Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 449 - How Could The Chirping Of Cicadas Possibly Be Quiet?

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Chapter 449 - How Could the Chirping of Cicadas Possibly Be Quiet?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Not all kinds of milk tasted good, and not all people would be so frightened by Zhou Tong's words that they would be like cicadas in the winter. For instance, in this world, there were some young people that would not be afraid.

If it were Gou Hanshi hearing Zhou Tong's words filled with murderous intent, he would presumably very warmly reply, "Your Excellency has misunderstood, I only wish to help Your Excellency resolve this problem." If Qiushan Jun were to hear those words, he would probably laugh and say,"Yes, Your Excellency has not got it wrong. I am precisely threatening Your Excellency." If Tang Thirty-Six were to act in this situation as he usually did, he would most likely answer the problem confronting him like so: "Idiot, I am threatening you, so what are you going to do about it?"

Somewhat regretfully, and somewhat fortunately, Zhou Tong's words were directed at Chen Changsheng, not Tang Thirty-Six.

Chen Changsheng's answer conformed very well with his personality. He stood at his original position and looked into Zhou Tong's eyes. There was no intention to inflame the conflict, but there was also no sense that he would retreat.

The cold Qi under the crabapple trees gradually vanished. Zhou Tong looked at Chen Changsheng and said, "If I do not see wrong, from the moment you entered the Northern Military Department, you have been very nervous."

Chen Changsheng thought about it and decided that this was nothing to be ashamed of, nor was there any need to conceal it, so he answered, "Yes."

Zhou Tong continued, "But you still came."

Chen Changsheng replied, "Yes."

Zhou Tong said, "Then you should have thought of what to do if I did not release Zhexiu."

Chen Changsheng replied, "Yes."

Zhou Tong perked his eyebrows and said with considerable interest, "I would really like to know just what you are prepared to do."

After a very long time, Chen Changsheng finally made a decision. He looked at Zhou Tong and sincerely declared, "If Your Excellency does not release him, then I am prepared to wrest him away."

The small courtyard once again became silent as a grave.

The petals of the crabapple blossoms gently drifted down.

Tang Thirty-Six and Xuanyuan Po turned to Chen Changsheng. It was a mystery what they were thinking, and it was unknown whether or not great waves were raging in their minds. At the very least, nothing could be made out on their faces.

Zhou Tong was also gazing at Chen Changsheng, but now he was looking at him very attentively.

Chen Changsheng eyes were very clear and very calm, so it was very easy to see what he was thinking, even his deepest thoughts.

Zhou Tong's gazed at him very seriously, so he could easily tell: Chen Changsheng was serious.

His words had not been a joke.

If Zhexiu was not able to walk out of Zhou Prison today, he would truly take action to forcefully wrest him away.

The problem was that this was innately a joke.

Zhou Tong began to laugh, then shook his head.

This was the Zhou Mansion, the Zhou Courtyard, the Zhou Prison.

This was the most heavily-guarded location in the Great Zhou Dynasty, not even losing out to the Imperial Palace.

In the tranquil and beautiful area around this house, who knew how many experts were concealed? There was also a massive military force of the Imperial Court standing guard in the surrounding streets and alleys.

Even Wang Po of Tianliang would find it impossible to steal someone away from this place, let alone their group.

Yes, these three young people were all cultivating geniuses, blessed with talent, but they were ultimately still young. At least for now, they still lacked the strength to resist the world.

There wasn't even a need for those hidden experts of the Imperial Court to emerge. Only Zhou Tong was required, and with only a single wave of a finger, Chen Changsheng and the others would find it impossible to leave this small courtyard.

Zhou Tong paid them no more attention. Clasping his hands behind his back, he began walking towards the northern wing of the small courtyard.

In the gentle rain of withered petals, his red robe was still striking, even dazzling.

In Chen Changsheng's eyes, this crimson official's gown was just like that sea of blood that had previously flooded the world.

Zhou Tong had turned his back to him. This sort of disregard would be felt by many people to be a humiliation, but this sort of action would only make him more cool-headed.

It was plainly obvious that Zhou Tong simply did not care whether or not he acted, and perhaps even didn't believe that he would act.

Tang Thirty-Six and Xuanyuan Po looked at him, waiting for his decision.

From the start to end, from the Orthodox Academy to the office of the Department for Purging Officials, they had not communicated, but they had never once hesitated or wavered.

Chen Changsheng wanted to come to the office of the Department for Purging Officials and so they had followed. Chen Changsheng wanted to meet Zhou Tong, so they had come to the meeting with him.

Now if Chen Changsheng said he wanted to act, they would naturally act with him.

"Your Excellency, please hold on."

Chen Changsheng's voice finally rang out.

Simultaneously, his hand gripped the hilt of his sword.

The sword was called Stainless, truly like the person.

Tang Thirty-Six took a deep breath and began to circulate his true essence. His right hand gripped the hilt of the Wenshui Sword while his left hand gripped a magical artifact hidden in his sleeve.

Xuanyuan Po looked all around for a suitable weapon. His eyes finally rested on the crabapple tree to his left. He thought to himself, it's a little thin, but it can be used just like this.

Zhou Tong halted his steps, but he did not turn around.

His red official's gown gently swayed in the wind. An ocean that reeked of blood instantly enveloped the entire courtyard, eerie and terrifying to the extreme.


Thunder crashed.

It wasn't from anyone in the courtyard taking action, but the stamping of hooves like peals of thunder coming from outside. Even the ground itself was shaking a little.

This was closely followed by the nervous cries of the officials of the Department for Purging Officials.

What had come was…the cavalry of the Orthodoxy!

"You cannot move the Orthodoxy's cavalry."

Zhou Tong turned his body, looking at Chen Changsheng as if he was deep in thought.

In the capital, there were few matters that could hide themselves from his eyes. From the moment the Northern Military Department's alley became a possible destination for the Orthodox Academy's carriage, countless related pieces of intelligence were sent to this location. He was keenly aware that Chen Changsheng had not prepared anything in the background. He was relying purely on the manner and sword intent he had gained from obtaining victory over Zhou Ziheng to break into this place.

"It has nothing to do with me."

Chen Changsheng truly could not move the Orthodoxy's cavalry.

The Orthodoxy's cavalry were under the direct command of the Li Palace and were extremely powerful in battle.

Zhou Tong suddenly thought of a certain day last year. On that day, the entire capital besieged the Orthodox Academy and the people crowded around the Bureau of Ecclesiastic Education.

And then, the cavalry of the Orthodoxy had arrived. Like an autumn wind sweeping up the leaves, they had firmly and callously cleared the scene.

On that day, a considerable amount of people had died.

It was also only from that day forward that many people finally understood that the archbishop of the Bureau of Ecclesiastic Education, who seemed about to fall asleep at any time, actually possessed such high authority within the Orthodoxy and concealed such strength.

From the looks of it, the Orthodoxy cavalry that had just arrived should have been part of the legacy bequeathed upon Chen Changsheng by that recently deceased elder.

Zhou Tong said expressionlessly to Chen Changsheng, "You know what the result would be if you were to attack me."

Chen Changsheng replied, "I will die."

Zhou Tong said, "In my presence, even your thinking about death is not so easy."

Chen Changsheng replied, "No, I naturally have ways of dying."

For some reason, Zhou Tong was rather incensed at these words. "Then why don't you just go and die?"

Chen Changsheng answered, "Your Excellency has still not moved. Presumably, it is out of fear that we really will die."

Zhou Tong sneered, "What am I so frightened of?"

"Previously, Your Excellency said that I was threatening you. You should be keenly aware that if I were to threaten you, this would be my only method."

Chen Changsheng continued, "I place my life on the line and then see whether, in the eyes of those powerful figures, it is my life that is important or Your Excellency's."

As it was the beginning of summer, as the sun gradually approached its apex, the quiet and beautiful courtyard became rather stuffy.

From some place far away came the chirping of cicadas, their song somewhat vexing to the mind.

Just like Zhou Tong's mood.

When he learned that Prince Chen Liu and Mao Qiuyu had arrived outside, his vexation reached its peak.

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