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Chapter 330 - Old Swords and the Teenager (Part Two)

Swords flew out from all over the grassland without end and arrived in the rainy sky before the mausoleum.

Over ten swords floated around Chen Changsheng.

Countless Qis arrived in an earth-shaking manner. However, no matter if it was Teng Xiaoming’s overbearing demon techniques or Nanke’s burning true blood, he only needed to extend his hand and grasp a sword, breaking everything in his way with a swing.

Hua Cui and Ning Qiu looked at this scene. Their faces were pale, and they felt their two legs go slightly soft, nearly rendered unable to stand anymore.

Some of the swords were long and some were short. Some were wide and some were thin. Some were very overbearing, and some were very low-profile. Some glowed with sacred light, and some emanated demonic Qi. However, they all had one special aspect. These swords… were all very well known.

The Mountain Sea Sword, the Holy Maiden Sword; the Yue Maiden Sword, the Autumn Water Sword; the Jade Lake Sword, the Ten Feet Eight God Sword; the Demon Commander’s Banner Sword, the Dragoncry Sword… after hundreds of years, these exceptional, well-renowned swords that had disappeared for a very long time finally appeared for all to see once again.

At present, the swords hovered silently in the rain.

Chen Changsheng stood in the rain, surrounded by the swords.

In the end, time was still the greatest magical artifact. The swords that were once renowned had already fallen into a horrible condition. The one maintained the best was the temple sword of the South Stream Temple followed by the Mountain Sea Sword. The remaining swords were more or less in a rather dreadful state. Some of the swords had the soil of the grassland on them. When the soil was slowly washed away by the rain, it revealed rust marks. They were no longer as elegant as they were before, causing people to feel sorrow.

However, in the torrential rain, the swords still exuded their cold, proud Qi.

Nanke was unable to understand and even more-so unable to accept it. Just why would these exceptional swords that were once proud without equal obey Chen Changsheng’s will? No matter how she thought about it, she was unable to find an answer.Chen Changsheng did not even know himself. He only knew that the once exceptional swords wanted to leave the Garden of Zhou. However, for the past centuries, there were many human and demon cultivators that had entered the Plains of the Unsetting Sun, so just why did these swords choose him?

The most important reason was the sword intent currently in the Yellow Paper Umbrella.

The sword intent separated from the body of the sword hundreds of years ago, and from that day onwards, it became the only sword spirit that had freedom. It represented the renowned swords that were unable to leave the Sword Pool and released its Qi to the outside of the plains incessantly.

Chen Changsheng held the Yellow Paper Umbrella, so he could clearly feel the sword intent.

When he let the sword intent enter the Yellow Paper Umbrella, it meant the return of an old friend that had once left the Sword Pool. He proved his capacity to the proud, renowned swords. However, this was not enough. These swords were already unused for many years, and their great ambitions had already slowly dwindled away. If they did not have enough certainty in leaving, they would have rather continued to sleep at the bottom of the Sword Pool. At least, they could last for slightly longer, otherwise, if they rose vigorously on their remaining sword intent for a battle and did not succeed, it was extremely possible for the sword to break and their intent to perish.

Chen Changsheng needed to prove that he had enough perseverance and power to take them out of the Garden of Zhou.

The former was not a problem. He was a teenager in the middle of his youth, and his eyes were full of the thirst for freedom and life.  Originally, the latter was a great problem, but when the Black Dragon’s spiritual soul began to sleep in his body, it was no longer an issue.

The jade ruyi that held the Black Dragon’s spiritual soul was currently tied to his wrist, glistening as the rain washed over its surface. It grew brighter and brighter.

The jade ruyi was a magical artifact that the Tianhai Divine Empress carried by her side, so it possessed her powerful Qi.

Chen Changsheng’s perseverance and kindness, as well as this powerful Qi, were spread widely across the entire grassland through the sword intent and the Yellow Paper Umbrella like a signal. Although the exceptional, renowned swords were in a horrible condition, their sword intent still remained. They had seen countless experts with their masters, and they had seen and experienced an unimaginable amount of things. However, when they felt the powerful Qi from the jade ruyi, they were all startled to their core. Even if Zhou Dufu was still alive, the owner of this powerful Qi could still take them out of the Garden of Zhou. Why would they not oblige at this point?

As a result, they travelled through the rain and wind and arrived by Chen Changsheng’s side.

However, where exactly were these swords located previously? Just where was the Sword Pool?

The rain that pelted the old and renowned swords also ran down Nanke’s small face in rivulets.

Her face turned paler and paler and took on a snow-like hue akin to the temple sword. The flames in her eyes were slowly extinguished, but there still was no fear to be seen—her shock and anger were an interplay of her respect to the histories these swords represented and her disdain for Chen Changsheng. Moreover, the interaction between the two made her feel mortified, which led to a strong emotional response and nothing more.

Looking at the dozen or so swords that floated silently by Chen Changsheng in the rainy sky, she stayed silent for a while and then said, “You all were once the defeated by the Halving Blade. Perhaps you want to revolt today?”

The swords could not understand what she said and continued to float silently in the rain. Cold rain dripped from the miserable broken edge of the Demon Commander’s Banner Sword, falling onto the flat portion of the upper half of the Mountain Sea Sword. It did not respond to her.

Nanke raised the Soul Wood in her hand. The color of the Soul Wood after being wet by the rain took on a darker shade by the minute.

The monster tide surrounding the mausoleum had been growing restless for a long time already, and at this moment, in the aftermath of her action, it slipped further into its berserk state. Countless mournful cries from the monsters resounded, traveling up from the surface of the grassland into the the curtain of rain like a shockwave.

She did not want to do it like this, but Chen Changsheng and those swords forced her hand. At that moment, she could not care anymore, even if the Mausoleum of Zhou would be contaminated by countless inferior monsters.

The Soul Wood suddenly began to glow brightly.

With the countless, terrifying roars of anger, a veritable host of waves began to rise from the black ocean that comprised the monster tide. The grassland began to tremble, soon including the mausoleum. Droves of monsters began to launch their attacks.

Nanke looked at him and yelled, “Chen Changsheng, do you think that you can rely on some old, broken swords to survive?”

Chen Changsheng looked on at the endless monster sea surrounding the mausoleum and said nothing.

Not far behind him, Xu Yourong leaned on the main entrance of the mausoleum. She hugged the Tong Bow and was wrapped in sackcloth. Her eyes were closed, and it was unknown as to when she would wake up again.

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