Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 380 - Blaze, My Sword (Part Two)

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Chapter 380 - Blaze, My Sword (Part Two)

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Nora

As a northern tyrant, Lin Pingyuan naturally carried a tyrannical spirit. Even though it was late spring, he wore a great fur cloak. Even though he was someone who had come to kill Su Li, he had even brought a dozen or so of his subordinates, not worrying about information being divulged at all.

“What is a tyrant? A great bully? A bully can only rampage in the villages. A tyrant who can rampage in the entire northern lands should be called a formidable and ruthless person. I thought that I was a formidable and ruthless person.” He looked at Su Li and said, “But a formidable and ruthless person must be shameless. I will not be as stupid as Liang Hongzhuang. I’ve brought my most trusted subordinates and a resolution to kill. I will definitely not be fair, and I will attack from all sides if I need to. If I can put thirty different kinds of poisons in your tea, there will not be a single type lacking. I will dig a pitfall trap as deep as I can.”

If it was normal times, Su Li would not even pay attention to someone like this. However, for some reason today, he instead seemed rather interested and said, “I feel that you’ve brought fewer people.”

Lin Pingyuan laughed, “If Senior was not heavily injured by the demon experts who attacked you from all sides, even if I brought all three thousand people, we would still not be the opponent of a single strike of your sword. But now that Senior is a tiger who has left the mountains and come to the plains, I only need to bring a dozen or so people. Also, the matter today needs to be secret, so it won’t be suitable to bring too many people. If I let the immortals in the Mount Li Sword Sect know I’ve killed you, would I still be able to live?”

Su Li smiled, “Since you’re scared, you’re still willing to kill me?”

Lin Pingyuan said, “The price the others offered is just too great, so I couldn’t help but be tempted and give it a try.”

Su Li sighed with emotion, “No wonder you are a tyrant of the north, no, a formidable and ruthless person of the north. According to how formidable and ruthless people act, after you kill me, you will definitely silence your subordinates.”

Lin Pingyuan boldly waved his hand and said, “Senior doesn’t need to provoke me. These people have committed all sorts of crimes. We may not trust any other person, but we trust each other very much.

Su Li smiled and turned around. He said to Chen Changsheng, “Look, he said it himself that they’ve done all sorts of crimes.”

Chen Changsheng stared at the marks of blood that may have been old or new. After hearing what Su Li said, he gave an interjection of agreement.

Lin Pingyuan looked at him, and a sliver of doubt appeared in his eyes, “Who is this teenager? Perhaps he is a disciple of the Mount Li Sword Sect? Then that might mean I can only invite you to die too.”

Chen Changsheng ignored him and continued to stare at the marks of blood on the floor of the tea house. Although it was not bustling, the tea house still was on the side of the main road, and there was definitely many travelers who passed by every day. Looking at the marks of blood, many people should have already died here in the past few days. The owner of the tea house was definitely dead, but just how many innocent travelers had also died?

There was a breeze from the hill outside the tea house. Outside the window, there was a series of buzzing sounds. He lifted his head up and only saw a densely packed flock of mosquitoes and flies fly about, which he found to be rather disgusting. Although it was late spring, the northern lands were not warm, so where did so many mosquitoes and flies come from? The insects fell again, leaving Chen Changsheng’s gaze and landing in the gutter underneath the window.

There were many corpses piled on top of each other, and the scene was too horrible to endure.

Su Li’s congratulations to him were very reasonable.

The northern tyrant called Lin Pingyuan and the people in the tea house all could be killed.

Xue He came to kill Su Li for the empire, Liang Hongzhuang came to kill Su Li for revenge, but these people came to kill Su Li for profit. They had committed all sorts of crimes, so there was no reason for them to be alive.

Lin Pingyuan stood up where he was and said, “The pitfall couldn’t trap your furry deer, and it seems like the poison in the tea is useless. However, you still walked into this tea house, so I want to know if you can stand against so many of us.”

There were many people in the tea house, and the people were very strong. They had all undergone purification, with four in the Meditation realm and another actually in the Ethereal Opening realm. As for Lin Pingyuan himself, he was an expert at the Star Condensation realm. Chen Changsheng could not use the Intellectual Sword, because even if he could see the weakness of Lin Pingyuan’s Star Domain and defeat him, he would fall unconscious like last time, so what would he do about the other people?

Fortunately, he had just learned a new sword move and could try it out.

Sounds of ‘kill’ suddenly exploded in the tea house. Lin Pingyuan did not care about his so-called tyrant or bully prestige, and commanded his subordinates to kill. Meanwhile, he himself stood behind the group to hold the line, ready to act whenever.

Chen Changsheng stood up and raised his head. His gaze passed through the people with fierce expressions and landed on Lin Pingyuan’s body.

With a clank, the Dragoncry Dagger exited the sheath.

Sword Qi flooded the interior of the tea house. Violent winds arose, and all the tables and chairs were broken into pieces.

A scorching hot Qi enveloped the entire tea house, and a bright ray of light surged from the dagger.

The attacking subordinates saw a blazing dagger. Atop the blazing dagger, countless Golden Crows from the legends seemed to fly out.

With only a moment, the temperature of the room increased rapidly, becoming extremely torrid.

The bloody marks on the ground of the tea house, whether new or old, were all purified.

Light and heat surged from atop the dagger, representing an extremely boundless true essence.

In the group of people, there were consecutive miserable yelps of shock and pain. These yelps were all very short.

Behind his subordinates, Lin Pingyuan’s expression suddenly changed, and became extremely serious.

Chen Changsheng used the Yeshi Step. He suddenly disappeared into nothingness and passed through those bodies that were falling and disintegrating. He arrived in front of Lin Pingyuan and thrust his dagger forwards.

The blazing true essence, the sword move of the Golden Crow, the sword energy of the Burning Heaven Sword and the resoluteness of the final move of the Mount Li Sword Style were all combined into this one strike.

Blazing Sword.

A sword that blazed.

The interior of the tea house became even brighter, as if the Golden Crows that had flown out from above the sword combined together, turning into a sun.

The sun was so dazzling that even Su Li was unable to see what happened inside clearly.

After some time, the wind in the tea house stopped, and the light slowly disappeared.

Chen Changsheng held the dagger in his hand and slowly withdrew it, as if he was withdrawing the torch that burnt the heavens.

With a swish, an extremely deep, bloody hole appeared between Lin Pingyuan’s eyebrows.

There were dead people everywhere in the tea house.

Lin Pingyuan also was about to die.

He stared, looking at Chen Changsheng. His face was filled with disbelief and asked, “Just how are you able to kill me?”

He was an expert in the Star Condensation realm, a tyrant of the northern lands, a formidable and ruthless person that committed all sorts of crime. Just why was he killed by an Ethereal Opening teenager?

“Because you deserve to die,” Chen Changsheng said.

Lin Pingyuan did not understand, and did not need to understand because he was already dead.

He collapsed on the ground, and the remaining sword intent chopped down, turning him into a dozen or so pieces of flesh.

There were no more people in the tea house who could stand, other than Chen Changsheng. The tables and chairs in the tea house were already in pieces. Everything was in pieces. Only the chair under Su Li and the teapot in his hand remained intact.

The tea in the teapot contained a deadly poison, so no one knew why he had lifted the teapot.

Chen Changsheng walked in front of him.

Su Li lifted the teapot, and slowly poured the cold tea onto his body. There was only a hissing sound. As the cold tea came in contact with Chen Changsheng’s face and body, it immediately turned into steam.

Because of the ignition of true essence, Chen Changsheng’s entire body was burning hot. At this moment, it had only decreased slightly in temperature, and his face remained red. There were still remaining, violent embers in his eyes, so he seemed rather scary.

“This sword is too violent… I still can’t withstand it.”

With that, Chen Changsheng collapsed without any signs, just like how he was after defeating Liang Hongzhuang and crossing the mountains.

“Fainted again?”

Su Li looked at him who was on the floor and said angrily, “What if that person comes? Hurry up and wake up.”

Chen Changsheng was already unconscious, so he naturally was unable to answer this question.

In the tea house, there were dead people everywhere, and pieces of flesh everywhere. It was a tragic sight, and the smell of blood attacked at the nose.

Su Li calmed down and slowly closed his eyes. At an unknown time, he had already grasped the handle of the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

Time passed slowly.

The mosquitoes and flies outside the window entered inside.

Whether kind, evil, virtuous or stupid, death was the same to gods and insects.

Su Li opened his eyes and said without an expression, “Get up, looks like he won’t appear.”

Other than the dead people, there was only the unconscious Chen Changsheng in the tea house, so who else could he be speaking to?

Chen Changsheng opened his eyes and, with some difficulty, stood up. He supported Su Li and left the tea house. He summoned the furry deer in the distance and continued their journey to the south.

A while later, a person suddenly climbed out from the pile of corpses in the tea house. The person walked onto the main pathway and looked at the figures of the people and deer in the south. He said nothing, before disappearing once again.

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