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Zui Xing Mai Shen Chapter 16
Fang Jing Zai didn't really good valued tea, even if it was the famous tea that the emperor can only drink, he also won't interested, what he really was interested in was the way of picking---

In the vast tea garden, those plain girls, wore the plain clothes, their faces filled with pureness and innocent, with a gentle smile, such as flower petals lips gently cherished the tea leaves, the dew stained on their lips, looked so tender....Fang Jing Zai immersed in his own imagination.

Along the way, the two men sitting in the cart almost did not communicate, because basically when opening their mouth to say a few words will triggered an electric flash of fight.

"......Why the person that i like also ending up liking you?" Fang Jing Zai looking outside the window, his hand holding his chin leisurely said.

Because too boring, yet started to imagine things, thought of big brother and father, thought of the wine master that taught him to make wine, thought of the courtesan in Qi Xiang pavillion that even if died won't even served him; thought of when they wanted to go down the mountain, Xiao Man quietly gave something to Feng Ruo Chen; Passing by a town to pay for a woman who sells the body for burying her moher, in the end that girl was pestering Feng Ruo Chen to take her with him, even being slave was ok....

While thinking, he blurted out, turned around, Feng Ruo Chen still focused on the account book on his hands, from time to time made a point with a pen on the account book, sometimes frowned on the deep thought. Seemed to feel that he was looking at him, the other party looked up and smiled," But there is only one person in my heart."

Fang jing Zai suddenly interested," Oh? Who?"

Feng Ruo Chen closed the account book and put it aside, his eyes flashed a touch of subtlety," You need to pay of the two nights that you still owe me, then i will tell you."

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Fang jing Zai looked up andlong laughed three times, seemed quite proud of the way," You are a businessman, you should know that something said from mouth has no evidence, if i am not mistaken, your clothes and the things are still on the cliff."

"What is it?" Feng Ruo Chen asked back, he smiled while looking at him.

Fang jing Zai suddenly felt a chill on his back, and the clear blue sky on his head suddenly darken out.

"In fact, sometimes, important things don't have to carry around, and yet the things carried don't need to be original." Looked at Fang Jing Zai widely opened his eyes, Feng Ruo Chen yet looked so calm, as if looking at the mouse under the claws, turned to look outside the window," Ru Mo, where is the things that i ask you to keep in custody?"

The curtain was lifted, Ru Mo handed it inside.

Fang Jing Zai not even blinking his eyes and keep staring at the thing that Ru Mo handed to Feng Ruo Chen, and as if in order to let him see more clearly he intentionally opened it very very slowly, took out the paper inside, unfolded, shook it in front of him. The paper clearly written about someone that willing to sell his body, three times at the limit, Inscribed Fang, Jing, Zai.

Someone swept the paper from top to bottom three times, and from bottom to top three times, then-----


He felt like he really become the mouse at the bottom of the cat's claw, no matter how he escaped, the other party only need an attack, he will being caught back, and this time, it was him stupidly fell under his claw.

He thought the "Selling body agreement" already fell on the cliff, when that surnamed Feng realized and wanted to find it, it was estimated that the wind had already being blown somewhere far, and maybe already being crushed by the horses on the road, if that's it, the words were gone, the debt was gone, Fang second lord's problem solved, he then could sit back and relax, that's why he was following Feng Ruo Chen to Hang Zhou, but now......

He was jjust simply genuine, directly delivered himself on the door!

Fang Jing Zai felt so regret after imagining this situation----a small grey mouse following a big cat to the pot with boiling water inside. And then Feng big cat's mere look, Fang small mouse just like took off clothes taking off his furs and jumped right into the pot, while preparing the ingredients while washing himself....after the imagination ended, he yet started to feel regret.

And so he was regreting all the way to Hang Zhou, yet Feng Ruo Chen not mentioned anymore of the rest of the two nights left. But the more he not mention, the more the mind is not at ease. The so-called moved forward was a knife, moved back also a knife, anyway, he still had to suffer, and this knife down to cut down three times, not only torture but also could scared people to death. Fang Jing Zai didn't understand what did he do to offend Feng Ruo Chen, yet bullied him to this extend.

to be continued....

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