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The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils summary:

She was originally a jiangs.h.i.+ that had cultivated for countless years. However, when she attempted to illegally enter the world of the immortals, she was discovered by the Jade Emperor, who threw her into the mortal world. Her soul left her corpse, fusing with the body of the Motian Dynasty’s sixth princess. She didn’t even have the chance to digest her current circ.u.mstances, before her maid unexpectedly ignored her mistress, even publicly provoking her!
“What, that weak coward, absolute idiot, who has neither her father’s affections nor mother’s love, and is treated as a maid by her older sister?! The one all the royal princes on the earth unexpectedly loathe?”
“d.a.m.n you! This old lady will let all of you understand why the flowers are so red!”
“Hey! Did you hear? That cowardly sixth princess unexpectedly s.n.a.t.c.hed away the man that the eldest princess favored today!”
“How is that interesting news? That fourth princess who always ran amuck in the capital city is now confined to her bed!”
“The good-for-nothing counterattacks! The previously cowardly and incompetent sixth princess suddenly reveals her exceptional talents! Full of glittering elegance, unparalleled disdain!”
She is driven by the desire to shed no more tears! However, if she had known what would happen later, she would be better off acting stupid! She had calculated thousands, tens of thousands of scenarios, but had never calculated one where one day, her own prey would unexpectedly turn around, and ruthlessly bully her instead! d.a.m.n it, she still hasn’t sucked any blood yet!

The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils Chapters

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Chapter 69 Jun-18-18
Chapter 68 Jun-16-18
Chapter 67 Jun-13-18
Chapter 66 Jun-12-18
Chapter 65 Jun-11-18
Chapter 64 May-24-18
Chapter 63 May-15-18
Chapter 62 May-13-18
Chapter 61 May-12-18
Chapter 60 May-02-18
Chapter 59 May-02-18
Chapter 58 Apr-26-18
Chapter 57 Apr-26-18
Chapter 56 Mar-30-18
Chapter 55 Mar-28-18
Chapter 54 Mar-05-18
Chapter 53 Feb-28-18
Chapter 52 Feb-15-18
Chapter 51 Feb-11-18
Chapter 50 Feb-07-18
Chapter 49 Feb-04-18
Chapter 48 Jan-28-18
Chapter 44 Jan-26-18
Chapter 47 Jan-26-18
Chapter 46 Jan-24-18
Chapter 45 Jan-23-18
Chapter 43 Jan-19-18
Chapter 42 Jan-17-18
Chapter 41 Jan-16-18
Chapter 40 Jan-14-18
Chapter 39 Jan-14-18
Chapter 38 Jan-13-18
Chapter 37 Jan-11-18
Chapter 36 Jan-09-18
Chapter 35 Jan-09-18
Chapter 34 Jan-08-18
Chapter 33 Jan-07-18
Chapter 32 Jan-05-18
Chapter 31 Jan-04-18
Chapter 30 Jan-03-18
Chapter 29 Dec-31-17
Chapter 28 Dec-30-17
Chapter 27 Dec-29-17
Chapter 26 Apr-08-18
Chapter 25 Apr-08-18
Chapter 24 Jun-15-17
Chapter 23 Jun-12-17
Chapter 22 Jun-09-17
Chapter 21 Jun-07-17
Chapter 20 Jun-06-17
Chapter 19 Jun-06-17
Chapter 18 Jun-05-17
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Chapter 16 Jun-05-17
Chapter 15 Jun-05-17
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Chapter 13 Jun-05-17
Chapter 12 Jan-25-17
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Chapter 9 Jan-25-17
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Chapter 7 Jan-25-17
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Chapter 3 Jan-25-17
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Chapter 1 Jan-25-17
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