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Chapter 384 - The Start of a Grand Banquet

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Nora

The mountain that Liang Wangsun wanted to see and push down naturally was Mount Li.

The entire continent knew that Su Li was Mount Li.

In the past, the peak of the mountain was eminent and unapproachable. Even for experts high up on the Proclamation of Liberation, like Wang Po, Xiao Zhang, and Liang Wangsun, they were unable to challenge it head-on. However, right now, Su Li was heavily injured, and the peak had already begun to totter.

Liang Wangsun believed he had the qualifications and power to destroy this mountain peak. As a result, after he received this news, he rode the great carriage out of the estate, and arrived at the inn.

It was just that in front of the mountain, there stood another teenager.

If he wanted to push down the mountain, he needed to pass through the obstacle of this teenager.

“You are Chen Changsheng?”

Liang Wangsun looked at the teenager in front of the stone steps of the inn and asked calmly.

Chen Changsheng did not reply to this question, because he currently felt very nervous. Other than seeing a glance of Wang Po from far away at the entrance of the Mausoleum of Books, this was the first time he saw someone from the Proclamation of Liberation. These people were the true core powers of the human world. The blossoming age began with Liang Wangsun and those other names.

Of course, after traveling from Xining Village to the capital, he had already seen many true people of great importance. However, these important people were just too high up. No matter if it was the Pope or Su Li, even though they could be called close, Chen Changsheng was unable to accept it as real. However, the young prince on the black lotus seat was different, because, with Chen Changsheng’s current level of cultivation and fame, he had already exceeded the boundaries of the Proclamation of Azure Clouds, entering the Proclamation of Gold Distinction. In other words, he was already very close to the Proclamation of Liberation. Only by being close could he feel true pressure, or in other words, the disparity.

Liang Wangsun raised his eyebrows. Chen Changsheng’s silence made him rather surprised, and for some reason, he did not get angry. He asked calmly once again, “You are Chen Changsheng?”

This time, only after Chen Changsheng had properly returned to his senses did he realize Liang Wangsun was asking him.

He had come to kill Su Li. People who dared to kill Su Li would first put their attention to him. If it was another teenager, perhaps he would become a little arrogant and pleased, but Chen Changsheng did not, because he did not have the awareness of being famous. Actually, no matter if it was the Ivy Festival, the Grand Examination, when he comprehended the Heavenly Tome Monoliths or afterwards when he accepted the position as the Principal of the Orthodox Academy, the various matters had already made him the most famous person in the continent. Even if it was a person like Liang Wangsun, they still needed to say a few words to him beforehand, even though it was just some pleasantry.

It was silent on the long street that the inn was on, and the dust slowly settled. Other than the priests who were scattered everywhere, many other people could be vaguely seen. Those people were probably members of the suicide squad from the palace, ready to attack the inn at any moment. However, they temporarily did not move, because everyone was waiting for Chen Changsheng’s answer.

The young Daoist from Xining Village currently already had the right to speak on equal grounds with someone like Liang Wangsun.

However, unexpectedly, Chen Changsheng said nothing at all. He directly turned around and entered the inn, closing the doors before running up to the second floor in a blur.

Liang Wangsun sat upright and rigidly in the center of the black lotus. His raised his eyebrows even higher and had an expression that seemed like a smile yet not like a smile.

Pushing open the door that was tightly closed, Chen Changsheng arrived in front of Su Li’s chair. Chen Changsheng said, “Let’s run.”

Su Li opened his eyes, glanced at him and said, “Already so bent on leaving without even having the time to admit defeat.”

Chen Changsheng lowered his head and did not say anything. His chest rose and fell.

He wanted to take Su Li and run, which naturally meant that he had already thrown out his original idea.

He admitted defeat. Because of the difference in strength, he could only admit defeat.

Because with only a glance, he knew that he was definitely unable to win against Liang Wangsun.

Not even a sliver of a chance as thin as a hair.

Outside the inn, the long street was quiet like before.

Liang Wangsun looked at the Xunyang City bishop from above and asked, “Will the Orthodoxy care about these things?”

Hua Jiefu did not have any expression on his face at all as he said, “I do not care about the life or death of people unrelated, but we must care for Principal Chen’s safety.”

Before, Chen Changsheng had said to the bishop that he could treat it as if he did not know Chen Changsheng had come to the city. However, the entire Xunyang City knew he was there, so how could the people in the Orthodoxy not care for him?  

“I don’t understand why this young Principal Chen cares for this but… I don’t care.”

Liang Wangsun pulled out a snow-white handkerchief from his sleeve to lightly wipe away the dust that had stuck to his clothes. He continued, “Since the carriage of the palace has been used, this matter must have a conclusion.”

Hua Jiefu looked at him with a serious expression and said, “His Holiness is waiting for Principal Chen’s return to the capital.”

Liang Wangsun’s actions paused slightly, and he said after being silent for a little, “Then send him back. If he isn’t willing to go, I might just kill him as well.”

Hua Jiefu shook his head and said, “If it’s like that, then the Liang Household will cease to be.”

The bishop spoke very plainly, without menace. It was because this was an impartial truth. If Chen Changsheng died in Xunyang City, everyone could imagine what reaction the Orthodoxy would have.

However, because he spoke so simply, it was unyielding.

Liang Wangsun went quiet once again, and threw the handkerchief that was slightly dusty off the carriage. He said with complete disinterest, “Cease to be? After what happened ten-odd years ago, for what reason do you think our Liang Household still exists? Today, I will kill Su Li in the full light of day, so could I be scared of Mount Li massacring my whole clan? Saying this to me is useless.”

Hua Jiefu suddenly felt the spring breeze turn cold. A dozen or so years ago, the most terrifying massacre had occurred after the bloody case of the Orthodox Academy. However, it was forcefully covered up by the Saints, so he did not know all of the details very clearly. Nevertheless , he knew very well how bitter of a price the Liang Household had paid.

He looked at the young prince in the carriage and said, “Why must you be so resolute?”

The black lotus carriage was very big. Liang Wangsun sat in the center, which he seemed to be sitting a level up, just about level with the second floor of the inn.

He looked at the tightly shut window of the second floor and sighed, “Who told him to yell those four words so resolutely?”

Xunyang City became a silent city of death. A massacre was about to occur before their eyes, all because of Chen Changsheng pushing open the windows and yelling those four words in the lovely spring sunshine.

‘Su Li is here.’

These four words pushed Chen Changsheng and Su Li into a deathtrap.

Actually, was it not the people who wanted to kill Su Li that pushed them into the dire straits?

The Orthodoxy was unable to act against Su Li.

The Great Zhou Army was unable to act.

The people who wanted to kill Su Li secretly, such as Liang Wangsun, could only kill him in the light of day.

Many things in the world could only be done and not said, let alone being seen by other people. Otherwise, it was hard to give an explanation for.

No matter if it was to the southerners or the books of history.

Such as killing Su Li.

This could have only been a bloody event hidden in the shadow of history, like the Coalition of Fallen Willow Plains in the past, like the change in the Hundred Herb Garden, or like the truth of Zhou’s disappearance all those years ago.

Instead, Chen Changsheng used four words, and made it into a grand occasion known by everyone.

“The grand banquet has already started, so how can you leave the party early?”

In the gloomy room of the inn, Su Li sat on the chair. He looked at the teenager with the lowered head in front of him and smiled slightly, “I taught you how to use troops, taught you how to use the Intellectual Sword as you wished. You learned very well, even exceeding my greatest hopes I placed on you, actually able to create so many changes with your yell from before… now, I’m really rather curious, just how long can you protect me?”

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