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Welcome to the Man-Eating Dungeon summary:

The young man living in a frontier mining village, Elliott, lived in estrangement there.
The reason was because he carried the blood of the Demon Race, and had an unusual face, with two small horns growing from it.
Several years after his mother – his only family – died, a young woman who called herself an acquaintance of her mother’s came to visit, and once she knew of Elliott’s existence, displayed the traits of a succubus, and whispered thus:
“From now on you will ravish many women, steal many lives, and trample over the world, you shall dominate. But to start … you will dominate me, violate me, please”
Unable to wield a sword, nor kill his opponents with magic, the mixed-blood young man who could only grant a slight bit of magic onto matter, used information and tools and traps, repelling enemies, ravishing women, making them submit and fall into demonhood, and dominated them, surviving a ruined world.
This is the story of the young man who was the Lord of the perilous place of fear, one that never allows a guest to return, the “Man-Eating Dungeon”, and the women whose lives had been derailed by him.

Welcome to the Man-Eating Dungeon Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 55 Aug-11-17
Chapter 54 Aug-04-17
Chapter 53 Jun-26-17
Chapter 52 Jun-24-17
Chapter 51 Jun-20-17
Chapter 50 Jun-18-17
Chapter 49 Jun-17-17
Chapter 48 Jun-16-17
Chapter 47 Jun-15-17
Chapter 46 Jun-14-17
Chapter 45 Jun-13-17
Vol 1 Chapter 44 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 43 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 42 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 41 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 40 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 39 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 38 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 37 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 36 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 35 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 34 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 33 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 32 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 31 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 30 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 29 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 28 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 27 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 26 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 25 Jun-09-17
Vol 1 Chapter 24 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 23 Jun-14-17
Vol 1 Chapter 22 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 21 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 20 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 19 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 18 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 17 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 16 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 15 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 14 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 13 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 12 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 11 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 10 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 9 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 8 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 7 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 6 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 5 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 4 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 3 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 2 May-03-17
Vol 1 Chapter 1 May-03-17
Vol 1 Prologue May-03-17
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