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Chapter 352 - The God and Human by the Hot Spring

Translated by: Pipipingu

Edited by: Michyrr


Perhaps because of his heavy injuries, or because he had bathed in the hot spring, Su Li’s face was slightly swollen. His eyes were tightly closed, and his heroic spirit dispersed. The sharp sword glow that had always made Chen Changsheng unable to directly stare at him disappeared somewhere, and he seemed like an ordinary person.

Just at that moment, the spiritual soul of the Black Dragon left the dagger, and returned to the jade ruyi that was tied to his wrist. It turned into a black dragon that seemed real and flew to Chen Changsheng’s shoulder. It looked at the surrounding snowy mountains and said blankly, “Where is this place? Have we left the Garden of Zhou?”

Chen Changsheng shook his head, “I also don’t know what happened. As soon as I came out, I was met with such a great situation.”

When the Black Dragon was in the dagger, it could only sense the outside world through Chen Changsheng’s spiritual sense, so it did not know what had happened. It was confused and asked, “What situation?”

“The Yellow Paper Umbrella was taken by the senior, and was actually a sword… of course, that’s not important. Before on the snowy plains, the demon man that was wrapped in black robes may have been the demon Military Advisor from the rumors. And the dozen or so Demon Generals were each as strong as Teng Xiaoming and Liu Wan’er. And the shadow, I really suspect that it was the Demon Lord.”

Chen Changsheng gave a simple description of the situation on the snowy plains. Hearing it, the Black Dragon was shocked speechless. Not to mention that it was currently a weak spiritual soul, even if it had returned to its real body—the Black Frost Dragon that was under the New North Bridge—meeting great figures at the level of Black Robe and the Demon Lord meant only death.

It looked towards the sleeping, middle-aged man by the hot spring and asked, “Then who is this human? Actually able to live, and escape with you?”

Chen Changsheng said, “He is the Junior Martial Uncle of Mount Li, Su Li.”

Hearing the name, the body of the Black Dragon began to tremble. It gave out a clear cry, and the jade ruyi seemed like it was about to shatter.

Chen Changsheng was confused and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The Black Dragon looked at Su Li, and its bewitching, vertical pupils retracted slightly. It seemed extremely afraid and said, “He is very strong.”

Chen Changsheng thought about the snowy plains. When Su Li’s hand landed on the sword hilt, it killed a Demon General. When half of the sword left the sheath, it heavily injured Black Robe. He thought that although the way the senior did things was rather wretched and absurd, his level in the path of the sword and his level of cultivation were indeed extremely great. It was just that the Black Dragon also was an extremely prideful, overbearing and divine existence, so why did it become so scared after hearing his name?

“I have never seen him, but I know he… had killed many dragons.”

The Black Dragon looked at the Yellow Paper Umbrella in Su Li’s hands, and became a spiritual soul again with any hesitation. It hid itself in the dagger, and no matter how Chen Changsheng called for it, it was unwilling to come out.

Chen Changsheng was very confused, and felt rather helpless. He looked at Su Li, and discovered that even though he was deep asleep, the senior continued to grasp the Yellow Paper Umbrella tightly, unwilling to let go.

Afterwards, he thought about what Su Li had said before he fell asleep. He did not know the current situation of the Garden of Zhou, whether the people had escaped properly. He did not know whether Zhexiu and Qi Jian were still alive, or if the Mount Li Sword Sect disciple Liang Xiaoxiao who had betrayed the humans and worked with the demons was dead or alive. Also… how was she right now? Was she fine?

He worried very much about it, and was also very impatient about it. He wanted to quickly return to Hanqiu City or the capital, and confirm how the people he cared for were. At the same time, he wanted to tell the people that cared for him that he was safe and sound without any problems. Otherwise… once Luoluo learned about what happened in the Garden of Zhou, just how worried would she be?

However, how could he leave right now?

Hearing that snoring that was like thunder, he shook his head rather helplessly. He squatted down next to Su Li, and began to observe his injuries—no matter how impatient he was to leave, he could not just leave the senior behind. Even though he was also very tired, and all his true essence had already been consumed, he still needed to continue enduring it, because the senior was obviously dying.

Su Li’s clothes were in tatters. The injuries and sword intent that had burst forth before revealed his body. He was covered in injuries, injuries that were left by the burning of extremely pure energy. Burns were Chen Changsheng’s specialty in his medical expertise, and he was very experienced. However, for a moment, he still did not know how to treat them.

Also, he currently did not have any medicine or medical equipment, not even a cloth to wrap the wounds. The only thing he could use was the golden needle that was wrapped around his finger.

The golden needle passed through the thick mist and was about to pierce into Su Li’s neck. It penetrated his skin slowly but firmly.

What comforted Chen Changsheng slightly was that not long after he used the needle, Su Li woke up. It seemed the cultivation level of the senior indeed was different from normal cultivators, and such heavy injuries did not mean anything to him. If this was the case, perhaps they could leave soon...

Su Li glanced at him. His expression was cold, and it was indifferent and alienating, like a stranger. Chen Changsheng could accept this; he and the senior were originally strangers. It was just that the condescension in the depths of his pupils gave the feeling of a god looking at an ant, which still made him rather uncomfortable.

In the next moment, Su Li’s cold and alienating expression slowly disappeared. Perhaps it was because Chen Changsheng had not left while he was asleep, and wanted to think of an idea to treat him. It made him rather satisfied.

“Who are you?” he looked at Chen Changsheng and said.

Before he fell asleep, Su Li had asked it many times: ‘Who am I?’ He obviously knew the answer, and only wanted to use the question to make Chen Changsheng judge that he was arrogant: ‘I am a peerless expert, how can I have problems?’ This was the first time he had thought of asking for the name of the teenager.

Chen Changsheng thought about it, and decided to reply honestly. However, before he had said anything, Su Li followed, “Who you are is not important. What I want to say is that although the sword is mine without saying, since you delivered it to me, I have decided to pass a sword technique to you to express my gratitude.”

Su Li stood up and looked at the Yellow Paper Umbrella. Chen Changsheng did not know what he was thinking about.

Chen Changsheng stood up behind him, and seemed rather hesitant.

Su Li did not turn around, and he said coldly, “You don’t need to shed tears of gratitude, nor do you need to tell me what sect or school you come from. Don’t try to get a connection with me and try to get even more benefits.”

The moment he finished speaking, Chen Changsheng said without hesitating, “Orthodox Academy, Chen Changsheng.”

He knew about the relationship of the Orthodox Academy and the Mount Li Sword Sect very clearly, or to be more exact, his relationship with the Mount Li Sword Sect was not that great. It could even be called extremely terrible. However, he did not want to lie, but the way the senior from Mount Li did things made him rather unhappy. As a result, he said it, and even said it extremely loudly.

It was slightly cold in the snowy mountains, and extremely quiet by the hot springs.

Su Li stood on the rock by the springs and said expressionlessly, “I give you one more chance.”

Chen Changsheng looked at his back, and felt slightly cold. However, he received energy from somewhere, which made him say it again, “Orthodox Academy, Chen Changsheng.”

This time, his voice was even louder, but his tone was much calmer.

Su Li slowly turned around and stared into his eyes as if from high above. He said, “Looks like you are a person who does not value his opportunities.”

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