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Chapter 411 Where are the Disciples of Mount Li?

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

With Qiushan Jun’s words, all the peaks of Mount Li were silenced.

Qiushan Jun said to everyone, "What sort of person is Martial Granduncle? Let alone him having a romantic affair with that Demon Princess, even if he married her and brought her into Mount Li, so what?"

Xiao Songgong was enraged, thinking to himself, just what sort of absurd words are these? Even those Mount Li disciples also felt that their most dearly beloved Eldest Brother's words were completely lacking in logic.

Qiushan Jun could naturally sense the mood in front of the dwelling. He explained, "Could Martial Granduncle marrying a Demon Princess possibly impair the well-being of humanity? If it doesn't have the slightest effect, what sort of sin can it be? In my view, it is on the contrary extremely convenient for the humans."

There was someone amongst the peaks that was not convinced and loudly yelled, "Human and demons can't coexist, so how can they be intimate with each other?"

Xiao Songgong's face was ashen as he declared, "Truly absurd to the extreme!"

"The so-called absurd is only what the average person doesn't dare to do, the path that they don't dare to walk." Qiushan Jun looked at Xiao Songgong and said expressionlessly, "My Mount Li Sword Sect, from the time the ancestor founded the sect down to Martial Granduncle, has always dared to do things that no one in the world would dare to do. Only then can we achieve things that no one in the world would dare to achieve. If you call it absurd, then it's absurdly marvelous!"

Then he turned to the disciples on the peak and yelled out in a deep voice, "Martial Granduncle dared to kill the Demon Emperor, dared to marry a Demon Princess. This is truly the daring and bold spirit of Mount Li! As disciples of Mount Li, you don't feel like your heads are held up high, but instead you hang your head down. With your sword hearts unsteady, how could you possibly match with the demeanor of my Mount Li? It truly makes me extremely disappointed!"

His words were like swords, descending from the precipice and raising a wind, borrowing the power of the Myriad Sword Array's sound amplification array to resound throughout all the peaks of Mount Li. They landed in the hearts of all the disciples of Mount Li and, like the ringing of a bell, made them all wake up.

All people said that when swords came out of Mount Li, the swordsmen came out with a superbly sharp edge. The daring spirit of Mount Li, the demeanor of Mount Li, lay in the edge of the sword, to reveal the edge! In front of the cold sword, where were there any laws, where were there any reasons? How could they possibly care about what was absurd? Mount Li emphasized sword intent as the correct path and would absolutely never accept those rotten frameworks and restrictions!

Bai Cai was extremely excited as he thought to himself, Eldest Brother really is Eldest Brother. Once he woke up, he caused all of Mount Li to once again wake up as well! When the countless disciples thought of their previous hesitation, and even of their thoughts of compromising, they couldn't help but feel thoroughly ashamed, so much so that sweat came off them like thick beads of syrup.

The Qiushan clan head looked at his son that had only used a few words to make Mount Li quiet and stern once more. He watched as those sword glows flashed across his son's pale face. His emotions were incredibly complicated and his expression was becoming more grave and stern. Then he glanced at the Guardian by his side. He wasn't clear on what Qiushan Jun was prepared to do next, nor why he was about to do it, but he needed to make some preparations. Xiao Songgong and the others were growing more serious in mood. They had no choice but to begin preparations for the following negotiations. But matters developed at a speed which surpassed everyone's imaginations because Qiushan Jun wasn't planning to negotiate with them at all.

Qiushan Jun lifted his left hand and lightly pointed at the several dozen sword glows outside the dwelling. With a clap, a strand of sword intent shot out from his fingers and towards a small sword of a rather simple style. That small sword abruptly left the sword glows and began to soar towards the azure sky above the peak of Mount Li.

At this time, everyone at the scene already knew that the Mount Li Sect Master had secretly handed over the Myriad Sword Array to Qiushan Jun. Xiao Songgong and the other two elders had previously denounced the Sect Master for wanting to pass the position of Sect Master to Qi Jian and not Qiushan Jun, but this had already become a joke. However, no one could have imagined that Qiushan Jun would actually be able to control that small and simple sword!

"The Sect Master's Order Sword!" Xiao Songgong's expression suddenly changed and he yelled. The long sword at his waist flew out of its sheath and rose up, hoping to keep that small sword from reaching the peak.

Yet Qiushan Jun had long since made his preparations. With a light wave of his sleeve, those several dozen sword glows flew away from the dwelling and directly shot at Xiao Songgong! These several dozen sword glows were the most powerful portion of the Myriad Sword Array, their might so frightening that it was hard to imagine. Xiao Songgong's courage turned cold—how could he possibly care any more about blocking that small sword? He recalled his longsword so that he could hurriedly confront this threat.


An extremely dense burst of sword edges colliding rang out.

The several dozen sword glows flew back to the dwelling.

Xiao Songgong's clothes were covered in sword slashes, blood gradually flowing out of them, and his face was extremely ugly. Xiao Songgong was the most senior of the elders of Mount Li and he had cultivated to the upper level of Star Condensation long ago. Back in the capital, in the palace, only when up against the legendary demi-human general Jin Yulu did he cede a point. However, he was still not a match for Mount Li's Myriad Sword Array. If it were not for the fact that the vast majority of the Myriad Sword Array's might was all in the belly of the mountain, preparing to send the elites of the Mount Li Sword Sect north to save Su Li, if it were not just these several dozen sword glows that remained, Xiao Songgong would have become a corpse on the spot!

That small sword had already soared high up into the sky. There were some Mount Li disciples with good eyesight that could clearly make out that in the final moment, that small sword actually split into three, each of which flew to a different location.

That Discipline Hall elder with the surname Hong angrily yelled, "Qiushan, you dare to attack an elder! This is truly high treason!"

Qiushan Jun stared at him and yelled back, "Hong Zhizhou, you dare to bring outsiders to intrude upon the main peak and conspire against the Sect Master's life! This is truly high treason!"

His words were still like swords, firm and upright, shining like they had just been washed. Although his cultivation was far beneath these Mount Li elders, in both discussion and battle, he did not fall the least bit behind, and his vigor was more than enough.

That Discipline Hall elder suddenly stopped, not knowing how to respond.

Qiushan Jun took one step forward and clearly cried out, "Xiao Songgong and these two elders trespassed upon the main peak, conspiring against the life of the Sect Master, colluding with outsiders. They are all marked as traitors. I accepted the Sect Master's orders, grasping the Myriad Sword Array and temporarily holding the authority of the Sect Master. In accordance with the laws of Mount Li Sword Sect, I will expel these three people from Mount Li. I have sent a notice to Holy Maiden Peak, the Longevity Sect, and the Li Palace, asking them to notify the entire world of today's matter!"

Everyone was struck speechless by these words. How could they possibly imagine that Qiushan Jun would be able to act so coldly and decisively, not giving the other side even the tiniest chance for negotiation, and directly expelling the three elders from Mount Li! The Mount Li Sect Master's Order Sword was already flying towards those three holy grounds. There was no more possibility to change this matter, and any chance at compromise seemed to have been cut off.

The Qiushan clan head's complexion grew abnormally unsightly. Up until now, he still had not known what his son was planning to do, but Qiushan Jun had on two occasions used the word 'outsiders'. The meaning within this word was plainly obvious—no matter if they were from the nominally ancestral temple that was the Longevity Sect or his true birth place of the Qiushan clan, when on Mount Li, they were all outsiders, and possibly enemies as well!

Qiushan Jun swept his gaze around to the surrounding mountains and asked, "Where are the disciples of Mount Li? Follow me and expel these traitors and outsiders from Mount Li!"

This was still a sword, a thoroughly piercing sword! Qiushan Jun did not need his fellow disciples to think, only to decide! And this happened to luckily coincide with the sword hearts of these Mount Li disciples. How could his fellow disciples not respond? Even those hundred-odd disciples that had followed Xiao Songgong and the two other elders in intruding upon the main peak couldn't help reveal expressions of hesitation and even shame on their faces.

Where were the disciples of Mount Li? From all the peaks of Mount Li came the sound of reply! It was the sound of swords!

Countless swords flew out of their sheaths, and sword Qi exploded outwards, rushing straight upwards towards the vault of heaven!

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