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Chapter 407 Chaos for Two Women (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The Sect Master indicated that Bai Cai no longer needed to support him. He slowly took two steps forward, and then, separated by those dozens of bright sword glows, looked at those senior brothers that he had once been so close and familiar with and those familiar-looking disciples. He also looked at that elder from the Longevity Sect and the experts from the Qiushan family. The corners of his lips slowly rose up, revealing a mocking smile.

"A thousand autumns and ten thousand generations."

"The unification of north and south."

"For the human world."

"To oppose the demons."

He said these phrases with his mocking smile, but they were even more so radiant and dignified. In this case though, no matter how radiant and dignified those phrases, or reasons, were, they would always be mocked. Because these were all merely excuses.

"Was it the Pope or the Divine Empress…that promised you these benefits?" The Sect Master's gaze moved slowly over Xiao Songgong and the two Discipline Hall elders, ultimately resting on the head of the Qiushan clan.

The Qiushan clan head slightly lowered his head in greeting. He smiled but said nothing, as if he didn't realize what sort of tense situation he was in.

"Yes, the unification of the north and the south, the human world together as one…these are all benefits, these are precisely the benefits that come from killing Su Li. No matter how much you mock it, it is still a good thing."

Xiao Songgong looked at the Sect Master and said, "For the future of the Mount Li Sword Sect, for the health and happiness of the ten thousand surnames of the South, I don't care how selfish you say I am, but how can such benefits not move the heart?"

The Sect Master remained silent for a very long time, then he abruptly raised his right hand and extracted a sword from those dozens of sword glows.

These were the streaks of light of the Myriad Sword Array, and only he could perform this action in such an understated manner.

Xiao Songgong said, "It seems that you're still not convinced."

The Sect Master answered, "Because I am not convinced about your assertion that Junior Martial Uncle has betrayed the mountain, about where this crime came from. Just like Little Six Bai Cai said, if you make something up, it should at least be decent."

Everyone turned to Xiao Songgong and the two Discipline Hall elders. Even the Qiushan clan head and that Guardian of his with unfathomable strength were looking at him. The peak was quiet for a very long time until finally one of the Discipline Hall elders opened his mouth and said, "Su Li, he…his rebellious influence has always been preventing the unification of north and south. We suspect…that he's colluding with the demons."

The Sect Master shook his head in amazement, sighing, "Truly shameless."

The Qiushan clan head also couldn't help but shake his head. Most likely, he felt that this explanation was far too nonsensical.

"Martial Uncle has battled with the demon experts for many years. Who knows how many demons have fallen to his sword? If not for him, why would the demons have been so well-behaved these past few years in the snowy plains? This current situation where he is now a dragon that has swum into the shallows and been surrounded in Xunyang City by those contemptible and shameless fools is precisely because he, for the purpose of slaying the demon Military Advisor Black Robe, entered the demons' encirclement and was thus heavily injured…"

The Sect Master gazed at that Discipline Hall elder and said, "Those people in Xunyang City are very shameless, and you would actually accuse Martial Uncle of colluding with the demons. This already exceeds shamelessness and reaches the level of being inhuman."

These words were said very calmly and sincerely, but the emotions behind them were very fierce. The responses of the disciples in all the mountains were also very fierce. All sorts of filthy words were hurled towards the main peak. It must be known that Su Li was not merely their Martial Granduncle, but the essence of Mount Li's spirit, the idol of every young disciple. How could they permit this senior to commit such slander?

Xiao Songgong sneered. "Only an act."

The Sect Master yelled, "Senior Brother, if you do not have evidence, then I can use these words of yours to expel you from Mount Li."

Xiao Songgong stared into his eyes, giving a smile that was not a smile. "Do you really want evidence? It must be known that although no one dares to mention that matter anymore, the exam paper from after that blood-spattered incident should still be stored in the Li Palace."

The Sect Master's expression became more solemn at these words. "You…what matter are you talking about?"

Xiao Songgong bitterly laughed, "There are no absolute secrets in this world. Su Li thought that if he killed all the people at the side of the cold pool, he could just hide it like that!"

The Sect Master's gaze was incredibly sharp as he yelled, "Hold your tongue! If you dare to act recklessly, do not doubt I'd shatter my sword heart and use the Myriad Sword Array to kill every one of you that climbed up this mountain!"

Hearing these words, the hearts of the disciples on the peaks of Mount Li couldn't help but shiver with cold. Such powerful killing intent, such an intense method—could it be that this internal chaos of Mount Li would really culminate in such a bitter conclusion? Just what was the secret that Xiao Songgong wanted to say?

"Don't tell me that these disciples are no longer disciples of Mount Li, that just because you want to conceal this secret, you want them all to die?"

Xiao Songgong stared at him and sneered, "If you really did carry out such a vicious method, I wonder after you die how you would meet the ancestors of Mount Li. I originally didn't want to reveal this secret, but now that I've been forced to this point, I must tell the entire continent. Qi Jian is not merely Su Li's daughter, she is also…"

 He turned to the dwelling behind the Sect Master and the several dozen disciples. Despite being separated by that very heavy door, it seemed like he could see the unconscious Qi Jian. He declared coldly, "She is the daughter of a Demon Princess!"

The Sect Master furiously bellowed, "Hold your tongue!"

Xiao Songgong wasn't afraid in the slightest. With disdain, he continued, "She is the daughter born of Su Li and a Demon Princess!"

The mountains of Mount Li were in an uproar. There were endless shouts and curses—just who would believe this? Yes…Xiao Songgong's words still reverberated through the peaks of Mount Li. With his voice, the sound coming from the peaks grew smaller and smaller.

"Back then, for what reason would the Longevity Sect imprison that woman in the cold pool? Why did the elders have the confidence to request that Su Li perform such a great act to atone for his crime? Because Su Li had already committed the most heinous of crimes."

As Xiao Songgong thought of that world-shaking event from ten-odd years ago, he suddenly felt that even the wind running through the peaks had grown colder by a few degrees. "Only who could have imagined that Su Li would actually have become so daring? For one demon woman, he killed the ten-odd elders of the Longevity Sect! For this reason, just how many experts did the human world lose? And you actually dare to say that he can't possibly be colluding with the demons!"

The curses abruptly came to a halt. The peaks of Mount Li had grown deathly still; the people had faintly sensed that this matter might be true, so they were shocked beyond belief. Even the Qiushan clan head and that Guardian of his couldn't help but arch their brows. Only that Longevity Sect elder was as calm as before. His eyes flashed with cruelty out of joy from recompensing his hatred. Presumably, he had long since known of this matter.

The disciples of Mount Li could only leave their mouths open in speechlessness. When Xiao Songgong had previously revealed Qi Jian's history, they could still accept it. Some of them, because of Martial Granduncle, even felt emotions of reverence, pity, or love towards Qi Jian, but the feeling they had now was completely different. She was a daughter of a Demon Princess? Martial Granduncle actually had this sort of past relationship with a Demon Princess…

After some time had passed, a rather uneasy voice broke the silence. One of the disciples standing in front of the dwelling asked the Sect Master, his voice shaking, "Sect Master, this matter…is it true?"

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