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Chapter 463 - This Summer, Let's Watch the Orthodox Academy

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

This battle had lasted for an extremely short time, even shorter than Chen Changsheng's battle on the first day with Zhou Ziheng. Everything had happened so quickly that the ordinary populace found it simply impossible to clearly make out what had happened. Chen Changsheng's sword had seemingly paused in front of Mu Laoban's chest for only an instant, and it was simply impossible for them to know that Mu Laoban's clothes concealed a legendary suit of Divine Armor from the Tier of Legendary Weapons. They could only see Chen Changsheng attack, pierce through his opponent's abdomen, and then send his opponent flying out of the street. As a result, they inevitably regarded Mu Laoban with some disdain. They thought, even if your strength is inferior to Little Principal Chen's, but you already knew how he defeated Zhou Ziheng, could it be that you made no preparations whatsoever? If you did prepare, then you losing in the exact same fashion is even more unacceptable.

Of course, many people noticed the strange phenomena produced by Chen Changsheng's attack.

That technique of his was like a blazing sun, radiating boundless light and heat, turning the sea of flowers into a sea of flames. What sort of technique was this?

Mu Laoban was in great pain, incredibly weak and perplexed, but he was also thinking of this question. It was plain to see that Chen Changsheng was only at the upper level of Ethereal Opening, so why did he have even more true essence than some Star Condensation cultivators? And just how had he been able to pierce through the Six Protections Divine Armor? Just what sort of strange technique was this?

The stewards and important figures under the awning were also very shocked. Just what is going on here? they all thought.

A sigh emerged from the tea house, and then it became quiet once more.

In a black carriage at one end of the street, a brush was smoothly and firmly traveling across paper, leaving writing in its wake.

"Chen Changsheng finally used his third sword."

"This sort of fierce sword technique very clearly consumes an enormous quantity of true essence, but unlike what was recorded in the battle at Xunyang City, Chen Changsheng can already use the technique more than once. It seems that he has clearly grown after returning to the capital."

"Mu Laoban wore the Six Protections Divine Armor, but it was unable to block this attack. Besides the sudden explosion of Chen Changsheng's true essence, it also most likely has something to do with the sword called Stainless itself."

The two officials from the Department for Purging Officials faithfully recorded everything they had seen today, and only then placed their inkbrushes down. As they massaged their aching wrists and looked each other in the eyes, they could easily make out the shock and confusion in each other's eyes. Even if the technique Su Li had taught Chen Changsheng used some secret method to move and ignite true essence, allowing Chen Changsheng to explode with an energy many times more powerful than normal…that was the Six Protections Divine Armor! How could it have been so easily broken through?

"I hear that the Pavilion of Divination has already sent someone to the capital precisely to see the Stainless Sword.”

"Could it be that the Tier of Legendary Weapons really might change this year?"

"As said last time, with the appearance of the Stainless Sword, the Tier of Legendary Weapons would have to be updated. It's just that after today's match…I'm afraid that this sword will be ranked even higher now."

The Six Protections Divine Armor was itself a divine artifact of the Tier of Legendary Weapons. Since the Stainless Sword had actually been able to so easily pierce through it, it would naturally be ranked far above it.

The carriage was very quiet. One official suddenly remembered something, took up his inkbrush, and wrote on the paper, "Chen Changsheng still did not kill his opponent."

Yes, Mu Laoban was not dead.

The Stainless Sword had stabbed through his abdomen just as it had done last time, narrowly avoiding the internal organs.

Chen Changsheng's sword was sharp to an almost maddening extent, and it was also precise to an almost maddening extent.

Then just how stable was the hand holding the sword?

Time crawled on until it was finally midsummer. In these dozen or so days, the Orthodox Academy had welcomed dozens of challenges, and so far it had not lost a single one, shocking the capital.

The challengers below Star Condensation level could not beat Tang Thirty-Six, although there were several battles that were absolute nail-biters, and there was even one match where he suffered relatively heavy injuries.

The challengers at the initial level of Star Condensation were all defeated at the hands of Chen Changsheng. By now, everyone knew for certain that although Chen Changsheng had not yet succeeded at Star Condensation, he could already fight on par with cultivators at the initial level of Star Condensation. There were even some people that began to speculate, if he and Qiushan Jun—who had broken into Star Condensation at the beginning of this year—were to fight, just who would be the winner and who the loser?

So far, no expert above the initial level of Star Condensation had challenged the Orthodox Academy, because of the experts at this level, many had become rulers of a region, making it very difficult for the Tianhai clan to command them. Even if they could, they were honored guests with a relatively high status. As experts, they had to maintain some manner and bearing. If they lowered themselves to challenge Chen Changsheng, then even obtaining victory would be the most shameless of feats.

Most importantly, if the situation really did reach that phase, nobody knew if the ever-silent Pope would descend with a thunderous fury. Of course, even if a middle level Star Condensation expert really did appear, Tang Thirty-Six had already made immaculate preparations. As the steward responsible for all of the Orthodox Academy's external affairs, he had long been waiting for that day to come.

In these past few days, the truly happy one was Xuanyuan Po.

Zhexiu was still in the library, resting and recuperating, but Xuanyuan Po's right arm was finally completely recovered. Under Chen Changsheng's direction, he began to cultivate the Heavenly Thunder Bringer, and his berserk true essence began to wantonly and happily circulate through those meridians of his that were as wide and thick as a main road. He was finally able to completely control his innate divine strength, allowing him to display a destructive strength that could inspire fear in others and cause the trees of the Orthodox Academy to cry out in resentment.

After confirming that Xuanyuan Po could control his strength, Chen Changsheng allowed him to represent the Orthodox Academy in four matches. According to the standards of human cultivation, Xuanyuan Po had not even reached Ethereal Opening, but was still able to win each match. In his final battle, he encountered an expert of the upper level of Ethereal Opening, but even then he was able to win. Of course, in the final moment, he was forced to metamorphose. He plucked a willow tree in front of the Orthodox Academy and violently used it to smash half of a wall down. This also happened to smash that upper level Ethereal Opening swordsman into unconsciousness.

Such berserk strength, such crude fighting techniques! As for the sparks of lightning scattered amongst the leaves of that willow tree, besides Chen Changsheng, not many people took notice of it.

Back when the Divination Elder placed Xuanyuan Po on the tail end of the Proclamation of Azure Sky, many people had felt it utterly inexplicable, but now, no one thought this way. Seeing that pit in front of the Orthodox Academy where the tree used to be and then seeing the obviously new section of the academy's wall, everyone was only thinking, if the Proclamation of Azure Sky were to change ranks, what of this bear youth who so often brought up his rice bowl and crouched on the stone steps of the gate while giggling away? Just where would he rank?

The summer was the capital's hottest season, and it was also often the time when the capital was most exciting. This summer, the capital was hotter than usual, and it was also more exciting. Every day, there would be something exciting to see in front of the Orthodox Academy. Those celebrities that were very difficult to see normally would appear before you, and then even fight for you, and without charging money or needing tickets! These denizens of the capital that loved to join in on the fun couldn’t let this opportunity pass them by. As the weather grew hot, Tang Thirty-Six fixed the time of battle to be in the early morning. Consequently, every day at dawn's first light, many common folk of the capital would rush over with their bread rolls, their stuffed breads, and their steamed buns. Many people even brought their families along, as if this was some sort of spring outing. Even more ridiculous was the fact that when relatives from elsewhere came to visit, the common folk of the capital would specifically bring them to Hundred Flowers Lane to watch the spectacle. The Orthodox Academy…was on the verge of becoming the newest member of the capital's Six Sights.

The Orthodox Academy had maintained an unbroken string of victories for several dozen matches, and so it was absolutely impossible for its effects on the capital to be limited to merely this. For instance, with regards to the betting on the All-School Martial Exhibition, the Four Great Markets were no longer taking bets on victory or defeat, but instead began to make money elsewhere. Every day, they would take bets for such things as: Who would the Orthodox Academy send out to fight today? What sword style would they use? When would Xuanyuan Po uproot a tree? After Tang Thirty-Six wins today, how many love letters will he receive? And finally, when would Chen Changsheng once more display that fierce technique of his?

One day when the twilight was extremely hot, Chen Changsheng and the other two swam a few laps in the lake, then climbed up the great banyan tree and stared vacantly into the distance.

"It's been a long time since we've seen Princess Luoluo," Tang Thirty-Six gazed at the distant setting sun and suddenly declared, intentionally or unintentionally.

Chen Changsheng was also gazing at that setting sun, and it felt like he could see the galleries of the Hall of Pure Virtue in the Li Palace. Hearing Tang Thirty-Six's words, he said nothing for quite a while, then finally grunted in acknowledgment.

Tang Thirty-Six turned his head to look at him and said, "Tomorrow, go and find her."

Chen Changsheng withdrew his gaze from the distance and lowered his head to gaze at the last strands of golden light on the surface of the lake. After a moment of silence, he replied, "It might be a huge inconvenience for her."

Luoluo was in the Li Palace, in the Pope's Green Leaf World. To come out once was not convenient.

But the fact of the matter was, he had heard that in the past few banquets held in the Imperial Palace, she had appeared for all of them.

Crucially, he had heard that from the beginning of last month, Luoluo would alternate between living in the Li Palace and the Imperial Palace.

The inconvenience was naturally for other reasons.

Chen Changsheng understood, so he had maintained his silence. This was even one of the requests he had asked of her.

Last year, when the Orthodox Academy had just received its newest student, those powerful figures regarded Luoluo entering the Orthodox Academy as the playing of a child. Even the Grand Examination was so—they were all small concerns. But now it was different. The Pope and the Tianhai Divine Empress were gradually drifting apart and Luoluo's status was too sensitive. If she were to remain in the Orthodox Academy or frequently return to it, the small concerns would become a huge affair.

In the capital of the Great Zhou, Luoluo did not represent herself, but rather the eight hundred li of the Red River and the two Saints behind her.

"I don't care, I've been thinking about her."

Tang Thirty-Six stood up and supported himself against the broad trunk of the great banyan tree as he loudly declared this to the Li Palace basking in the setting sun.

Chen Changsheng glanced at him, extraordinarily grateful.

His status was also very sensitive, making it very inconvenient for him to say many things. Tang Thirty-Six said that he was thinking of Luoluo because he knew that Chen Changsheng was thinking of Luoluo, and Luoluo was assuredly thinking of the great banyan tree here.

"I'm also thinking of Princess Teacher Luoluo," Xuanyuan Po said on the side.

He was really thinking about her, nothing to do with Chen Changsheng.

Tang Thirty-Six patted him on the shoulder. "Then tomorrow we can arrange to eat a meal with her. If it's convenient for her, we can bring her back to the Orthodox Academy to take a look around."

Xuanyuan Po was sitting on the same tree branch, but Tang Thirty-Six had to practically stand to reach up to him. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, this picture was rather harmonious.

"Then we'll have to quickly finish tomorrow's two matches. Xuanyuan, there's no need for you to go up. I and Tang Tang will do it." Chen Changsheng had suddenly thought of this problem.

Tang Thirty-Six had also thought of a very important problem. Squatting down and looking Chen Changsheng in the eyes, he said, "I need to talk with you about something."

Seeing his serious expression, Chen Changsheng asked worriedly, "About what?"

Tang Thirty-Six said, "Tomorrow's match is with a lecturer from the Heavenly Dao Academy's Jiangnan school. His strength is definitely not up to yours, but…can you use a few more techniques?"

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