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Chapter 420 A Friend Coming From the South

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Hearing Zhu Luo's words, Chen Changsheng subconsciously turned his head around to Su Li and that assassin called Liu Qing.

Once he left the military fort on the border and had that encounter outside the forest, Chen Changsheng had become acutely aware that the frightening number three assassin in the world was following him and Su Li in the shadows. This fact made him feel very uneasy and placed an enormous psychological pressure on him. There were even times when he felt like he almost couldn't stand it anymore.

 Only in the moment when he saw the smiles on Su Li’s and that assassin's face and then saw that assassin's sword like a tree branch breaking through the reflection of the moon in a pool thrust into Zhu Luo's phantasm did he finally realize this assassin's actual purpose. This assassin had followed him and Su Li for so many days without attacking, not out of any terrifying endurance and patience, not because he was seeking an even better opportunity, but because he was protecting Su Li. He had been waiting for the most dangerous moment before he made his appearance!

Liu Qing actually knew the Sword of the Golden Crow! It must be known that the Sword of the Golden Crow was a secret technique created by Su Li. For it to appear now indicated that he and Su Li must necessarily be very close. In this case, what happened tonight in Xunyang City truly had been part of a plan, but it was not a plan concocted by the Great Zhou Imperial Court and the Orthodoxy; rather, it was Su Li's plan, a plan he had developed together with this assassin.

This was what Chen Changsheng was thinking at the moment, and this was identical to what Zhu Luo and all the other spectators in the rain thought as well. But Liu Qing would not admit it, no matter how dazzling his Sword of the Golden Crow had been, even though embers were still drifting about in the drizzle.

He knew this sword technique of Mount Li, but he was not a person of Mount Li.

For some reason, the complete lack of persuasiveness in this reasoning made Chen Changsheng believe it. Zhu Luo naturally did not believe. He had made his own conclusion. It was just that there was currently no time nor any need to seek the truth behind it all.

Zhu Luo moved his gaze to Su Li, his expression cold, the moon-like expression in his eyes seeming almost ready to blaze.

He had come today to Xunyang City precisely to kill this person.

In the past, even as one of the Storms of the Eight Directions, he wouldn't dare claim that it was possible for him to beat Su Li. However, the entire continent knew that Su Li, in order to break through the demons' encirclement, had suffered severe injuries. He had originally thought killing Su Li would be an exceedingly simple affair, not even requiring his personal intervention. But now it seemed that even if he personally appeared, there was still not a guaranteed chance of success.

He had suffered a very devastating wound.

As expected, a person like Su Li was very difficult to kill.

For a similar reason, although he had also been heavily wounded, he was also very difficult to kill. In the pouring rain, Wang Po, Liu Qing, and Chen Changsheng's response could be said to be the most unyielding and the most intelligent, and could even be described as flawless. They had even managed to do the inconceivable and inflict a heavy wound on Zhu Luo, but they still could not kill him or make him admit defeat.

"I truly did calculate a few things incorrectly." Separated by a fine curtain of rain, Zhu Luo gazed at Su Li and said, "Everyone thinks of you as confident and casual, playing amongst the world, but in reality, you are proud and aloof, friendless in this world. Moreover, Mount Li is unable to send anyone to rescue you. But I did not imagine that there were actually people willing to help such a cold-blooded person as you."

These words were naturally speaking of Wang Po, Chen Changsheng and Liu Qing, especially the first two. Whether in temperament or anything else, they were extremely different from Su Li. Their way of conducting themselves and their goodwill to the world were what Su Li ridiculed and despised the most. Yet Chen Changsheng refused to abandon him and Wang Po was willing to journey thousands of li, all so that they could help him. It was as if they wanted to tell Su Li, this lonely star that killed without regard, that this world was not invariably cold, that there were always some people worthy of trusting.

"But you should well understand that they cannot save you."

Zhu Luo looked at the Yellow Paper Umbrella in Su Li's hands and then continued, "It's impossible for you to live past today. Your struggles are futile, only delaying."

Su Li quietly looked back and said nothing, perhaps out of disdain or some other reason.

"You delayed until Wang Po revealed his blade, delayed until that assassin revealed his sword, but so what?"

 Zhu Luo gestured around him at the city and distant plains, both black as the night, and said, "Look at this world. Only a fool, a youth, and a ghost that can't even stand the light stand in front of you, while we are the entire world."

As he said these words, his feet gradually departed from the puddles of water and his body floated into the air. As his long hair danced behind him, a tyrannical Qi enveloped the entirety of Xunyang City. Blood flowed down from his chest and his mouth, plopping onto the ground ten-odd zhang below.

The drizzle finally ceased and the clouds parted once more, revealing a sky that could be real or unreal. It seemed to possess a moon. Countless sword intents descended like moonlight. Moonlight flowed through the street like water.

On the hard surface of the street appeared innumerable deep crevices, all of them sword slashes.

This was the result of an expert of the Divine Domain displaying the full might of his Qi.

Zhu Luo was resolved to use his most powerful attack.

Wang Po suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Senior would not even hesitate to pay two hundred years’ worth of life essence?"

Zhu Luo was already severely wounded. If he wanted kill with Su Li with absolute certainty, he would need to pay an even greater price. He looked at Wang Po and said, "Young master of the Wang clan, didn't you also pay twenty years’ worth of life essence?"

Previously at the inn, Wang Po’s single blade had heavily wounded Xiao Zhang and Liang Wangsun. It must be known that even though Wang Po was at the top of the Proclamation of Liberation, in reality, the three people were very close in strength. In order to go one against two and to cause his opponents to lose the strength to fight in the shortest time possible, he would naturally have to perform an extremely powerful secret technique, even one that could cause harm to himself.

For Wang Po to do this, he had paid a great price.

Back then, Xiao Zhang and Liang Wangsun had both been very shocked.

At this moment when he asked Zhu Luo a question, Zhu Luo had given him this question back in return.

After Wang Po’s eyebrows were washed by the rain, they had grown even duller and droopier. After Wang Po’s clothes had been soaked in the rain, he seemed even more poverty-stricken.

If he were an accountant, then the master that he served would already be bankrupt.

But the words he said were still calm and forceful.

"I am still young, but Senior is already old."

Time was the fairest and the unfairest.

Age was precisely Wang Po's greatest advantage over Zhu Luo.

Su Li, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly began to roar with laughter. His laughter contained a boundless joy.

And then, he said to Wang Po, "These old things can only die, not suffer defeat. You don't need to advise him."

Wang Po understood, as did everyone else on the rainy street. Tonight, if Zhu Luo retreated, then how could he maintain his hallowed position on the continent—how could he remain as one of the Storms of the Eight Directions?

Since he was one of the Eight Storms, he could never lose, only win.

Even if he had to pay two hundred years of his life.

Su Li's laughter echoed through the quiet Xunyang City, filled to the brim with derision for prestige and the continuance of family lines.

Zhu Luo suddenly gazed up at the night sky, a mocking smile on his lips.

Su Li's laughter abruptly ceased.

Zhu Luo said mockingly to him, "Could it be that you imagined that since we resolved to kill you, only one of these old things would come? You delayed so much that you ultimately delayed yourself into an abyss. Do you regret it?"

The rain over Xunyang City had already stopped and the clouds in the sky had scattered somewhat, but it was still gloomy and the time of day was unknown.

Half of the sky seemed to possess a moon, faintly discernible amongst the clouds.

On the other half of the sky, countless shining stars suddenly appeared.

Chen Changsheng had no idea what was happening. Gazing up at that starry sky, he realized that his Fated Star was not there. He faintly understood those stars were unexpectedly all illusory.

Who had come? Who could cause such a strange phenomenon in the heavens?

Wang Po's expression became abnormally solemn. Liu Qing stood in front of Su Li, his head lowered, blood dripping down his face as he seemed to think about something. From the distant streets came the sounds of private discussions, occasionally punctuated with a cry of surprise. Liang Wangsun and Xue He showed rather strange expressions. Neither of them had thought that such powerful forces would appear tonight.

Hua Jiefu's complexion was a little pale. He thought to himself, what to do now?

A person had come to Xunyang City.

He had not yet appeared, but the sky had become a sea of stars.

A powerful spiritual sense gradually descended, and the pools of water on the street leapt up like they were boiling.

That person was called Guan Xingke. He lived on the coast, or possibly in the Great Western Continent. Every night, he gazed at the stars, something he had done for more than three hundred years now. (TN: Guan Xingke literally translates to 'star gazer'.)

That person was very close to Zhu Luo, so much so that they were called the Unrivaled Star and Moon. Of course, he was also one of the Storms of the Eight Directions.

Xunyang City was completely silent.

Wang Po turned to Chen Changsheng and said, "You should leave now."

Chen Changsheng’s hand gripping the dagger was slightly trembling. "And what about you?"

Wang Po thought it over, then said, "I would like to try again."

Fully aware that he couldn't, yet still wanting to do it. Fully aware that he was no match, yet still wanting to fight.

In Wenshui, he had worked as an accountant for the Tang clan for three years, and his brush had not erred once.

Everything that he said, he would always do.

He did not believe that Su Li should die tonight, so he wanted to struggle until the end. But he did not believe that Chen Changsheng needed to stay, because Chen Changsheng was just a youth and he still had much of his youth to squander, to experience.

Chen Changsheng very sincerely pondered, but he still could not decide whether to leave or not.

Today's rain was somewhat chilly, and Zhu Luo's sword had been very cold, but his blood was still hot.

In the end, he made a decision.

But everybody knew that his decision and even Wang Po's decision were both completely meaningless.

For Wang Po, Chen Changsheng, and Liu Qing to force Zhu Luo to this stage was already enough to be proud of. In addition, this battle in the rain would assuredly be recorded in the history book, but they could do no more than this.

Two experts of the Divine Domain simultaneously descended upon Xunyang City.

It had already been many years since there had been a scene like this.

Many people subconsciously turned to Su Li.

Those two Divine Domain experts had specifically come for him.

Suddenly, those people that wanted to kill Su Li were filled with reverence and admiration.

In order to kill him, the demons had plotted for many years, sent out every one of their experts, and surrounded the snowy plains with innumerable soldiers.

He had been severely injured, but if the human world wanted to kill him, they also had to move two of their most powerful experts.

This sort of life was truly something to be proud of, an incredibly glorious life. It could be said to have been lived with no regrets.

All these people wanted to know what a person like Su Li would say in the final moment.

Under the watch of countless gazes, Su Li finally opened his mouth.

He looked at Zhu Luo floating in the sky and asked, "Can you wait just a little longer?"

It seemed very much like he was acting out a comedic dialogue.

It was still a one-person comic dialogue.

Zhu Luo slightly arched his brows. "To continue delaying even now, it's somewhat out of sorts with your identity. Could it be that the Junior Martial Uncle of Mount Li is also afraid of the sea of stars after death?"

"Correct, I am delaying." Su Li's voice was very calm. "From the military fort to Xunyang City, I've always been delaying, because this person lives very far away and requires a very long time to come over."

Zhu Luo asked, "You've always been…waiting for someone?"

Su Li replied, "Correct."

Zhu Luo asked, "Not Liu Qing?"

Su Li answered, "He's always been with me, so why would I need to wait? Moreover, I believed he had come to kill me."

Chen Changsheng couldn't help but shoot a glance at Liu Qing, thinking to himself, just what is the relationship between Su Li and this famous assassin?

After a moment of silence, Zhu Luo inquired, "Who are you waiting for?"

Su Li replied, "I'm waiting for a friend."

Zhu Luo said with derision, "You actually have a friend?"

If this question were asked to a normal person, it would seem particularly absurd. People lived on this world eating alike the five grains, dining on fresh vegetables and ripe fruit—how could one not have a friend? Whether it was a fair-weather friend or a friend you could go to a brothel with, in brief, they were all friends. But this question was asked to Su Li, so it was not absurd.

The entire continent knew that Su Li trusted no one and had no friends.

Even Chen Changsheng knew that he had no friends.

The disciples of Mount Li were people of his sect and could even be considered his family, but they were not friends.

Wang Po was not his friend, Chen Changsheng was not his friend, and it was very obvious that Liu Qing was also not.

To be precise, this world had many people that worshiped Su Li as a person.

But there were very few people with the qualifications to be his friend.

And in Su Li's view, those people were all old things, rotted wood, old bastards—

People such as Zhu Luo, such as that Guan Xingke who was almost about to arrive.

Zhu Luo was incredibly confident that those people qualified to be Su Li's friends, who were also the only ten-odd people on the continent able to change this situation today, would absolutely not befriend Su Li.

An even colder fact was that amongst the strongest ten-odd people in the world, the majority of them were Su Li's enemies.

Zhu Luo simply didn't understand who Su Li was waiting for. If his friend was some sort of peasant, then such a friendship was the stuff of legends, and was aesthetically rather meaningful, but just what meaning could it have now?

"Even a person like you can have friends, so how can someone as outstanding as me not have friends?"

Su Li looked at Zhu Luo and said derisively, "Idiot!"

As his words fell, the sea of stars over Xunyang City abruptly began to shake.

A dignified and pure, even holy, Qi obstructed all the pressure emanating from that sea of stars.

And then, a person from the south arrived.

The person that came was an old friend of Su Li's.

That person's white clothes floated in the air, and then instantly flew ten-odd li from the plains outside the city to within the city.

That person was a woman dressed in white ceremonial dress.

The dust of ten thousand li was all on her sleeve, her white clothes having already gradually become clean.

She rushed in front of Zhu Luo.

Zhu Luo let out a cry of extreme shock and then slashed at her!

The white-clothed woman lifted her hand, her sleeve gently waving.

With a single wave, the clouds in the sky contorted themselves.

Her pure clothes covered the moon.

The moonlight suddenly retreated.

And then Zhu Luo fell back, swiftly fell back, fell back ten-odd li until he finally heavily crashed against the city gate.

With a boom, dust was sent flying everywhere.

After Chen Changsheng had announced Su Li’s presence, the city gate of Xunyang City had always been closed.

Now, the gate to Xunyang City was finally opened.

The city gate instantly collapsed.

On the ground covered with wood and bricks, Zhu Luo kneeled down and incessantly vomited blood.

On the street, that white-clothed woman slowly withdrew her finger and turned to Su Li.

This was a woman with a very ordinary appearance. On her face, one could faintly make out the light traces of time.

Just like the faint lines on the corners of her lips.

Chen Changsheng felt that this set of white ceremonial clothes was somewhat familiar.

The crowd was so shocked that their mouths were agape and they were lost for words.

Hua Jiefu, along with the priests he had brought into Xunyang City, one by one kneeled down to pay homage, shuddering and not daring to speak.

That white-clothed woman turned a blind eye to this. She only calmly gazed at Su Li and asked with a smile, "Just friends?"

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