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Chapter 366 - Su Li’s Gaze (Part Two)

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Michyrr

Chen Changsheng’s dagger arrived in front of Xue He, but the real sharp sword was Su Li’s gaze.

However, if a Star Condensation expert were to be defeated so easily, why would the Daoist Canon name the Star Domain as one’s own world?

The bright morning light suddenly fluctuated for a moment.

Xue He’s hand extended to his back and pulled out the first blade. Due to the speed of his actions, it even left behind an afterimage, as if there was a second one of him in the morning light.

The sharp, white blade edge fell even faster than the sound, chopping at Chen Changsheng’s head from above.

At this moment, Chen Changsheng was about to pour all his sword energy into his strike, and could not change the direction of the dagger at all, much less block the strike. What could he do?

On the green sorghum-covered ground, there was a hum. A heavy, metal sword appeared out of nowhere, and blocked Xue He’s blade.

Even with Xue He’s level of cultivation, he was unable to chop the metal sword in half.

The metal sword was the Mountain Sea Sword.

Xue He had no expression. The afterimage appeared again, and with unimaginable speed, he pulled out a second blade from behind him, chopping down again.

His actions were just too quick. When the second blade fell, the Mountain Sea Sword had only just met the first blade. According to Chen Changsheng’s level of cultivation and strength, he was unable to follow such great speeds at all, because cultivators of the Ethereal Opening realm could not have such quick striking speeds. However, the way he struck was just different from other people. When he struck out, he did not need a movement in the wrist, in his fingers, nor any movements at all. He only needed the slight control of spiritual sense, and a sword would fly out of his sheath, into the world, blocking the blade in Xue He’s hand.

The second sword was the South Stream Temple’s Holy Maiden Sword.

Xue He’s pupils restricted slightly, obviously being surprised by the two famous swords that Chen Changsheng had produced out of nowhere. However, the speed of his hand did not decrease at all, and another afterimage appeared in the morning light with a third sword.

Almost at the same time the third blade fell, Chen Changsheng summoned the third sword.

Only a true powerful sword, a sword that was preserved relatively well, could block the powerful blade of Divine General Xue He. As a result, the third sword was the Demon Commander’s Banner Sword.

Everything happened too quickly, only occurring in a moment.

The morning light flashed slightly, and another afterimage appeared. It was like Xue He had turned into six people, drawing six blades, chopping at Chen Changsheng’s head from above. It seemed as though Chen Changsheng was just in front of him, silent and unmoving, but with six swords appearing out of nowhere, blocking in front of him.

Only now did continuous sounds of collision appear, as if it was a series of thunder rumbling in spring, blooming in the green fields.

Xue He’s blade was too quick. With only his strength, it would have been impossible for Chen Changsheng to receive all of it. It was just that Xue He probably did not think that the teenager would actually have such weird methods—just what were these swords? However, that was not the end. Xue He’s six afterimages disappeared at the same time, returning to the main body. The strike that he had sent at Su Li actually turned and flew over, chopping at Chen Changsheng’s neck.

This was his first strike, also his last strike. It was the true strike.

When the strike fell, the seven blades formed a perfect world again. His Blade Domain was completed once again, and the holes that had once existed completely disappeared.

Between his strikes, Xue He’s gaze was very cold, as if it was asking Chen Changsheng whether he still had more swords. The seven blades created a terrifying blade energy, crushing Chen Changsheng to the point where breathing had become extremely difficult. His constant thoughts also seemed to slow down, otherwise he probably would have thought, I even have to tell you the fact that I have ten thousand swords? It was just that at this moment, even if he had all of the ten thousand swords, it was pointless, because Xue He’s Blade Domain was there again. His dagger was unable to break through it, unable to be thrust into the opponent’s body. The difference in cultivation was just too hard to make up for.

Fortunately, Su Li was still behind him. Looking at Xue He, his gaze was like a sword that had been washed in the water of autumn

His gaze rested on Xue He’s rib as he declared, “Celestial Storehouse.”

The dagger in Chen Changsheng’s hand went to where he said.

Xue He’s expression was slightly afraid. He had used subtle and clever methods to recreate the Blade Domain, but somehow Su Li could still tell with a glance, and find the only weakness it had.

However, he was not worried because Su Li was already injured and could only make sounds , not attack. As an expert at the Star Condensation Realm, with his armor, the Ethereal Opening teenager would not be able to strike through. As a result, he did not think deeply, and decided to quickly end the battle. He no longer paid attention to Chen Changsheng’s swords—if this battle where the weak had defeated the strong was analyzed afterwards, other than Su Li’s gaze and Chen Changsheng’s strength and mental state that far exceeded his age, the most important reason was that Xue He made a fatal mistake at the most important moment.

He did not think that the seemingly ordinary dagger in Chen Changsheng’s hand was actually one of the sharpest daggers in the world. After the baptism of wind and rain in the Garden of Zhou, the dagger contained the sword intent of the Dragoncry Sword. It had its own sword spirit, and inherited Chen Xuanba’s extremely brave death wish from countless years ago. It actually had the strength to surpass cultivation realms.

With a soft squelch, the dagger in Chen Changsheng’s hand pierced through Xue He’s bright armor. It broke through his body that was tough like metal and stone from Purification, and continued to advance like a violent wind, as if it was going to destroy everything before the edge of the dagger.

An angry roar of shock and pain resounded.

Xue He had never imagined that his temporary negligence would allow the Ethereal Opening teenager to succeed in placing him in such a dangerous position. All of the true essence in his body surged violently.

It was difficult for Chen Changsheng’s dagger to advance. Xue He had used his entire cultivation, condensing the Star Domain before his chest, forcefully using the true essence to stop the dagger. The blade in his hand continued to chop at Chen Changsheng’s neck. Not to mention that it was difficult for Chen Changsheng’s dagger to continue deeper, even if it could, it would only heavily injure Xue He at most, while the blade would definitely land on his head.

Just like this.

Chen Changsheng knew that he had lost.

He had never imagined that a Star Condensation expert actually could explode forth with such terrifying battle prowess, actually able to turn true essence into something that was seemingly tangible.

For him to cultivate to Ethereal Opening at his age, he was already considered an exceptional genius. However, before a Star Condensation expert, he still seemed unable to withstand even a single blow, even with Su Li’s guidance, even though he had already displayed exceeding strength him. Losing to Xue He was actually a very logical matter. But, why did he feel slightly unwilling? Why was he unwilling to die, or in other words, unwilling to immediately die, and still be unable to properly wound Xue He? Chen Changsheng did not think like that. He knew he could injure Xue He, so he continued to attack, ignoring the fact that he could die in the next moment.

In battles between cultivators, scenes where the sword energy temporarily changed in the end rarely occurred, because it was betraying one’s general idea of cultivation and philosophies of cultivation, unless it was before the strike, as the changes were already hidden in the sword move beforehand. Such a sword move was very rarely seen. In the recent years, the most well-known sword move like that was called the Burning Heaven Sword.

The Burning Heaven Sword was a Mount Li Sword Technique, a secret move created by Su Li himself. Just by its wondrous nature, it was even above the Secret Sword of the Golden Crow.

What Chen Changsheng used was the Burning Heaven Sword. He knew this type of sword move, and had used it in the Grand Examination before, except he used the fist instead of the sword at that time. As for right now, it was truly the first time he had used this sword move.

Chen Changsheng’s dagger flicked upwards in an incomprehensible fashion, and drew a line that seemed completely natural on Xue He’s bright armor, cracking the armor as it went.

The wilderness that was like it had been set on fire by lightning spat flames at the sky.

An extremely clear swish resounded.

A stream of fresh blood poured out, and Xue He’s left arm was chopped off, sent flying in the sky.

Almost at the same time, Xue He’s blade landed on Chen Changsheng’s neck.

A huge thunderous explosion reverberated, and the flames in the wilderness were completely extinguished.

Chen Changsheng’s knees landed heavily on the ground before the carriage, and the ground trembled, causing dust to fly into the air.

Only at this moment did the Mountain Sea Sword and the other five swords in horrible conditions fall out of the sky. With a sound, they landed beside him.

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