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  • Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku

    Alternative : The Altruistic Saintess is Thrilled by Money; 無欲の聖女 ; 無欲の聖女は金にときめく
  • Author(s): Nakamura Satsuki - 中村 颯希
  • GENRES: Gender Bender
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 23-Aug-2019 08:25
  • View : 33,420
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  • rate : 4.6/ 5 - 5 votes

Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku summary:

Leo, a cheapskate boy who likes money more than anything, because of an unexpected circ.u.mstances, had his body swapped with a beautiful girl named Leona.
Leona was a young marchioness who lost her place in the n.o.ble society because of a false accusation. Then, unwilling to go to the academy filled with those n.o.bles, she tried to escape by using sorcery.
Promised with an attractive sum of reward, Leo decided to go to the academy in place of Leona.
Leo was someone who, if appeared in the academy, would be chased away immediately. However, now with his (her?) peerless beauty and peculiar values, Leo was being mistaken as a [ Pure Maiden ] by his (her?) surroundings. The marquis couple, an imperial princess, and even the first imperial prince all began to have an interest?
This is the story of Leonora Von Halkenberg, who came to be called as the [ Altruistic Saintess ].

Muyoku no Seijo wa Okane ni Tokimeku Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol 1 Chapter 24 Aug-23-19
Vol 1 Chapter 23 Aug-23-19
Vol 1 Chapter 22.2 Aug-23-19
Chapter 25 Part3 Aug-23-19
Chapter 25 Part2 Aug-23-19
Chapter 25 Part1 Aug-23-19
Chapter 24 Aug-08-19
Chapter 23 Part2 Aug-08-19
Chapter 23 Part1 Aug-08-19
Chapter 22 Part2 Aug-08-19
Vol 1 Chapter 22.1 Jul-20-19
Vol 1 Chapter 21 Jul-20-19
Vol 1 Chapter 20 Jul-20-19
Vol 1 Chapter 19 Jul-20-19
Vol 1 Chapter 18 Jul-20-19
Chapter 22 Part1 Jul-20-19
Chapter 21 Jul-20-19
Chapter 20 Jul-07-19
Vol 1 Chapter 17 Jul-05-19
Chapter 18 Part2 Jun-30-19
Chapter 18 Part1 Jun-30-19
Vol 1 Chapter 16 Jun-22-19
Vol 1 Chapter 15.2 Jun-01-19
Vol 1 Chapter 15.1 Jun-01-19
Vol 1 Chapter 14 Jun-01-19
Vol 1 Chapter 10 Jun-01-19
Vol 1 Chapter 9 Jun-01-19
Vol 1 Chapter 8 Jun-01-19
Volume 1 Chapter 7 Mar-25-17
Volume 1 Chapter 6 Mar-12-17
Volume 1 Chapter 5 Mar-10-17
Volume 1 Chapter 4 Mar-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 3 Mar-07-17
Vol 1 Chapter 2 Mar-05-17
Vol 1 Chapter 1.3 Mar-04-17
Vol 1 Chapter 1.2 Feb-25-17
Vol 1 Chapter 1.1 Feb-23-17
Vol 1 Prologue Feb-23-17
prologue part3 Jan-25-17
prologue part2 Jan-25-17
prologue part1 Jan-25-17
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