• Beloved Empress

    Alternative : 盛世宠后要休夫
  • Author(s): 水云行
  • GENRES: Comedy - Drama - Historical - Romance - Shoujo
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 30-Aug-2019 09:57
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Beloved Empress summary:

She was stupidly in love with him. Because of him, she became rude and unreasonable, overbearing, jealous, insane.
But he did not spare a glance to her. Married for two years, he didn’t favor her once, letting her become the laughing stock of the whole world.
Eventually, she ended up in an affair, leading to her tragic death.
When she opened her eyes again, the person was different.
Since it’s an empress, then we absolutely must be virtuous, generous, correct the previous jealousy defect.
Thus begins the replacement empress’ harem life.
Taking the initiative to help the emperor look for beauties, sending them to serve in the bedroom, teaching the imperial concubines how to primp themselves to win the emperor’s favor, and even using the phoenix seal as a reward. Whoever can satisfy the emperor on the dragon bed, will have the opportunity to take the phoenix seal and sit on the phoenix seat, to experience the feeling of being the empress. Being this virtuous can really be called impeccable.
She was this virtuous, the emperor ought to be pleased in every aspect!
Hadn’t expected the emperor wouldn’t know good from bad. Not only reprimanded her, but also contradicted her everywhere. The beauties she’d sent were actually all driven away.
Since he didn’t like the beauties, apparently there’s a special interest. In that case, send over a group of beautiful men. Can top, can bottom, every option is there.
In the end, they were also driven away.
Thus the empress personally arrived to battle at the emperor’s bedroom-
“Your Majesty, do you have an unmentionable illness down there? If so, rest a.s.sured and tell me. I’ll let some people treat it in secret.” Take a look at her virtue, she could move herself to tears.
“Unmentionable illness?” The emperor’s sword-like eyebrows raised, the eyes suddenly looked dangerous. Approaching her slowly, unexpectedly ordered: “Tonight, the empress will serve me.”
“What?” Then, Mo Qiqi with lightning speed jabbed the hornet’s nest.
“Ah!” A miserable scream.
Mo Qiqi worriedly looked at the emperor to inquire: “Your Majesty. Are you alright!”
The emperor spoke with a pained expression: “Call the court physician!”
“You did have an unmentionable illness!”

Beloved Empress Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 126 Aug-30-19
Chapter 125 Aug-30-19
Chapter 124 Aug-30-19
Chapter 123 Aug-30-19
Chapter 122 Aug-02-19
Chapter 121 Jul-25-19
Chapter 120 Jul-25-19
Chapter 119 Jul-12-19
Chapter 118 Jul-12-19
Chapter 117 Jun-25-19
Chapter 116 Jun-25-19
Chapter 115 Jun-25-19
Chapter 114 Jun-25-19
Chapter 113 May-21-19
Chapter 112 May-13-19
Chapter 111 May-06-19
Chapter 110 May-02-19
Chapter 109 May-02-19
Chapter 108 May-02-19
Chapter 107 May-02-19
Chapter 106 May-02-19
Chapter 105 May-02-19
Chapter 104 May-02-19
Chapter 103 May-02-19
Chapter 102 May-02-19
Chapter 101 May-02-19
Chapter 100 May-02-19
Chapter 99 May-02-19
Chapter 98 May-02-19
Chapter 97 May-02-19
Chapter 96 May-02-19
Chapter 95 May-02-19
Chapter 94 May-02-19
Chapter 93 May-02-19
Chapter 92 May-02-19
Chapter 91 May-02-19
Chapter 90 May-02-19
Chapter 89 May-02-19
Chapter 88 May-02-19
Chapter 87 May-02-19
Chapter 86 May-02-19
Chapter 85 May-02-19
Chapter 84 May-02-19
Chapter 83 May-02-19
Chapter 82 May-02-19
Chapter 81 May-02-19
Chapter 80 May-02-19
Chapter 79 May-02-19
Chapter 78 May-02-19
Chapter 77 May-02-19
Chapter 76 May-02-19
Chapter 75 May-02-19
Chapter 74 May-02-19
Chapter 73 May-02-19
Chapter 72 May-02-19
Chapter 71 May-02-19
Chapter 70 May-02-19
Chapter 69 May-02-19
Chapter 68 May-02-19
Chapter 67 Mar-11-18
Chapter 66 Feb-25-18
Chapter 65 Feb-11-18
Chapter 64 Jan-28-18
Chapter 63 Jan-14-18
Chapter 62 Jan-14-18
Chapter 61 Jan-14-18
Chapter 60 Jan-06-18
Chapter 59 Jan-02-18
Chapter 58 Jan-02-18
Chapter 57 Dec-18-17
Chapter 56 Dec-18-17
Chapter 55 Dec-18-17
Chapter 54 Dec-18-17
Chapter 53 Dec-18-17
Chapter 56 Dec-10-17
Chapter 55 Dec-10-17
Chapter 54 Dec-10-17
Chapter 53 Dec-10-17
Chapter 52 Nov-22-17
Chapter 51 Nov-19-17
Chapter 50 Nov-05-17
Chapter 49 Oct-22-17
Chapter 48 Oct-08-17
Chapter 47 Sep-23-17
Chapter 46 Aug-11-17
Chapter 45 Jul-20-17
Chapter 44 Jun-28-17
Chapter 43 Jun-21-17
Chapter 42 Jun-17-17
Chapter 41 May-31-17
Chapter 40 May-11-17
Chapter 39 Apr-23-17
Chapter 38 Apr-21-17
Chapter 37 Apr-05-17
Chapter 36 Apr-05-17
Chapter 35 Mar-15-17
Chapter 34 Mar-11-17
Chapter 33 Mar-03-17
Chapter 32 Mar-03-17
Chapter 31 Mar-03-17
Chapter 30 Mar-03-17
Chapter 29 Mar-03-17
Chapter 28 Mar-03-17
Chapter 27 Feb-23-17
Chapter 26 Feb-20-17
Chapter 25 Feb-20-17
Chapter 24 Feb-20-17
Chapter 23 Feb-19-17
Chapter 22 Feb-19-17
Chapter 21 Feb-19-17
Chapter 20 Feb-18-17
Chapter 19 Feb-18-17
Chapter 18 Feb-18-17
Chapter 17 Feb-17-17
Chapter 16 Feb-17-17
Chapter 15 Feb-17-17
Chapter 14 Feb-15-17
Chapter 13 Feb-15-17
Chapter 12 Feb-15-17
Chapter 11 Feb-15-17
Chapter 10 Feb-15-17
Chapter 9 Feb-15-17
Chapter 8 Feb-15-17
Chapter 7 Feb-15-17
Chapter 6 Feb-15-17
Chapter 5 Feb-15-17
Chapter 4 Feb-15-17
Chapter 3 Feb-15-17
Chapter 2 Feb-15-17
Chapter 1 Feb-15-17
Prologue Feb-15-17
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