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Chapter 480 - Sword Techniques Originate from the Mouth (IV)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

This swordsman was at the middle level of Ethereal Opening. In principle, he should have been able to casually dispatch a youth still in Meditation. However, Fu Xinzhi's first strike had come too quickly, forcing him into a defensive posture. And just when he was ready to switch from defense to offense, Fu Xinzhi's second strike had come just as swiftly as the first.

That it could be this fast indicated that there were no slow movements in between Fu Xinzhi's two moves.

And the first and fifth stances of the Wind and Rain Sword of Mount Zhong were, generally speaking, very difficult to combine together, much less in such a smooth manner.

The problem was that his sword had knocked Fu Xinzhi's sword upwards.

It was that position, that precise angle, that allowed Fu Xinzhi to bring his two strikes together and attack like lightning.

He had seen the Wind and Rain Sword of Mount Zhong, but he had never imagined that it could be used in this manner.

What shocked him even more was Fu Xinzhi's third and fourth strikes.

Those two sword techniques were of the True Sword of the Orthodoxy.

Switching so suddenly from the Wind and Rain Sword of Mount Zhong to the True Sword of the Orthodoxy, how could the transition be so smooth? And to be so wondrous that it felt almost natural?

They were clearly not of the same sword style, so just why did they seem like interlinking techniques formed from a thousand years of accumulated knowledge on the path of the sword?

To this swordsman, these four strikes had truly been too wondrous, and too frightening.

He clearly understood that if it were not for the fact that Fu Xinzhi's cultivation was a far cry from his own, he really would have had no way to respond to these four strikes.

In other words, if Fu Xinzhi were able to break into Ethereal Opening, then even if he was still one level below, he would still be able to use these four strikes to threaten the swordsman.

These four strikes were naturally impossible for a new student of the Orthodox Academy who had come from some county to think of.

Moreover, when Fu Xinzhi had been changing sword techniques, he seemed to have a remarkably precise judgment of the situation. This was even clearer evidence that someone had planned it for him in advance.

Who could calculate all the details of today's match and even provide such immaculate responses?

When the swordsman imagined how such a person really could exist in this world, his body felt both cold and hot at the same time.

When he thought of how a person was actually able to progress so far on the path of the sword, he became extremely excited, wanting nothing more than to drink to his heart's content in celebration!

"This…is Principal Chen's swordplay?" he asked Tang Thirty-Six in a shaky voice.

Tang Thirty-Six replied, "Yes."

After a long period of silence, the swordsman was able to somewhat calm his shock. He sighed, "I heard that story from last year's Ivy Festival of how he and Gou Hanshi discussed swords. Every time I heard the particulars of the story, I felt that the storyteller was carrying it too far, that he was over-exaggerating it. After all, he was still only in the Meditation Realm back then. But now I know that on the path of the sword, there really are people who were born with the knowledge of it."

Upon hearing these words, Tang Thirty-Six very naturally recalled that scene from last year's Ivy Festival. He similarly sighed, "Let alone the fact that you didn't believe it, back when he was saying the sword techniques and I was carrying the sword, before I attacked, I also didn't believe that he would be able to help me defeat Qi Jian. But that guy managed to do it."

The swordsman sighed once more, "This level of talent in the path of the sword really does make one gasp in shock."

"I will relay your praise to him. It's just that he definitely won't admit that he's a genius of the path of the sword…"

Tang Thirty-Six said, "He would just say that he was only more diligent and hardworking, and his memory is better than most."

The swordsman was stunned by these. He thought to himself, this level of talent in the path of the sword is such that even a blind man could see it, how could he deny it… He didn't know what to say.

"I also feel that his appearance when he says it is very infuriating. Yeah, at times, it's even more infuriating than me."

Tang Thirty-Six clasped his hands and bowed towards the swordsman.

The swordsman nodded his head and made his way to the back of the ground. However, he did not stand together with the other experts from the Tianhai clan, but continued to walk further away.

One could believe that he would walk very far, all the way until he crossed over the Bridge of Helplessness, walked out the city gates, and then headed off towards the vast and boundless world.

Today, he saw for the first time that the path of the sword was as vast as the sea. How could he continue to remain in the small city that was the capital?

The third match very quickly arrived.

This expert challenging the Orthodox Academy had a sinister expression. He was clearly not a good person, and he made no attempt to conceal the killing intent in his eyes.

The person representing the Orthodox Academy in this match was a transfer student from the Heavenly Dao Academy called Chu Wenbin.

"Senior Brother…the situation doesn't seem quite right," Chu Wenbin whispered as he looked at that expert.

He was once a student of the Heavenly Dao Academy, and Tang Thirty-Six was also once a student of the Heavenly Dao Academy. They had originally been acquainted, and now they had both become students of the Orthodox Academy. Although they couldn't be said to have sympathized with each other's misery, there was at least a rather different connection between the two of them. As he was nervous, he fell into his old habit of addressing Tang Thirty-Six as 'Senior Brother' and had even forgotten that he should have said 'Academy Superintendent'. Tang Thirty-Six, who cared about this point quite a lot, was actually not that angry.

"What's up?" Tang Thirty-Six leaned his body and asked.

Chu Wenbin timidly glanced at the field of battle and said, "That person seems rather vicious."

Tang Thirty-Six replied, "Last night, Chen Changsheng taught you a technique that was meant to deal with this person. If your luck is good, you might be able to take advantage over him…even if you are afraid, it's impossible to find someone to switch with you."

Chu Wenbin felt rather helpless. Holding his sword, he descended the stone steps.

The expert with his sinister expression stared at Chu Wenbin whose skin was as white as a girl's and revealed an indescribably cold and gloomy smile. "As it turns out, there really are people who aren't afraid of death."

Chu Wenbin was scared out of his wits by this smile. Turning to Tang Thirty-Six, he declared, "Senior Brother, he scares me."

Tang Thirty-Six perked his brows and then looked at that expert. "I say, if you're going to fight, just fight. Just what nonsense are you babbling?"

The expert's smile faded away and he replied with a threatening chill, "Does the Orthodox Academy not even dare to listen to a few words of truth?"

Tang Thirty-Six replied, "If you have the capability, then today you can just beat him to death for me to see."

Chu Wenbin was stupefied at these words. Senior Brother, these words of yours were said in a very cool fashion and with an extremely imposing manner, but…this life is mine!

The expert sneered, "And if I were to beat him to death, what then?"

Tang Thirty-Six pursed his lips.

Just like Chen Changsheng in Clear Lake Restaurant, he could also sense this person's…killing intent.

"The rules of the All-School Martial Exhibition have no line saying it was allowed to beat someone to death."

He emotionlessly gazed at the expert and said, "If you wish to break the rules, I naturally have my ways of playing that aren't according to the rules."

The expert began to laugh. Paired with his pale face and gloomy expression, his smile seemed particularly terrifying. "As my clan's young lord just said a few days ago, blades and swords have no eyes."

Hearing this, the crowd realized that this person was actually a subordinate of Bie Tianxin or a servant of his family.

He was only a subordinate or even a servant, but to be able to follow Bie Tianxin across the world and ease the minds of those two Storms of the Eight Directions…this person was necessarily incredibly powerful and frightening.

"Blades and swords have no eyes, but it's not like you're blind."

Tang Thirty-Six stared at him and said, "If it's improper, I will naturally yell to stop."

The servant from the Bie clan smirked, "For what reason should I stop if the young master of the Tang clan yells to stop? In addition, these students of the Orthodox Academy are too weak. If I fight normally, it wouldn't be out of the question for me to accidentally kill him through a momentary slip of the hand."

"A slip of the hand?" Tang Thirty-Six's brows leapt upwards like swords about to fly from their sheaths.

The servant seemed to very carefully explain, "A slip of the hand means that I can't stop myself in time."

"What you said is correct. The new students of our Orthodox Academy really are comparatively weak. Compared to them, you lot are absolutely experts. When the strong are bullying the weak, for someone to still be unable to stop…"

Tang Thirty-Six calmly gazed at him. "Then perhaps it might be better if I have your entire family stop."

The Bie family servant's expression seemed to show a hint of fear. "Sir should know very well that I am a person of the Bie family."

"Of course I know that you're a servant of the Bie family, Ye Xingqing."

Tang Thirty-Six stared at him and said, "But your own family resides in Shannan County, wielding the power of the Bie family to oppress the people of the countryside, committing every sort of crime and occupying vast tracts of good farmland. I even hear that your son is serving as a county magistrate?"

These words caused this servant of the Bie clan called Ye Xingqing to suddenly shift expressions. He sternly yelled, "Just what do you mean with these words?"

"My meaning is, I know who you are."

Tang Thirty-Six ceased to look at him, instead turning to the back of the crowd at that group of experts that had come to challenge the Orthodox Academy on the Tianhai clan's orders. "All of you, I know who each one of you is. So, if you need to fight, then fight, but if any one of you tries to make a big scene, says any more things like 'I couldn't stop myself in time', then I might as well have all of your families stop."

Then he turned back to Ye Xingqing and asked, "Now do you understand?"

There were many things in this world that could be stopped, like swords, or words, and also future prospects, and even life.

As he spoke, he gave off none of his usual arrogance and pomposity.

It was precisely because of this that everyone on the scene knew that he spoke the truth, not merely some malicious words.

Yes, even the Orthodox Academy could do nothing to the Bie family. After all, behind it stood two Storms of the Eight Directions.

However, Ye Xingqing was just a servant of the Bie family. He had his own family and his own family members. Thus, before he threatened the Orthodox Academy, he should have first clearly comprehended the fact that the Orthodox Academy could very easily threaten him.

After Tang Thirty-Six very clearly said these words, Ye Xingqing clearly understood. As a result, his complexion became abnormally unsightly.

"Senior Brother, you truly are extraordinary."

Chu Wenbin's timidity gradually retreated as he looked happily at Tang Thirty-Six.

In normal circumstances, Tang Thirty-Six would definitely have been very happy to be praised in such a manner, but he was not now. He knew that this matter would not be ended here. The most important thing was that he had once, right before the gates of the Orthodox Academy, announced to the entire capital that he would definitely not let these matches affect the new students. Consequently, he didn't want to take any risks.

The arrangements he and Chen Changsheng had made last night had temporarily come to a close.

Although it was a little inconsistent with the original plan, he still decided to personally go out.

It was at this point that a person walked out from the crowd. That person walked up to the gate of the Orthodox Academy and said, "Let me handle this one."

It was a young student, gentle and quiet, with a noble air about him. He gave off a proper and solemn sort of feeling.

Tang Thirty-Six looked at him and asked, "How could you have gotten so tanned?"

The young student glanced at him and replied leisurely, "You know, the pavilions of those last few monoliths are a little small and can't block out the sun."

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