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The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage summary:

The Di daughter of military lineage, pure, amiable, quiet and yielding, foolishly in love with Prince Ding, throwing oneself to the role of a wife.
After assisting (a ruler) for six year, she finally became the mother to the world.
Accompanying him to fight for the country, to flourish the country’s territory, taking risk to be a hostage in other country, after returning five years later, there was no place to fit in the Inner Palace.
The beauty in his arms smile brightly, “Older sister, the country is stabilized and you should retire.”
Daughter had met with a violent death and the Crown Prince was disposed. Shen family who had sacrifice themselves for the country, not one of them were lucky to escape. In one dynasty everything was overturn, her clan had perished and she need to mourn for her children!
Shen Miao never did thought that as a married couple who went through trials and tribulations and mutually assisting one another was just a stage joke to him!
He said, “Seeing that you have followed Zhen for twenty years, will grant you with an intact corpse. Thank this kindness.”
Under the three Chi of white silk, Shen Miao made a malicious vow: In the time to come, she will take part in each and everyone’s end!
Upon rebirth, she return to the time when she was fourteen, where the tragedy had yet to occur, her family were still alive and she was still the pure, amiable, quiet and yielding Di daughter of military lineage.
Relatives hiding a black heart, Elder and younger (female) cousins are ruthless and malicious, the new Yiniang is like a tiger watching its prey and the disreputable man that wants to repeat of events?
Family must be protected, the huge enmity must be avenged, the Imperial seat of the country must also be part of the trophy. In this lifetime, let’s see who can beat the others!
But that little marquis from the Xie family, the arrogant and obstinate spear carrying youth, stood biasedly at her side and proudly said, “Just the fall of the Imperial power. Remember this, the world belongs to you. You– Belong to me!”

The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage Chapters

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Chapter 126 Part1 Feb-19-18
Chapter 125 Part2 Feb-17-18
Chapter 125 Part1 Feb-16-18
Chapter 124 Part2 Feb-15-18
Chapter 124 Part1 Feb-12-18
Chapter 123 Part2 Feb-10-18
Chapter 123 Part1 Feb-09-18
Chapter 122 Part2 Feb-08-18
Chapter 122 Part1 Feb-05-18
Chapter 121 Part2 Feb-03-18
Chapter 121 Part1 Feb-02-18
Chapter 120 Part2 Feb-01-18
Chapter 120 Part1 Jan-29-18
Chapter 119 Part2 Jan-27-18
Chapter 119 Part1 Jan-26-18
Chapter 118 Part2 Jan-25-18
Chapter 118 Part1 Jan-22-18
Chapter 117 Part2 Jan-18-18
Chapter 117 Part1 Jan-15-18
Chapter 116 Part2 Jan-13-18
Chapter 116 Part1 Jan-12-18
Chapter 115 Part2 Jan-11-18
Chapter 115 Part1 Jan-08-18
Chapter 114 Part2 Jan-06-18
Chapter 114 Part1 Jan-05-18
Chapter 113 Part2 Jan-04-18
Chapter 113 Part1 Jan-01-18
Chapter 112 Part2 Dec-30-17
Chapter 112 Part1 Dec-29-17
Chapter 111 Part2 Dec-28-17
Chapter 111 Part1 Dec-25-17
Chapter 110 Part2 Dec-23-17
Chapter 110 Part1 Dec-22-17
Chapter 109 Part2 Dec-21-17
Chapter 109.1 Dec-18-17
Chapter 108 Part2 Dec-16-17
Chapter 108 Part1 Dec-15-17
Chapter 107.2 Dec-14-17
Chapter 107.1 Dec-11-17
Chapter 106.2 Dec-09-17
Chapter 106.1 Dec-08-17
Chapter 105.2 Dec-08-17
Chapter 105.1 Dec-04-17
Chapter 104.2 Dec-02-17
Chapter 104.1 Dec-02-17
Chapter 103 Part2 Nov-30-17
Chapter 103 Part1 Dec-02-17
Chapter 102 Part2 Nov-23-17
Chapter 102 Part1 Nov-20-17
Chapter 101 Part2 Nov-21-17
Chapter 101 Part1 Nov-13-17
Chapter 100 Part2 Nov-09-17
Chapter 100 Part1 Nov-06-17
Chapter 99 Part2 Nov-04-17
Chapter 99 Part1 Nov-03-17
Chapter 98 Part2 Nov-02-17
Chapter 98 Part1 Oct-30-17
Chapter 97 Part2 Oct-28-17
Chapter 97 Part1 Oct-27-17
Chapter 96 Part2 Oct-26-17
Chapter 96 Part1 Oct-23-17
Chapter 95 Part2 Oct-20-17
Chapter 95 Part1 Oct-19-17
Chapter 94 Part2 Oct-16-17
Chapter 94 Part1 Oct-13-17
Chapter 93 Part2 Oct-12-17
Chapter 93 Part1 Oct-09-17
Chapter 92 Part2 Oct-07-17
Chapter 92 Part1 Oct-06-17
Chapter 91 Part2 Oct-10-17
Chapter 91 Part1 Oct-02-17
Chapter 90 Part2 Sep-30-17
Chapter 90 Part1 Sep-29-17
Chapter 89 Part3 Sep-28-17
Chapter 89 Part2 Sep-25-17
Chapter 89 Part1 Sep-23-17
Chapter 88 Part2 Sep-22-17
Chapter 88 Part1 Sep-21-17
Chapter 87 Part2 Sep-18-17
Chapter 87 Part1 Sep-16-17
Chapter 86 Part2 Sep-15-17
Chapter 86 Part1 Sep-14-17
Chapter 85 Part3 Sep-11-17
Chapter 85 Part2 Sep-09-17
Chapter 85 Part1 Sep-08-17
Chapter 84 Part2 Sep-07-17
Chapter 84 Part1 Sep-04-17
Chapter 83 Part2 Sep-02-17
Chapter 83 Part1 Sep-01-17
Chapter 82 Part3 Aug-31-17
Chapter 82 Part2 Aug-28-17
Chapter 82 Part1 Aug-26-17
Chapter 81 Part3 Aug-25-17
Chapter 81 Part2 Aug-24-17
Chapter 81 Part1 Aug-21-17
Chapter 80 Part2 Aug-19-17
Chapter 80 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 79 Part3 Aug-17-17
Chapter 79 Part2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 79 Part1 Aug-10-17
Chapter 78 Part3 Aug-08-17
Chapter 78 Part2 Aug-08-17
Chapter 78 Part1 Aug-04-17
Chapter 77 Part2 Aug-03-17
Chapter 77 Part1 Jul-31-17
Chapter 76 Part3 Jul-29-17
Chapter 76 Part2 Jul-28-17
Chapter 76 Part1 Aug-01-17
Chapter 75 Part3 Jul-24-17
Chapter 75 Part2 Jul-22-17
Chapter 75 Part1 Jul-21-17
Chapter 74 Part2 Jul-20-17
Chapter 74 Part1 Jul-17-17
Chapter 73 Part2 Jul-15-17
Chapter 73 Part1 Jul-14-17
Chapter 72 Part2 Jul-13-17
Chapter 72 Part1 Jul-10-17
Chapter 71 Part3 Jul-07-17
Chapter 71 Part2 Jul-06-17
Chapter 71 Part1 Jul-03-17
Chapter 70 Jul-05-17
Chapter 69 Part3 Jun-30-17
Chapter 69 Part2 Jun-29-17
Chapter 69 Part1 Jun-26-17
Chapter 68 Part2 Jun-23-17
Chapter 68 Part1 Jun-22-17
Chapter 67 Part2 Jun-19-17
Chapter 67 Part1 Jun-19-17
Chapter 66 Part2 Jun-15-17
Chapter 66 Part1 Jun-12-17
Chapter 65 Part3 Jun-10-17
Chapter 65 Part2 Jun-09-17
Chapter 65 Part1 Jun-08-17
Chapter 64 Part3 Jun-12-17
Chapter 64 Part2 Jun-02-17
Chapter 64 Part1 Jun-01-17
Chapter 63 Part3 May-29-17
Chapter 63 Part2 May-26-17
Chapter 63 May-25-17
Chapter 62 May-22-17
Chapter 61 May-19-17
Chapter 60 May-18-17
Chapter 59 May-15-17
Chapter 58 May-11-17
Chapter 57 May-08-17
Chapter 56 May-06-17
Chapter 55 Jun-12-17
Chapter 54 May-04-17
Chapter 53 May-01-17
Chapter 52 Apr-29-17
Chapter 51 Jun-12-17
Chapter 50 Apr-27-17
Chapter 49 Apr-24-17
Chapter 48 Apr-21-17
Chapter 47 Apr-20-17
Chapter 46 Apr-17-17
Chapter 45 Jun-12-17
Chapter 44 Apr-14-17
Chapter 43 Apr-13-17
Chapter 42 Apr-10-17
Chapter 41 Apr-08-17
Chapter 40 Apr-06-17
Chapter 39 Jun-12-17
Chapter 38 Jun-11-17
Chapter 37 Mar-31-17
Chapter 36 Mar-30-17
Chapter 35 Mar-30-17
Chapter 34 Mar-25-17
Chapter 33 Mar-25-17
Chapter 32 Mar-25-17
Chapter 31 Mar-20-17
Chapter 30 Mar-18-17
Chapter 29 Jun-11-17
Chapter 28 Mar-16-17
Chapter 27 Mar-16-17
Chapter 26 Mar-11-17
Chapter 25 Mar-10-17
Chapter 24 Mar-09-17
Chapter 23 Mar-06-17
Chapter 22 Mar-02-17
Chapter 21 Feb-27-17
Chapter 20 Feb-23-17
Chapter 19 Feb-20-17
Chapter 18 Feb-16-17
Chapter 17 Feb-16-17
Chapter 16 Feb-16-17
Chapter 15 Feb-16-17
Chapter 14 Feb-16-17
Chapter 13 Feb-16-17
Chapter 12 Feb-16-17
Chapter 11 Feb-16-17
Chapter 10 Jan-25-17
Chapter 9 Jan-25-17
Chapter 8 Jan-25-17
Chapter 7 Jan-25-17
Chapter 6 Jan-25-17
Chapter 5 Jan-25-17
Chapter 4 Jan-25-17
Chapter 3 Jan-25-17
Chapter 2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 1 Jan-25-17
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