Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 334 - The Swords Flying In The Grassland Were Like Mount Li

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Chapter 334 - The Swords Flying in the Grassland were like Mount Li

All of the swords were in consensus, including the sword that was in the air in front of the main entrance of the mausoleum. It was the sword that flew the highest, glowed the brightest to the point that it was blinding, and was at the same time the proudest. It also did not disagree. However, the sword trembled slightly and resonated and seemed slightly in disdain towards the sword intent that entered it, ignoring its origin completely.

Now, the Mount Li sword intent already connected to the ten thousand swords. What he needed to do was to let the ten thousand swords use sword moves through the sword intent, and the move used obviously should have been from the Mount Li Sword Style—because of his engagement with Xu Yourong and the many matters that happened in the capital, between the Orthodox Academy and the Mount Li Sword Sect, between him and the Divine State’s Seven Laws that was represented by Qiushan Jun, there was an almost irresolvable hatred. However, interestingly, what he knew the most was the Mount Li Sword Style.

It was because the secrets of the Mount Li Sword Style had always been with him, and also because, ever since he started cultivating, all of the genius opponents he fought against came from Mount Li.

The Mount Li Sword Sect was the sword of the main mountain of the southern sects. They cultivated in the path of the sword every generation, and it was unknown as to how many sword styles they had created since the ancient times. There were over thirty thousand moves that were eligible of entering the secrets of the Mount Li Sword Style, and they had all been firmly remembered by him. Of course, it was impossible for him to use a short year to completely grasp all of the sword intents that were needed in all the different sword moves, but right now, with the help of the Mount Li sword intent in the Yellow Paper Umbrella, he did not have any difficulties in using the Mount Li Sword Style. The greatest problem was still his spiritual sense.

Just how many times could he split his spiritual sense? Just how many swords could he control to use the Mount Li Sword Style?

In the initial sunny sky right after the rain, Nanke’s eyes were closed. Her small face was pale, and her black hair danced. The Soul Wood glowed brightly, and she commanded the monsters to attack the mausoleum. At the same time, she prepared for a final strike. Looking at her and the black sea formed by the monster tide behind her, as well as the two terrifying and huge monsters that were like mountains, Chen Changsheng also closed his eyes.

There were over thirty thousand sword moves in the secrets of the Mount Li Sword Style. At an unimaginable speed, they all transformed into images that seemed real and rushed past him in his sea of consciousness without end.

In the surroundings of the mausoleum, there was a series of quiet grinding sounds. Afterwards, vague squeaking sounds could be heard, sometimes from the east and sometimes from the west. They travelled several li in a moment, making it completely impossible to clearly locate where they came from. Naturally, it was even more impossible to attack. The treacherous and huge Earth Monkey arrived.

Chen Changsheng kept his eyes closed and then suddenly raised his right arm, pointing at a certain direction in front of the divine path.

As he pointed, a concentrated yet extremely sharp series of swords resonated in the air before the mausoleum.

A hundred swords pierced through the sky.

By the willow leaves, through the eighteen twists of the mountain path and before the ravine of Horse Mountain.

The sword moves were all the Mountain Gate Style of the Mount Li Sword Sect.

From the first move to the last move, the hundred swords all performed one hundred moves.

This was equal to one hundred Mount Li Sword Sect disciples performing sword moves at the same time.

Logically, it was impossible for Chen Changsheng to be so plentiful in true essence. However, it cannot be forgotten that these swords were currently burning their own lives. This was their final battle. With his current level of cultivation and the extremely powerful Heaven Shrouding Sword intent, the power that the one hundred swords burst forth with could not be compared to the moves performed by normal Mount Li Sword Sect disciples. Instead, it was at the level of inner sect disciples, or even the Divine State’s Seven Laws.

One hundred Liang Banhus, one hundred Qi Jians, or even one hundred Guan Feibais performing sword moves at the same time. Just how powerful would this be?

Even if it was an expert at peak Star Condensation realm, he would be unable to receive the sword ray head-on. What about upper level Star Condensation realm monsters?

The sword rays crisscrossed before the divine path and rushed forth swiftly and fiercely, completely purging the front portion of the divine path. A mountain gate formed by sword rays stood before the divine path in a grand fashion. The mountain gate stood towering and grandiose, solemn and sacred, as if it came from Mount Li.

A roar of anger and frustration reverberated from underground, and closely following it, the ground opened up. The Earth Monkey transformed into a streak trailing a strand of black blood and rushed towards the outer area of the mausoleum for dear life. It was actually heavily injured with one strike.

The one hundred swords did not chase and instead slowly bobbed up and down in the air in front of the divine path.

The mountain gate became misty, as if it was in the clouds.

With the clouds, it seemed moist. The dark clouds that were sliced by the sword intents, in accordance with natural laws, slowly began to draw together once more. It began to rain once again, only that it was lighter by a lot.

Nanke’s eyes remained closed, and the drizzle drenched her pale face.

The zither-playing old man fell on the divine path, covered in blood. He was already dead. Ning Qiu had fainted, and so had Hua Cui. Only the powerful Demon General couple remained standing. They held onto the bent metal pole and the metal pot with the broken bottom and stood under Nanke, protecting her.

Looking at the mountain gate formed by the one hundred swords, the expressions of the couple both became serious—with one hundred swords acting simultaneously, terrifying monsters at the upper level of Star Condensation were immediately injured, so it was needless to mention the two of them with their suppressed cultivation level at the upper realm of Ethereal Opening. Even if they could recover their powerful battle capabilities from outside the Garden of Zhou, could they receive the violent attacks from the swords?

What caused them to be most shocked and confused was why Chen Changsheng’s spiritual sense had reached such a level; that he was actually able to split it into one hundred portions and use one hundred swords to perform one hundred sword moves.

In the continent, had something like this ever occurred before?

The Soul Wood before Nanke grew brighter and brighter, and the shadow in the sky dropped lower and lower, almost reaching right above her.

The monster tide with the semblance of a black ocean finally arrived in the surroundings of the mausoleum. It spread out and then rushed forwards, beginning its attacks. Countless monsters leapt onto the great stones of the mausoleum while howling and roaring, quickly climbing upwards. In a very short amount of time, the lower half of the mausoleum was swallowed by the monster tide, becoming a mess. The monsters that were pressed together surged incessantly, and it seemed slightly disgusting.

The mausoleum was just too huge, and there were just too many monsters. They were everywhere. The one hundred swords on the divine path chopped and killed continually, like a true mountain gate, but they were not able to stop the power of the monster tide’s advance. Chen Changsheng needed even more swords. The swords hovered in the sky above the mausoleum.

Standing on the edge of the stone platform, his complexion turned slightly pale. He tightly closed his two eyes, causing his eyelashes to tremble slightly.

Countless moves of the Mount Li Sword Style constantly flashed through his sea of consciousness. His spiritual sense and the sword intent landed on all of the swords through the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

Ten thousand spiritual senses; ten thousand swords.

Ten thousand sword rays; ten thousand swishes.

Countless swift but fierce sword swishes echoed in the surroundings of the mausoleum and immediately overtook the roars of the brutal monsters, claiming the entire Plains of the Unsetting Sun.

Countless swords flew through the air, flying and killing the monster tide.

The drizzle could not cover up the setting sun at the edge of the grassland. The red light from the ball of light that did not seem to have any temperature landed on the swords.

The swords were as if they had been set ablaze. The swords flew around the surroundings of the mausoleum, travelling through the sky like golden crows.

Golden Crow Returns to Mount Li.

This was a sword move.

An extremely powerful sword move.

Swish swish swish swish!

Countless concentrated sounds of slicing resonated. The several hundreds of monsters in the southwest of the mausoleum were sliced into pieces by the golden sword rain.

Several dozen swords dispersed in the northern skies of the mausoleum. The sword energy brought out a tail that seemed like flowers blooming at a crazy rate.

Many Flowers like Embroidery.

This was also a sword move.

On the ground of the grassland, countless deep sword slashes appeared instantly.

The ten or so dragon serpents that surged towards the mausoleum were cut into pieces, and the pieces of flesh constantly twitched in the blood.

There were even more countless swords that flew through the sky violently, clashing with the sharp claws and teeth of the monsters.

The fresh blood of the monsters and the glow of the swords mixed and dyed the world.

Under the remaining light of the setting sun, in the light drizzle, the swords resonated above the sea of grass.

The mausoleum was like a huge fishing boat.

Three Chants of the Fisherman’s Song.

It was still a sword move of Mount Li.

Chen Changsheng’s face turned paler and paler, and the trembling of his body became stronger and stronger.

However, he grasped the Yellow Paper Umbrella and stood in the drizzle without falling over in the end. As a result, the swords continued to fight.

Hundreds of swords arrived before the Mountain-toppling Fiend that was like a mountain.

The Mountain-toppling Fiend gave out an angry roar, and the stone pillar in his hand smashed towards the rain of swords with unbelievable power.

An explosive resonance reverberated through the grassland.

The rain of swords fell apart for a second before reforming once again, flying to kill the Mountain-toppling Fiend.

Mountain Spirit Splits the Cliff.

Pulling Stars Across the Day.

Dew Droplet Falls from the Wutong Leaf.

These were the three moves that were used successively in the battle between Qi Jian and Tang Thirty-Six under Gou Hanshi’s guidance at the Ivy Festival in a previous instance.

Today, it had been used by Chen Changsheng to handle this terrifying monster.

On the body of the Mountain-toppling Fiend that stood like a mountain, several hundreds of clear sword slashes appeared.

Seeing this scene and seeing the countless scenes of gore around the mausoleum, the solemn expression on the couple, Teng Xiaoming and Liu Wan’er, had already disappeared, leaving only pale complexions behind. It was unknown how many experts of the human army they had seen on the snowy plains, and no matter how shocking the scenes had been, they had seen it all. They also saw too many magical things today before the mausoleum.

However, at this moment, they remained so shocked that they were speechless.

Teng Xiaoming’s expression revealed some perplexity. He looked at Chen Changsheng who was in the rain and mumbled, “How is this possible?”

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