05-17
Chapter 8.1 May-05-17
Chapter 7.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 7.2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 7.1 May-05-17
Chapter 6.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 6.2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 6.1 May-04-17
Chapter 5.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 5.2 May-05-17
Chapter 5.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 4.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 4.2 May-04-17
Chapter 4.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 3.3 Feb-25-17
Chapter 3.2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 3.1 Feb-25-17
Chapter 2.3 May-04-17
Chapter 2.2 May-05-17
Chapter 2.1 Feb-25-17
Insert Chapter 2 May-05-17
Epilogue 2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 1.4 Feb-25-17
Chapter 1.3 Feb-25-17
Insert Chapter 1.2 May-05-17
Chapter 1.2 Feb-25-17
Insert Chapter 1.1 May-05-17
Chapter 1.1 May-05-17
Epilogue 1 Feb-25-17
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