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Notes: Guys, here is the Chapter 18.. ;)
Last chapter is about tea, and now about wine. >.

Zui Xing Mai Shen Chapter 18
Three tables being put together, there were neatly placed several rows of wine on the table, just came in, wine fragrance, fruit fragrance, all kinds of flowers fragrance hit the face, not tasted yet but already felt drunk, these jars of wine were collected by Feng Ruo Chen from many wine shops in Hang Zhou.
"Let's start." They stood on both sides of the long table, Feng Ruo Chen gesture to invite him, then said," But no reward and punishment, it seems not interesting."
Fang Jing Zai didn't mind, Fang Jing Zai raised the first cup and said," If i'm right then you drink, if i'm wrong then i drink."
Fang Jing Zai took the wine cup to his nose and sniffed it, said," Wine color is yellowish, clear and transparent, the smell is good, thick but not strong, this is the aged 'Red Daughter'."
The label on the wine jar was facing on Feng Ruo Chen's side. Feng Ruo Chen didn't say anything, smiles lightly and took the wine cup and drank it in one shot.
Fang Jing Zai then picked up the second cup, still looked first then smelled it, he smiled," Bamboo leaves wine, golden color with green, pure and transparent, sweet and moderate, soft and refreshing, small amount are good for body." After finished talking he straghtly passed the wine cup, Feng Ruo Chen took it, the label were written exactly Bamboo leaves wine.
He looked so interested seeing Feng Ruo Chen drank them, then he picked the third cup, even without smelling he already straightly speak up," Color as jasper, thick like milk, rich of fruit, elegant smell, sweet and sour, five flavors are superb, this is the first of the four best of Qing Cheng----Milk Wine."
Feng Ruo Chen continuously lose three times in a row, his face slightly showed appreciation, took a small sip of the milk wine, praised," The product is very beautiful, excellent taste."
"Can't, let, even, one, drop!" Fang Jing Zai was pointing at the cup on Feng Ruo Chen's hand reminded him by saying it one word by another.
Feng Ruo Chen shook his head, helplessly smiled, only could drink it in one shot, and then show the empty cup to him.
Then there were a few cups down, the warm one, the strong one, the clear one, the thick one, Feng Ruo Chen's face has been showing red. Seeing him like this, Fang Jing Zai pointing to the rest of the wine on the table," There are less than twenty or thirty kinds of wine, Old Master Feng not afraid being drunk and make a fool in front of me?"
"If want to test, then naturally it's not so simple." Feng ruo Chen bypassed the table and go to Fang Jing Zai's side, took a cup for him," But can not come up and already stumped Fang second lord."
The house is full of wine fragrance, after awhile it already confused people to differentiate from the smell. Fang Jing Zai took the cup to see the wine color, and then put it under the nose and flutter it with his hand, the wine brewing thick, mixed with a trace of fragrant. Fang Jing Zai frowned for a moment, sip a little to taste, and then nodded, seemed confident, pointed at the wine and said to Feng Ruo Chen," The color orange yellow green, clear and transparent, sweet-scented, sweet but not greasy, slightly taste of medicine, made people not tired, brew and refreshing, spicy but not choke throat, it was refreshing after drinking, this is Su He Wine."
Feng Ruo Chen shook his head," Wrong!"
"Then it's my turn to drink!" Fang Jing Zai raised his cup and drank it in one shot, after drinking he frowned," there are people say, 'Good wine Chang Pu Xiang Liang Han, A price of five pieces of goods', i see that it's only just this much."
Feng Ruo Chen surprised, he then just understood that Fang Jing Zai intentionally answered wrong to drink the wine, felt dumbfounding. Yet his stunned expression being seen by Fang Jing Zai, Fang Jing Zai got more excited, picked up another cup to Feng Ruo Chen," Seeing you drink make me greed to death, you also guess, if right i will drink."
Just like Fang Jing Zai understand wine but not tea, Feng Ruo Chen was proficient in tea, but the knowledge of wine was just so-so, took the cup and smell it, taste a little bit, uncentainly said," Jasmine wine?"
Fang Jing Zai just smiled, Feng Ruo Chen sighed and accepted his fate, drank the wine and turned over the cup---Gardenia jasmine. The hand holding the cup was trembling," Are you fooling me?"
"Why did i fool you? Old master Feng not fully guess it only." Fang Jing Zai took the cup from his hand and handed him another cup.
Just like this you one cup i two cups, the half drunk Feng Ruo Chen was a bit clumsy, a little rogue, compared to the usual calm minds, calculate every step, seemed cuter, Fang Jing Zai rarely felt it was not so unpleasant to be with him, at least this moment, in front of these wines, he was the true master!
"Almond burning wine."
"Then it is the burning knife?"
"Also wrong."
"Can't guess!"
Feng Ruo Chen was about to drink, Fang Jing Zai took away the cup from his hand," This is the barbarian's 'Piper dial wine', adding ginger, piper, you can not drink it." After saying, drank it in one shot, that wine was so spicy went through the throat, choke him out of tears.
Put down the cup, saw Feng Ruo Chen tilted his head and looked at him blindly," How is it?"
"Difficult to drink." When he was about to raise his sleeves to wipe his mouth, who knew the other party just pulled his collar and moved closer.
The soft tongue swept over his lips, stopped at the lips, seemed to be tasted and then moved closer up, hesitantly pry opened his teeth to stick into it, wrapped in his tongue to draw the taste of that wine, so the wine fragrance, fruit fragrance, flower fragrance, and faint tea fragrance, mixed together, the lick changed into a deep kiss, who kissed who, Fang Jing Zai's mind was also in a mess.
He didn't drink as much as Feng Ruo Chen, but almost all were the strong ones, the drunk raised up, he felt his body burst of the heat, he reached out try to push Feng Ruo Chen away, the hand touched his collar meant to puch away but he was like possesed even out his hand into the clothes. The other party's body was so hot like himself, the touch reminded him of the night at the straw house on the mountain.
The kiss was more and more presumptuous, Fang Jing Zai swept away the cups on the table, pushed Feng Ruo Chen on the table, and then covered up......The clothes were messed up, the flushing of the teeth mark spread from the neck to the abdomen, the nipple that was played was so hard, Fang Jing Zai that being drunk only had an idea, pressed him under the body, and then fiercely enter him!
When he just about to do so, the other party use knee to hit his crotch, Fang Jing Zai suddenly got dizzy, like drunk but not.
"Don't forget, you still owe me two nights, or want another one million debt?"
FAng Jing Zai gritted his teeth," Did i ever say not paying?" After saying he pulled him up from the table, bit on his lips," Say, want where? here or bedroom?"
to be continued....
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