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Chapter 410 Still That Qiushan (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the dwelling, a figure could be seen in front of the sickbed, watching the unconscious Qi Jian.

As his gaze moved from her pale face to her abdomen that had been wrapped in layer after layer of bandages, and then to those fingers which were still suffused with a faint green, it grew colder and colder. Hearing those voices from outside, one unyielding and one forceful, and thinking about those voices he listened to in his Sword Rest, the countless voices he had heard over these past several weeks, his voice also became somewhat cold.

"I do not accept."

That figure said these four words to all of Mount Li, then he walked out of the dwelling. Hearing his voice, the entirety of Mount Li grew silent. The Sect Master quietly looked at Xiao Songgong, the corners of his mouth perking, revealing a smile. That smile contained many meanings, but there was no sign of any of that previous bitterness.

The door of the dwelling was pushed open, and that figure emerged under the crystal-clear blue sky under the watch of several hundred gazes. It was a young man, his body tall and straight, his Mount Li sword uniform slightly flapping in the breeze. It was obvious that he was not fully recovered from his heavy injuries. His face was pale, but it didn't in the least detract from the heroic spirit about his face, or that free uninhibited intent about him.

The young man walked out under these countless gazes, and countless cries of elation and surprise rose up from the main peak of Mount Li.

"Eldest Brother!"

"Eldest Brother is awake!"

"Eldest Brother woke up!"

These cries of surprise quickly spread to the other peaks of Mount Li. In a moment, the tension in the mountains, the extreme pressure and chill felt by these disciples from the old secrets caused by Martial Granduncle, was, for the most part, wiped away.

This young man was naturally Mount Li Sword Sect's Eldest Brother, the head of the Divine Kingdom's Seven Laws: Qiushan Jun.

One by one, the several dozen Mount Li disciples rushed up. Qiushan Jun shook his head, indicating that there was no need to support him. He slowly made his way over to the steps and then paid his respects to the Sect Master. Then he turned to those people on the other side of the sword glows, his gaze tranquil and serene. Even when he saw his own father, he did not show any signs of being moved.

When they saw that Qiushan Jun had awakened, everyone in the crowd had different emotions, but the majority of them were primarily happily surprised. Even Xiao Songgong and the two Discipline Hall elders were not too wary. Upon seeing this scene, the Qiushan clan head confirmed the prestige his son had in the hearts of Mount Li's young generation of disciples. His eyes grew even brighter and he lightly stroked his short beard.

Not waiting for Qiushan Jun to speak, Xiao Songgong took the initiative and said, "Martial Nephew Qiushan, you've been in a coma for several weeks and probably do not know what has occurred. Please wait for a few moments so that there are no misunderstandings."

At the moment, the scene in front of this dwelling at the peak of Mount Li was littered with broken swords and spilt blood and the scene was abnormally bloody. Anyone could imagine that after Qiushan Jun woke up and saw this sort of scene, it was only right for him to believe that Xiao Songgong and the rest were forcing an abdication, resulting in his previous four words. Xiao Songgong and the others thought that as long as they could explain the situation, Qiushan Jun would naturally understand what to choose.

No matter how, Xiao Songgong and his group wanted to obtain Qiushan Jun's support. This was because in this internal conflict in Mount Li, the Qiushan clan was one of two backers of their factions, and the status that Qiushan Jun had in the hearts of the young disciples would let them conclude this conflict and then completely grasp the most vital aspect of this situation.

Qiushan Jun was silent for a few moments, then said, "Martial Uncle may explain.”

Bai Cai couldn't help but be anxious, wanting to say something to his senior brother. Unexpectedly, the Sect Master stopped him. The Sect Master even returned the sword he was holding back into the sword glows in front of the dwelling.

The elated cries of surprise from seeing Eldest Brother wake up gradually faded and the peaks became silent once more. Everyone once again listened to Xiao Songgong describe what had happened in the Garden of Zhou and Su Li's past deeds.

Elder Xiao Songgong's voice resounded in front of the dwelling. Qiushan Jun remained silent, his pale face revealing no emotion, yet the right hand hanging at his side began to tremble.

This signified his anger, anger that could not be restrained.

Many people noticed this detail and their emotions grew increasingly tense. Bai Cai was even more at wit's end, thinking to himself, just what do I do next? How can I possibly treat Eldest Brother as an enemy?

Xiao Songgong had finished with his explanation.

After a few moments of silence, Qiushan Jun asked, "Martial Uncle, in your view, how should this matter be handled?"

With these words, the final remnants of unease in the hearts of Xiao Songgong and the rest were completely dispelled. The Discipline Hall elder said harmoniously, "Previously there was already a resolution: Qi Jian will be handed over to the Discipline Hall for questioning, the Sect Master will temporarily abdicate, and since you are already awake, you will, of course, stand as Sect Master."

That elder surnamed Jiang from the Longevity Sect added, "As for Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu who colluded with Qi Jian, the Longevity Sect and Holy Maiden Peak will send a joint letter to the Li Palace. The Pope must also give an explanation."

Xiao Songgong looked at him and said, "Martial Nephew previously did not know the specifics of the situation, and so there were some misunderstandings and you said those four words in the dwelling. Now that everything has presumably been made clear, you should know what to do."

 Countless gazes rested on Qiushan Jun's body and the crowd could only guess at how he would choose. This was because the accusations made by Xiao Songgong and the rest were true—Qi Jian really was the daughter of Su Li and a Demon Princess. In order to avoid the continued shedding of blood in this internal conflict, Qiushan Jun would most likely bitterly struggle, but he would assuredly speedily reach a decision. This was the imposing air required of people who did great things, and the entire continent knew that even when he was a child, Qiushan Jun had always conducted himself with such an imposing air, imposingly majestic.

He would definitely choose that which was most conforming to Mount Li's interest, which was most in accordance with the correct path of humanity. Humans and demons could not coexist. In the face of this, what did the so-called ‘compassion of the teacher’ or ‘the kindness of instructing’ matter!?

The Qiushan clan head calmly looked at his son, his heart bursting with pride. It was pride for the youngest Star Condensation cultivator in history, the youngest Sect Master of the Mount Li Sword Sect in history, and in a few years, the youngest Sect Master of the Longevity Sect in history. Then, in the next few years after that, he would naturally become the youngest Saint in history. Surveying the long river of history, who could be more outstanding than his son? His pride did not merely originate from this, it also came from Qiushan Jun's appearance in this matter—he believed it to be just like Liang Xiaoxiao's death. Qiushan Jun's coma and awakening had both been perfectly arranged.

Qiushan Jun's coma had been very timely, and his awakening even more so. When he fell into a coma, he avoided the internal strife of Mount Li. When he awoke from his coma, the dispute had already reached its end and only he could bring it to a close. He was the only and naturally the finest candidate. He did not need to bear the evil reputation of Xiao Songgong and his group intruding upon the main peak and forcing abdication. He only needed to sleep to grasp all the benefits. In a little while, if he could shed a few tears, he could have his devotion and benevolence be even more praised in the world…

As he looked at his son, the Qiushan clan head sighed sorrowfully. As expected of a dragon son, so far that not even your father can reach.

"There is one problem."

Qiushan Jun gazed at Xiao Songgong and said, "Previously you said to Bai Cai, ‘If your sword heart really is stainless, then why do you only dare to reprove your fellow disciples? Why do you not dare to ask your master whether this matter is real or fake?’"

Xiao Songgong had not noticed one detail of these words and said without thinking, "Correct."

Qiushan Jun turned and glanced over at Bai Cai. "Why did you not dare to ask?"

Bai Cai felt that his mouth was awash with bitterness. He thought to himself, and just what use would there be in asking?

Qiushan Jun shifted his gaze to the Sect Master and asked, "Master, are Martial Uncle's words…true?"

Bai Cai was incredibly saddened. He thought to himself, Senior Brother, why do you need to force the Sect Master to such desperate straits? Why are you acting so heartlessly?

The Sect Master looked back at Qiushan Jun, smiling as he prepared to speak.

 Xiao Songgong abruptly felt that this was rather inappropriate. He sternly warned, "You must swear upon the ancestors of Mount Li that you will not lie when you tell Qiushan—is Qi Jian really the offspring of a Demon Princess!"

The Sect Master looked at Qiushan Jun and sighed, "This matter is true."

The meaning of these words was very clear. This matter was true, but all the other matters were naturally not true.

Xiao Songgong didn't care about the rest. He only needed for him to admit this point and it would be fine. He suddenly felt relieved.

As the Qiushan clan head looked at the scene playing out in front of the dwelling, he suddenly felt that there was something off. Yes, both the Sect Master and Qiushan Jun seemed far too calm.

"Just what are you still doing here?"

Qiushan Jun calmly said to Bai Cai, "Quickly help the Sect Master back in so he can rest."

The mountains were completely silent. Everyone was rather perplexed, not understanding what Qiushan Jun was doing.

Even Bai Cai was stunned, and then he sobered up and began to help the Sect Master walk towards the dwelling.

Before he entered the dwelling, the Sect Master said, "Take care of everything properly."

Qiushan Jun replied, "Be at ease, Master."

With these words, he extended his arm into the several dozen sword glows in front of the dwelling and took down the sword that was his.

This was the sword called Dragonscale.

With this scene, everyone realized that at some point, the Sect Master had turned Mount Li's Myriad Sword Array over to him!

Elder Xiao Songgong watched Qiushan Jun, his expression gradually growing more solemn. "You've finished your questions."

Qiushan Jun answered, "Yes, I've finished with my questions."

Xiao Songgong took a deep, deep breath, then asked, "And then?"

Qiushan Jun looked at the mountains and casually said, "And then…naturally, the disciples of Mount Li raise their swords to confront the enemy."

Xiao Songgong's complexion grew abnormally unsightly. He coldly shouted, "Just what are you doing! Did you not hear your master admit that Qi Jian's mother is a Demon Princess!?"

Qiushan Jun raised his sword and looked at Xiao Songgong and those powerful enemies. He asked, "And so what?"

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