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Notes: Guys, here is the Chapter 17.. ;)
This chapter is quite hard to translate, got a lot of idiom and old phrase, also about tea, i am not really expert, so sorry if you guys can't really understand it. >.

Zui Xing Mai Shen Chapter 17
The smoke waves wandering around, outside the mountain was plain tea garden, oily green just like the phrase that well described how beautiful the tea garden in Hang Zhou. (i am sorry i skip the phrase because it's so hard to translate them, but the main point is praising tea garden overlay in Hang Zhou)
The pavilion of the Feng family's mansion, the master of Feng family Mr. Ruo chen personally pour tea for Fang second lord.
The man was so absorbed, so skillful, prepared the tea, boiled the water, adjusted the cream, made it not in a rush, while pouring the water, while using the bamboo brush. Even if Fang Jing Zai not really understand the art of tea, but he could tell that his skill was not general.
"The moisture make the tea taste more real, Long Hong spring water taste glycol, clear as mirror, mix with the water from the Ming Long well made it taste even better." Feng Ruo Chen said handed the white porcelain tea cup to Fang Jing Zai.
Fang Jing Zai just took the tea cup, already could smell the burst of fresh fragrance, shallow sip a little, but swallowed into the throat the fragrance was too light and tasteless, he was in doubt, but there was a sense of harmony between the teeth, the tasteless was originally the taste.
Fang Jing Zai could not help but said 'good tea', heard this, Feng Ruo Chen smiled and said," The Ming Long well renamed 'Red daughter', one or two thousand gold."
Fang Jign Zai secretly tasted in his mouth, he was not really understand about tea, no matter how good the tea served to him was also like gave for donkey to drink, this two thousand gold treasure served to him he wouldn't even realized it.
Seeing him frowned, he thought it was still endless, Feng Ruo Chen comforted,"This tea I didn't left much, the rest of them should be pressed to silver mold, decorated with dragon and phoenix pattern box to send to the palace, if you like it, when going back to the capital i will send you some good tea, guaranteed to be a good tea."
Fang Jing Zai waved his hands," I can't play with your kind of tea, It is also a waste for me, you can keep it for yourself."
Feng Ruo Chen chuckled, shallow like a spring water flow, when look again, his eyes and mouth made a good shape of smile, he wore a plain clothes, it was particularly clear and handsome. Fang Jing Zai stunned of the image, fortunately, there were a servant went to report something that made him back to his sense and made him not embarrassed. Feng Ruo Chen cleaned up the tea set and left to the tea garden for inspection, asked him wanted to go to the tea garden to see or not, Fang Jing Zai thought he also got nothing to do yet nodded and agree.
In the tea garden, the tea girls were busy to collect tea leaves, some of them that already finished collecting were talking and laughing while put the tea leaves together, Feng Ruo Chen while inspecting while questioning the steward, hearing the voices, those tea girls looked up, seeing them looking at his direction, Fang Jing Zai nodded as a manner, those tea girls were still teenagers, there were a few of them that got shy and turned their face aside, their face floated peach blossom.
Fang Jing Zai felt happy inside, felt slightly proud inside, but seeing the tea girls gathering around and pointed at the Feng Ruo Chen that picking the tea leaves and whispered, some of them that shy type already face red, keep hitting slightly at the other girls, silver bell-like crisp laugh could be heard, Fang Jing Zai suddenly vent half of his breath, suddenly in a dark mood.
Feng Ruo Chen after finish asking the matter he went to checked the tea leaves in the basket, Fang Jing Zai went over there, seeing those buds like lotus, weirdly asked," What kind of tea is this? Why it looks so weird?"
Feng Ruo Chen answered," Tea was sorted based on the production period to distinguish the young and old leaves, divided into eight types, Lotus heart, Sparrow tongue, Best quality, Ming Qian, Yu Qian, Tou Chun, Er Chun, Grow up, and this kind is lotus heart, being sure to be picked up before the beginning of Ching Ming, even the skilled tea girls, one day only could pick twenty two, could be described as treasure in the best."
Fang Jing Zai was about to reach out and touched, being grabbed by Feng Ruo Chen," Can't!" then explained," The bud is too tender, the temperature of the fingers will make the leaves turn red, and hand picking will leave a pinch mark, that's why need unmarried girls use the leaves to pick, before come inside the tea garden the tea girls need fill their mouth with cold water, bathed clean."
"Then the one i drink just now also being picked by this way?"
Feng Ruo Chen nodded.
Fang Jing Zai began to think in his mind, green as new leaves, crystal clear dew, girl's peach color lips, soft and full, lightly picked the lotus-like buds.......
Feng Ruo Chen coldly looked at the Fang Jing Zai at the side grinning from his own imagination, it seemed like there were flowers blooming on his back.
"What are you thinking?"
Fang Jing Zai realized and praised," Beauty girls pick tea, worthy of treasures in the best."
Feng Ruo Chen stretched out his hand and shook in front of him, and thenpoint to the side," Those girls are too young, pick "lotus heart" need skill, need a more skilled to pick them...." Fang Jing Zai looked along the direction of his finger, several middle-aged women are deftly drying tea leaves.
"You mean....."
"They are skillful tea girls, lotus heart was being oicked by them."
Then the Fang Jing Zai that indulged in his pretty imagination a while ago, the next moment was hit by a reality, those flower blossom was dispersed like the clouds. Fang second lord dizzy touched his nose," Then this tea can be left for the emperor to enjoy it."
"How? disappointed?" Feng Ruo Chen stood up and said," These middle-aged girls sacrificed their youth for picking the lotus heart, perhaps a lifetime to stay in this tea garden.....The world has seen the worth of the treasure, but how many people can see the sacrifice behind."
Feng Ruo chen's words made Fang Jing Zai shocked, it made the way he looked at those middle-aged tea girls filled with respect.
"In fact, many things are the same reason." Feng Ruo Chen while checking the tea leaves, while saying. The little leaves were on his hand, just the look and the smell already could disinguish the kind, Yu Qian or Yu Hou, under Fang Jing Zai's unbelievable eyes, Feng Ruo Chen said lightly," Feng family is in Hang Zhou, these ones, how can not having this little ability?"
Whereever Feng old master go, the servants would give respect, in addition he just showed his skillful on the tea just now. Fang Jing Zai suddenly realized, it was yet a red fruit to show off, the world already said that he is unbearable, yet this man was in personal battle stepped him under his feet and mock him.
Then Fang Jing Zai's admiration were turning to unwilling, disdainly said," What's so great about that, i don't understand about tea, but talking about wine, i am beyond general."
"You don't believe?"
"I really got a little....."
"I will try to show you!" Fang Jing Zai didn't care Feng Ruo Chen still on duty, pulling him to walk out of the tea garden.
Bastard, today i would let you know what is total tconvinced mean!
to be continued....

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