Apocalypse Cockroach summary:

Zhang Xiao Qiang is a minor person in this dangerous apocalyptic world. Wandering around and learning the principles of the apocalypse, the dangers of the apocalypse slowly wore away his laziness and compassion. Zhang Xiao Qiang slowly becomes stronger, of course also gaining power whilst watching the madmen of the apocalypse trampling on everything. Zhang Xiao Qiang always had a bit of conscience, but he did not want to become a hero, yet he doesn’t mind sharing bread from his plate. Zhang Xiao Qiang lived in a crack of the apocalyptic world until the crack could no longer hold him. Some places have gruesome descriptions, so enter with caution!!! Zhang Xiao Qiang mantra is: “Don’t talk to me about human rights, Don’t talk to me about the law, Don’t talk to me about love!”
TL note: ‘Xiao Qiang’ is slang for ‘cockroach’ but is also the name of the main character.

Apocalypse Cockroach Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 104 May-24-17
Chapter 103 May-22-17
Chapter 102 May-19-17
Chapter 101 May-17-17
Chapter 100 May-15-17
Chapter 98-99 May-10-17
Chapter 97 May-08-17
Chapter 96 May-05-17
Chapter 94-95 May-03-17
Chapter 93 Apr-28-17
Chapter 92 Apr-26-17
Chapter 74 Apr-26-17
Chapter 91 Apr-24-17
Chapter 90 Apr-21-17
Chapter 89 Apr-19-17
Chapter 88 Apr-17-17
Chapter 87 Apr-14-17
Chapter 86 Apr-12-17
Chapter 85 Apr-10-17
Chapter 84 Apr-07-17
Chapter 83 Apr-05-17
Chapter 82 Apr-04-17
Chapter 81 Mar-31-17
Chapter 80 Mar-29-17
Chapter 79 Mar-29-17
Chapter 78 Mar-25-17
Chapter 76 Mar-20-17
Chapter 75 Mar-17-17
Chapter 73 Mar-15-17
Chapter 72 Mar-14-17
Chapter 71 Mar-13-17
Chapter 70 Mar-10-17
Chapter 69 Mar-08-17
Chapter 68 Mar-06-17
Chapter 67 Mar-03-17
Chapter 66 Mar-01-17
Chapter 65 Feb-28-17
Chapter 64 Feb-28-17
Chapter 63 Feb-28-17
Chapter 62 Feb-28-17
Chapter 61 Feb-28-17
Chapter 60 Feb-28-17
Chapter 59 Feb-28-17
Chapter 58 Feb-28-17
Chapter 57 Feb-28-17
Chapter 56 Feb-28-17
Chapter 55 Feb-28-17
Chapter 54 Feb-28-17
Chapter 53 Feb-28-17
Chapter 52 Feb-28-17
Chapter 51 Feb-28-17
Chapter 50 Feb-28-17
Chapter 49 Feb-28-17
Chapter 48 Feb-28-17
Chapter 47 Feb-28-17
Chapter 46 Feb-28-17
Chapter 45 Feb-28-17
Chapter 44 Feb-28-17
Chapter 43 Feb-28-17
Chapter 42 Feb-28-17
Chapter 41 Feb-28-17
Chapter 40 Jan-25-17
Chapter 39 Jan-25-17
Chapter 38 Jan-25-17
Chapter 37 Jan-25-17
Chapter 36 Jan-25-17
Chapter 35 Jan-25-17
Chapter 34 Jan-25-17
Chapter 33 Jan-25-17
Chapter 32 Jan-25-17
Chapter 31 Jan-25-17
Chapter 30 Jan-25-17
Chapter 29 Jan-25-17
Chapter 28 Jan-25-17
Chapter 27 Jan-25-17
Chapter 26 Jan-25-17
Chapter 25 Jan-25-17
Chapter 24 Jan-25-17
Chapter 23 Jan-25-17
Chapter 22 Jan-25-17
Chapter 21 Jan-25-17
Chapter 20 Jan-25-17
Chapter 19 Jan-25-17
Chapter 18 Jan-25-17
Chapter 17 Jan-25-17
Chapter 16 Jan-25-17
Chapter 15 Jan-25-17
Chapter 14 Jan-25-17
Chapter 13 Jan-25-17
Chapter 12 Jan-25-17
Chapter 11 Jan-25-17
Chapter 10 Jan-25-17
Chapter 9 Jan-25-17
Chapter 8 Jan-25-17
Chapter 7 Jan-25-17
Chapter 6 Jan-25-17
Chapter 5 Jan-25-17
Chapter 4 Jan-25-17
Chapter 3 Jan-25-17
Chapter 2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 1 Jan-25-17
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