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  • Chairman Husband, Too Boorish

  • Author(s): Shui Nen Ya - 水嫩芽
  • GENRES: Drama - Josei - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • rate : 4.56/ 5 - 159 votes

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish summary:

That night she was plotted against by her best friend. Her dazed self was pinned underneath a strange man’s body with endless demands… A night with tumultuous emotions, she thought she lost only her innocence and a former friend she was joined at the hip with. She didn’t think she would also have to pay with her lifetime of happiness! From a company physical, the unexpectedly found out she was pregnant at two months. Holding her pregnancy results, Bai Yan Liang tasted a bolt from the blue for a second time. Besides being pregnant out of wedlock, she even doesn’t know who the baby’s father is and hasn’t decided if she wants the child. Another unexpected, destined coincidence happens. She finds out the person who was with her in that hotel room turns out to be company’s chairman! Liang Xi Cheng! He is A City’s most unapproachable and arrogant, esteemed son of a conglomerate group! His grandfather was a brilliant and well-known respected director, and Liang Xi Cheng is an even more legendary business leader. Of course the most important part is: he is the brother of her former best friend! This awkward relations.h.i.+p gets worse: because her stomach has that unexpected mishap, she suddenly is her ex-boyfriend’s future sister-in-law…

Chairman Husband, Too Boorish Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 59 Sep-14-18
Chapter 58 Sep-10-18
Chapter 57 Sep-07-18
Chapter 56 Sep-05-18
Chapter 55 Aug-31-18
Chapter 54 Aug-31-18
Chapter 53 Aug-24-18
Chapter 52 Aug-20-18
Chapter 51 Aug-17-18
Chapter 50 Aug-13-18
Chapter 49 Aug-09-18
Chapter 48 Aug-06-18
Chapter 48 Aug-06-18
Chapter 47 Aug-03-18
Chapter 46 Jul-30-18
Chapter 45 Jul-27-18
Chapter 44 Jul-23-18
Chapter 43 Jul-19-18
Chapter 42 Jul-16-18
Chapter 41 Jul-13-18
Chapter 40 Jul-08-18
Chapter 39 Jul-06-18
Chapter 38 Jul-02-18
Chapter 37 Jun-29-18
Chapter 36 Jun-25-18
Chapter 35 Jun-22-18
Chapter 34 Jun-18-18
Chapter 33 Jun-14-18
Chapter 32 Jun-11-18
Chapter 31 Jun-08-18
Chapter 30 Jun-04-18
Chapter 29 May-31-18
Chapter 28 May-28-18
Chapter 27 May-25-18
Chapter 26 May-21-18
Chapter 25 May-18-18
Chapter 24 May-14-18
Chapter 23 May-11-18
Chapter 22 May-07-18
Chapter 21 May-04-18
Chapter 20 Apr-30-18
Chapter 19 Apr-27-18
Chapter 18 Apr-27-18
Chapter 17 Apr-27-18
Chapter 16 Apr-27-18
Chapter 15 Apr-27-18
Chapter 14 Apr-27-18
Chapter 13 Apr-03-18
Chapter 12 Mar-29-18
Chapter 11 Mar-27-18
Chapter 10 Mar-23-18
Chapter 9 Mar-20-18
Chapter 8 Mar-16-18
Chapter 7 Mar-13-18
Chapter 6 Mar-09-18
Chapter 5 Mar-06-18
Chapter 4 Mar-02-18
Chapter 3 Feb-27-18
Chapter 2 Feb-23-18
Chapter 1 Feb-21-18
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