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Chapter 339 - Fusing as One

A golden dragon appeared in the night sky. A dragon roar burst through the night sky. A dragon breath crushed the entire grassland flat.

Countless monsters lay on the ground submissively, trembling but not daring to move. Even the strongest and proudest Mountain-toppling Fiend was as such. Any of the monsters that attempted to raise their heads and look were turned into a smear of blood in the next moment. As for the dragon serpents that were fortunate enough to survive the battle, they spasmed across their body, as if they would commit suicide by twisting themselves into segments to express devotion.

This was because it was a dragon. It was an existence that was greater than the Golden-winged Great Peng. It was an existence at the apex, that approached godhood.

The two sacred flames in the eyes of the Golden-winged Great Peng remained violent and abnormally solitary. It looked at the Golden Dragon that flew from the mausoleum and exploded with a powerful intent to battle. In its eyes appeared a defiance of the dazzling light. Its life was given for challenging the authority of dragons and phoenixes, so how could it be afraid of the pressure from the golden dragon? Also… for ten thousand swords to form a dragon, was it really a true dragon?

With a brutal whoosh that sliced through the sky, the Golden-Winged Great Peng pierced through the sky towards the mausoleum. The sky across the entire grassland had been shaken to the point that it slightly distorted. With its two claws extended, several dozens of li of the ground of the grassland seemed to have been picked up by it. It wanted to use the two claws that ripped through the sky and earth to pierce the head of the golden dragon.

The Golden Dragon formed by the ten thousand swords rushed through the sky. The eyes of the dragon were indifferent. They were prideful and cold. The dragon whiskers danced, shattering the lightning high up in the sky into countless pieces. It had an extreme, unrivalled pressure and light, but what was very mystical was that the dragon breath actually contained an extremely frigid coldness. With just a moment, it began to snow heavily around the surroundings of the mausoleum.

In that moment, the sacred flames in the Gold-winged Great Peng’s eyes suddenly began to flicker, because of the extremely frigid coldness from the dragon breath. However, it was also because it had suddenly discovered a shocking truth—the dragon formed from the ten thousand swords was actually a true dragon, and even more frighteningly, the dragon actually contained two dragon auras, the Golden Dragon and the Black Frost Dragon. They were the two strongest, proudest, most sacred huge dragons, and at the same time, they were the two existences least able to coexist amongst the dragon race. They had actually perfectly fused as one in the sword dragon.

At this moment, the dragon formed from the ten thousand swords was actually even stronger than the Golden Dragon and the Black Frost Dragon.

The Golden Dragon and the Golden-winged Great Peng met at an high altitude, in the snow storm.

An angry and unwilling sound of lament and a roar that carried some pain resounded in the sky.

The right claw of the Gold-winged Great Peng was immediately crushed. A rift was forcefully cut into the huge shadow cast into the sky by the dragon formed from the ten thousand swords.

An extremely terrifying wound was also ripped open by the claws of the great peng on the body of the golden dragon.

The countless rays of light swayed restlessly. Fresh blood flowed violently out of the Golden-winged Great Peng, which transformed into golden nectar that burned violently as it fell on the grassland. It burned thousands of monsters to death, and closely afterwards, it transformed into great gusts of wind, wreaking havoc everywhere. It lifted up a massive amount of soil.

The snowstorm and the streaking fire danced and interwove violently between the sky and the earth.

The Golden Dragon roared, and continue to rush at the Golden-winged Great Peng. Its mouth was wide open, as if it could swallow the whole world.


A golden light flashed in the sky, and the color of the night suddenly disappeared.

The grassland in front of the mausoleum collapsed. It formed an area with a perimeter of several dozen li, and was one thousand feet in depth.

Countless monsters died within it.

Grass and rocks shattered.

Even the few boulders at the highest point in the mausoleum fell. With a rumble that was like thunder, they rolled into the grassland. From everywhere came the sounds of the ripping of airflow, the creaking of the space barely holding up, the violent clashing of divine auras, and the miserable howls of monsters. This lasted until the final, violent dragon roar.

The dragon roar was so clear and distant that it seemed to originate from the ancient times, but it also seemed to be extremely new. It was incomparably prideful and overbearing.

The dragon formed from the ten thousand swords swallowed the world, and ate the Golden-winged Great Peng.

After an unknown amount of time, the snowstorm slowly subsided, and snowflakes fell slowly. The violent and confusing sounds also slowly disappeared, and the grassland finally recovered some peace.  The tens of thousands of monsters that survived raised their heads with fear and worry. They only saw that the sky was completely clear. Although there was falling snow, there were no clouds for the snow. The shadow that had covered the sky for a very long time had also disappeared from sight.

A very small black dot drifted down from high altitude, like a leaf. Only after a very long time did the black dot hit the ground. It gave off a very soft plop, and was extremely hard to detect when compared to the violent sounds from the great battle before.

The thing that fell from the sky was Nanke. She landed heavily on the ground, and spat out a lot of fresh blood. The area where she landed was directly in front of the mausoleum, at the start of the divine path.

Chen Changsheng looked at her. It was not done purposely, but it was naturally looking at her from above.

He knew that after defeating the Golden-winged Great Peng, the ten thousand swords were extremely beaten and in a bad condition, but there were always a few matters that needed to be finished.

He raised his arm, and pointed at Nanke on the divine path below. He said a few words silently in his heart.

The sky above the mausoleum suddenly began to glow bright again. With the dagger as the lead, the ten thousand swords twisted downwards, and were thrust towards Nanke.

It was still a dragon, but its color was slightly duller than before.

The Demon General couple stood in front of Nanke. They looked at each other, and saw the apology and determination in each other’s eyes. Actually, when the Sword Pool had appeared before, when the ten thousand swords hovered around Chen Changsheng, they had already glanced at each other in the eyes. At that time, there was only apology and determination in their eyes. At that moment, they already vaguely knew that the Military Advisor's plan for the Garden of Zhou had completely failed. No matter how the Military Advisor calculated, no matter how strong Nanke was, or if there were any hidden strategies, they were all unable to handle the endless fortuitous encounters of this human teenager.

An existence that could not be fought. This was fate.

They felt that Chen Changsheng’s fate was too good.

The reason why they had determination in their eyes was that at this moment, they needed to break through. Only by returning to their true strength could they obtain a chance. However, in the Garden of Zhou, once they regained their level of cultivation, it would mean death.

The ten thousand swords that formed a dragon arrived on the ground from the sky.

They stood in front of Nanke, and their Qi suddenly increased. It immediately became extremely terrifying, like a true mountain peak.

This was the strength of the peak level of the Star Condensation realm, although it was not called such in Xuelao City.

Black armor covered their body. From this moment, they were no longer an ordinary, middle-aged couple. They were no longer Teng Xiaoming and Liu Wan’er, but the twenty-third and twenty-fourth Demon Generals.

The ten thousand swords had arrived, and chopped at Nanke.

The Demon General couple stood in front of Nanke.

The dragon head breathed dragon breath, which brought an endless light.

In the light, nothing could be seen. Only sounds could be heard.

There were countless, concentrated screeches. They were the sounds of the swords grinding and cutting into the armor, the metal pole and the metal pot.

The so-called dragon breath was the edge of the sword.

After an unknown amount of time, the Golden Dragon gave out a long roar that carried an almost unknown meaning. It had completed its attack, and turned around to return to the mausoleum.

Teng Xiaoming and Liu Wan’er stood in front of Nanke and looked at each other quietly.

Their black armor was already broken, and their bodies which were tough like stone were covered in sword wounds.

Tang Xiaoming looked at her, and said serenely, “Sorry, I won’t be able to go back to your homeland to farm and see the sun set.”

Liu Wan’er said, “I should be the one apologizing. If it wasn’t me who had to want to go home, then we should still be at the front line at the moment, and we wouldn’t be killed by a dragon for some reason.”

Teng Xiaoming did not say anything.

Liu Wan’er said, “The sunset at the hometown is much better looking than the sun here. But after looking at it too much, anyone will get tired of it.”

Teng Xiaoming said, “Yes, the scene where the ten thousand swords formed the dragon earlier was very nice.”

As soon as they finished talking, several streaks of lightning descended from the sky.

To help Nanke block the violent blow of the dragon formed from the ten thousand swords, the Demon General couple simultaneously raised their cultivations to the peak level of Star Condensation. The rules of the Garden of Zhou sensed it, and naturally it began its attack. They did not avoid it, because they were already dead. In order to block the dragon, they had used the Great Art of Body Release. They were destined to die.

The lightning fell senselessly and without stopping.

The ten thousand swords returned to the mausoleum. In the streak of light, Chen Changsheng extended his hand and grasped the dagger.

However, the ten thousand swords did not disperse. They continued to surge towards him, as if bent on killing him.

The countless swords whistled as they arrived.

He subconsciously closed his eyes.

In the next moment, the whistling of the swords disappeared, and silence descended.

He opened his eyes again, and the ten thousand swords had already disappeared.

Only the dagger remained in his hand.

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