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  • The Return Of The God Level Assassin

  • Author(s): Tyramisu
  • GENRES: Drama
  • STATUS : Ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 10-Jun-2024 00:18
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The Return Of The God Level Assassin summary:

As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach the pinnacle of life. But then, on his first day of work, a potted plant fell on his head and he died.
Surprisingly, when he thought he would cross the Yellow River, he suddenly woke up and found himself in the body of a 17 year old boy. This body had the same name as him but completely different background. Because the original was the second young master of the Luo family — one of the most powerful family in S City.
Luo Yan almost cried. G.o.d probably took pity on him and decided to give him a loving family with a wealthy background. He didn’t have to work hard anymore. Studying like his life depended on it and pretending to be a holy father just to cater to people.
So Luo Yan decided to be a salted fish and just shamelessly sell meng.
A certain male G.o.d who always bought Luo Yan’s meng: Yan Yan is so cute! Why is Yan Yan so cute?
Cold faced on the outside, a cinammon roll on the inside Gong X Super beautiful, black-belly Shou.

The Return Of The God Level Assassin Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 972: LOVER Jun-24-23
Chapter 886: WHEN? Dec-08-22
Chapter 631 who? May-22-22
Chapter 624 a vow May-22-22
Chapter 596 mo jiu May-22-22
Chapter 523 lan yu May-22-22
Chapter 498 i do May-22-22
Chapter 489 top 16 May-22-22
Chapter 481 ambush May-22-22
Chapter 424 'yan' May-22-22
Chapter 413 ye yun May-22-22
Chapter 337 Q&A May-22-22
Chapter 106 TRY IT May-22-22
Chapter 83 ALUCARD May-22-22
Chapter 53 IT'S ME May-22-22
Chapter 42 AN EGG May-22-22
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