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Chapter 311 -  A Conversation Before the Abyss, a Person Whose Heart is Moved

Hearing the answer, Chen Changsheng felt slightly happy for some unknown reason, and then he felt slightly proud. He said, “Thank you.”

She replied, “No worries.”

“Anyway, I have a senior. I believe anything he says.” Chen Changsheng changed the topic again.

Xu Yourong asked seriously, “Regarding your blood, what did your senior say?”

Chen Changsheng said, “Senior said that only a Saint could resist the enticement of my blood.”

Xu Yourong thought, why was he so stubborn? As a result, she continued the conversation.

“Since your blood has not been completely drained, it means that no one has ever gone through the experience of the enticement.”

“There is.”



“... You are still alive, proving that he did not drink your blood. But didn’t he say that only Saints could resist that sort of enticement?”

“Yes, my senior is a Saint.”

Up to that moment, it finally became silent. Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong gazed at each other, and they did not know how to continue the conversation. Actually, they were both people bad at interacting with others. At this moment, right before death, they purposely wanted to have a joyful conversation, but not only did they not reach their objective, instead, it seemed slightly forced and awkward.

Both of them sighed in their hearts at the same time, before turning their heads and looking away from each other. Xu Yourong looked at the real world by the green leaves, and looked at the black line formed by the monster tide far away in the grassland. She asked, “Around when will it arrive?”

Chen Changsheng said, “Should be before sunset.”

Xu Yourong went silent for a while before saying, “Then that means this is our last day.”

Chen Changsheng was very sensitive to time and corrected her, “It’s the last daytime.”

Xu Yourong laughed and did not go on to begin a pointless argument with him.

Chen Changsheng felt her current feelings and said after staying silent for a while, “Senior said, even if you try your best till the end and end up finding out that it was still impossible to change fate, then you can only appreciate and enjoy everything life has brought you.”

Only now did Xu Yourong understand where the words he had said that night in the temple to himself originated from. After quietly comprehending it for a moment, she felt that this simple sentence was not simple at all. Her evaluation of Chen Changsheng was very high. Hearing how much he respected his senior, she began to feel more and more that this senior was not an ordinary person—the world of cultivation believed that the Snow Mountain Sect had already fallen into decay, but who knew that it still had so many impressive young disciples?

Thinking about this, she very naturally connected it to her own sect. Her study at the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green had already ended long ago, and she was the only disciple of the South Stream Temple. Instead, she was slightly more familiar with the disciples of the Longevity Sect and especially the Mount Li Sword Sect. Moreover, she was in the same system as them, so they were martial brothers or sisters by name.

“I also have a martial brother.” Qiushan Jun was naturally who she mentioned.

Afterwards, she did not say anything for a very long time. In the years that she spent in the south cultivating, Qiushan Jun was always very nice to her, so nice that it even caused her to not realise, much less feel uncomfortable in any areas. People all said that they were a match made in heaven, and she also knew that Qiushan Jun was deeply in love with her. She could not help but think that if she died in the Garden of Zhou, how heartbroken would he be?

“And then?” Chen Changsheng did not understand why she suddenly went quiet and asked.

Xu Yourong said, “When we were in that temple discussing the word perfection, you said that it was impossible to have a perfect person in the world. I admit that is reasonable, but senior is the person closest to perfection I have seen in my life.”

Chen Changsheng thought that he also believed his one senior was very perfect. However, in the eyes of ordinary people, he was just an irregular extra.

“And my senior is very nice to me.” Xu Yourong said while looking into his eyes. It was unknown as to why she added this sentence.

Chen Changsheng did not know either and was even more lost as to why he felt slightly sour after hearing that. Even the sentence that he followed up with was slightly sour. This type of sourness was not reflected in the words, but rather in the intonation. It carried a sort of purposeful indifference and disregard.

“So… you like him?”

He looked back into her eyes quietly and asked. At this moment, he felt that he was very strong.

If it was another time, or another young man who had asked this question, Xu Yourong obviously would not have replied. However, they were currently in the mausoleum of Zhou Dufu, and the person asking her that question was him… perhaps she was waiting for him to ask this question from the beginning, wanting to borrow the pressure of death… and his words to see her truest inner self clearly.

She asked herself a question very seriously and attentively at heart, and then gave out an answer.

She did not say anything and only shook her head.

Chen Changsheng’s extremely disregarding feeling of sourness did not disappear, as she still needed to think about it—he had never experienced matters between opposite genders, so he did not understand that, because she gave out the answer after serious consideration, he should have been even more happy about it.

He thought about it and asked, “He likes you?”

This time, Xu Yourong did not think for too long and directly nodded.

She had never thought that such behavior seemed slightly arrogant, as what she said was an objective truth.

Chen Changsheng let himself calm down and appeared to be slightly confused. Actually, all he wanted to do was make himself feel slightly happier. He continued to question, “Since he is so perfect, and he also likes you, why don’t you accept him?”

Very clearly, Xu Yourong had replied to questions like this before. It was not known whether it was Shuang’er, the Holy Maiden, or herself who had raised this question, but either way, her answer was very calm and smooth.

“Firstly, no matter how strong he is, he is only as strong as me.”

Before she even finished, it had already caused Chen Changsheng to object. At that moment, he had completely forgotten his current situation, just like that day in the temple. He felt that this girl had extremely large issues with her philosophies. He wanted to change her philosophies, to let her lead an even happier life. How could he still remember that the monster tide was about to reach them?

“Your mentality is wrong. It is making friends, not fighting. What has it got to do with who is strong and who is weak?”

Xu Yourong did not know what he was thinking about. She thought and said, “What you say is reasonable. To become cultivation partners, his strength is already enough. It can even be said that, of the people in a similar age group, it is difficult for me to find an even more suitable partner. However, the path of cultivation is so long, and since we have to see each other all the time afterwards, I will follow my heart and find a partner who I like.”

Following your heart were three very good words. Chen Changsheng looked into her bright eyes and said seriously, “I support you.”

Xu Yourong only laughed and did not say anything. She thought, why would matters like this require the support of other people—those were all very good, but she just did not like it. Senior was great in every aspect, but she was just unable to be emotionally moved by him. That was the only reason.

The poison slowly subsided, but she was still weak at that moment. Her complexion was very pale and could not be called pretty. However, the happiness in her eyes instead was very beautiful in Chen Changsheng’s eyes, directly feeling that his heart had been moved.

To have the heart moved was a very vague phrase. The heart of people beat at every moment, so how could it be referred to as being moved? Was an increase in heart beat rate having one’s heart moved? Zhexiu’s heartbeat increased at intermittent intervals of time, but that was an illness.

Chen Changsheng also did not know.

However, he knew that he felt as though his heart had been moved at that moment.

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