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  • Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN)

    Alternative : Isekai Mahou; Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru!; The Different World Magic Is Too Far Behind!; 异世界的魔法太落后了!; 異世界魔法は遅れてる!
  • Author(s): Gamei Hitsuji
  • GENRES: Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Harem - Romance - Seinen - Shounen
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • View : 162,667
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  • rate : 4.63/ 5 - 8 votes

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN) summary:

Felmenia Stingray was a genius magician. She quickly became the most distinguished magician of the Astel Kingdom after her discovery of white fire magic, which had the power to burn anything.
However, the world is in peril due to the Demon King. The kingdom’s court magicians perform a summoning ritual for heroes and bring forth a hero and two youths, a boy and a girl. Unlike the girl, the young man refused to fight the Demon King alongside the Hero and demanded to be sent back to his world. The kingdom, angry with his behavior, locked him away.
Now Felmenia stands before the young man with her strongest magic, the white flame, being completely useless and asks who he is. It was already obvious to her that this man was far stronger than she was. To this he simply responds.
“Yakagi Suimei, a magician.”

Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (WN) Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 32 Feb-16-19
Chapter 60 Dec-24-18
Chapter 31 Dec-24-18
Chapter 20 Dec-24-18
Chapter 19 Dec-24-18
Chapter 7 Dec-24-18
Chapter 59 Sep-14-18
Chapter 30 Aug-10-18
Chapter 58 Jan-12-18
Chapter 57 Nov-22-17
Chapter 27 Oct-26-17
Chapter 56 Sep-22-17
Chapter 34 Sep-01-17
Chapter 55 Sep-17-17
Chapter 29 Aug-24-17
Chapter 54 Aug-17-17
Chapter 84 Jul-13-17
Chapter 53 Jul-06-17
Chapter 52 Jun-26-17
Chapter 51 Jun-23-17
Chapter 50 Jun-15-17
Chapter 49 Jun-08-17
Chapter 48 Jun-02-17
Chapter 47 May-23-17
Chapter 46 May-19-17
Chapter 45 May-11-17
Chapter 44 Apr-05-17
Chapter 43 Mar-25-17
Chapter 42 Mar-16-17
Chapter 41 Mar-16-17
Chapter 40 Mar-16-17
Chapter 39 Mar-16-17
Chapter 38 Mar-16-17
Chapter 37 Mar-16-17
Chapter 36 Mar-16-17
Chapter 35 Mar-16-17
c28 Jan-25-17
Chapter 26 Part2 May-11-17
Chapter 26 Part1 May-11-17
c25 Jan-25-17
c24 Jan-25-17
c23 Jan-25-17
c22 Jan-25-17
c21 Jan-25-17
c20 Jan-25-17
c19 May-23-17
c18 Jan-25-17
c17 Jan-25-17
c16 Jan-25-17
c15 Jan-25-17
c14 Jan-25-17
c13 Jan-25-17
c12 Jan-25-17
c11 Jan-25-17
c10 Jan-25-17
c9 Jan-25-17
c8 Jan-25-17
c7 May-23-17
c6 Jan-25-17
c5 Jan-25-17
c4 Jan-25-17
c3 Jan-25-17
c2 Jan-25-17
c1 Jan-25-17
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