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Chapter 383 - Straightforward Liang Wangsun

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng pushed open the door to the room and walked in front of the chair. He explained everything he had heard before to Su Li, without leaving out the slightest detail.

Su Li gently tapped the armrest of the chair. He stayed silent for a little while before laughing, “There are troubles everywhere in the world, and what we do is to solve these questions. Your trouble is actually not too troublesome. Although Liang Xiaoxiao’s scheme is indeed very beautiful, you only need to return to the capital to solve it. If I can return to Mount Li, of course it will be even easier to solve.”

Chen Changsheng understood what he meant. If Liang Xiaoxiao’s death was because he wanted to use his life to do this, the trouble would indeed be very hard to solve. However, he was currently a popular person of the Orthodoxy after all, and as long as the Pope continued to believe him, this trouble would not be big. As for the aspect of the Mount Li Sword Sect, as long as Su Li could return to Mount Li alive and casually say a word on it, who would dare to doubt it?

What Su Li said seemed simple, but it was actually not very simple at all. He had combined the two troubles together, solving one of the greatest troubles Chen Changsheng was currently facing. Chen Changsheng did not need to make another choice, and only needed to maintain his previous notion.

“Afterwards, many troubles will appear in Xunyang City. I seem to have underestimated… the importance of this. The Orthodoxy is unwilling to act, and I have no way of solving these troubles. You have said correctly, it seems that I have lost the bet.” Chen Changsheng walked to the side of the table. He lifted up the tea cup and took a sip, moistening his somewhat dry throat.

Su Li raised his eyebrows even higher. His smile became even wider and he said, “Of course you’ve lost, but you yelling aloud still has some benefits. At least you helped me solve my greatest trouble.”

Chen Changsheng placed down the tea cup. He was rather confused, and thought, just what did I do?

“You destroyed the secret of our journey with your yell. Everyone on the continent is looking at Xunyang City. Old man Yin still wants some dignity in the end, so at least he won’t get the younger members of the Orthodoxy to come kill me in broad daylight.” Su Li stopped smiling and said calmly, “If it wasn’t like that, the cardinal outside definitely would be thinking of how to kill me right now, so at least you helped me solve the big trouble of the Li Palace.”

Chen Changsheng thought about it, and it was indeed like that. It was just that solving the big trouble of the Orthodoxy did not mean he had the power to solve the next few troubles. Hua Jiefu had expressed his view extremely clearly before. Currently, the Orthodoxy indeed would not do anything to Su Li, but they would also definitely not help him. At most, it was a situation where the two sides would not assist each other.

As he thought about these matters, a giant boom suddenly resounded in the silent streets outside the inn. He walked to the window and pushed it open, only seeing the dust brought by the collapse of the buildings on the other side of the street. Walls and buildings constantly fell, as if a huge monster was currently rushing over. It was also like an earthquake spreading towards his position.

The priests outside the inn gave out exclamations of surprise, “The household… has used the emperor’s carriage!”

Hearing that, Chen Changsheng stared blankly. He looked at the growing cloud of dust on the opposite side of the street, and could feel the trembling of the ground. He thought, just what does this mean? Just who is currently approaching the inn? Before he could think even more, he leapt out of the window, landing on the stone steps in front of the inn. At that moment, Hua Jiefu also walked out from the inn. He stood beside him with an extremely grim expression.

“Who came?” Chen Changsheng asked.

“The emperor’s carriage of the Liang Household.” Hua Jiefu looked into the depths of the dust and furrowed his eyebrows. “The emperor’s carriage has not left their estate for almost a hundred years. Who would have thought it would be used today?”

Once again the name ‘Liang’ had popped up, as Chen Changsheng had come to expect.

In his journey to the south with Su Li, Chen Changsheng had learned that there were many groups in the cultivation world. He was even more vigilant against the clan of Liang, because Liang Xiaoxiao was surnamed Liang, and so was Liang Hongzhuang.

Liang was once the surname of the imperial family—the Liang clan was the imperial family of the previous dynasty. They once had an extremely close relationship from intermarriage with the current imperial family of the Zhou Dynasty, the Chen clan. A millennium ago, after the Chen clan had replaced the Liang clan, they still received great respect, perhaps because of the relationship of intermarriage that once existed, or perhaps because of shame. In general, they gave them a lot of exclusive opportunities.

After the Zhou Dynasty was founded, the Liang clan left the capital and returned to Tianliang County. They were titled as Princes, but in the end, they had once been sovereigns, so how could they be willing to accept such a fate? They still wished to revive their former glory, though it had already been windswept and battered by time. Other than the fact that the current Liang clan still had noble blood and received the respect of the people, they had long since lost their ability to change the world. It was probably exactly because of this that they could still persist in the north of the continent. However, the clan that once ruled the entire continent naturally had its own extraordinary bloodline. In the past thousand years, countless experts had arisen from the Liang clan, and currently, the most well known was the young Prince from the Liang Palace, Liang Wangsun.

Just as Hua Jiefu had said, the emperor’s carriage of the Liang Household had not been used for a very long time. Today, the carriage had left the palace, trampling over walls and buildings as it traveled towards the inn. With such a huge activity, it obviously meant that something big was going to happen. The only person in the world who had the right to sit in the carriage obviously was Liang Wangsun.

Before the Scholartree Manor expert who roamed the northern lands appeared, this Prince was probably the greatest trouble Su Li and Chen Changsheng had to solve. Liang Wangsun was actually not the name of the Prince—he was called Liang Zhen. However, there was no one in the entire Xunyang City who dared to call him by that name, so slowly, the entire continent also began to call him Liang Wangsun.

Third on the Proclamation of Liberation, Straightforward Liang Wangsun. This title originated from Liang Wangsun’s personality, with the noblest bloodline and greatest innate talent. When the young prince did things, he did things very directly and very bluntly, or in other words, very tyrannically. The emperor’s carriage of the Liang Palace was just too big, unable to travel to the street where the inn was. As a result, it began to tear down houses, tearing its way down from the north of Xunyang City. It really was extremely tyrannical.

With a bang, the buildings opposite the inn collapsed, and great amounts of dust flew into the air.

An extremely luxurious carriage slowly appeared in the clouds of dust.

The carriage was around ten zhang wide and also ten zhang long. It was covered with extremely precious obsidian. It was carved into hundreds of layers of petals by a certain master, and seemed like a lotus seat.

On the two sides of the lotus seat stood a dozen or so docile boys and girls.

On such a big lotus seat sat one person.

The person was extremely handsome, and his black hair was combed extremely thin. His clothes seemed to be simple, but they were actually extremely exquisite, with an air of nobility. His sitting posture was extremely straight in the centre of the lotus seat. His right hand was on his knee and his left hand held a pestle. He leaned forwards slightly, and seemed like a sculpture. His eyes were also sculpture-like, not too angry and only with a cold feeling.

This person was Liang Wangsun.

He directly opened a great door through the myriad estates of Xunyang City.

He came to see the mountain.

And then push down the mountain.

(TL: Play on words. 开门见山 is straightforward but put literally, it is opening a door to see the mountain.)

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