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Chapter 277 - The Cry of a Phoenix

A shadow loomed over both the interior and exterior of the Garden of Zhou.

On the snowy plains deep within the night, there were only countless snowflakes in the night sky, without a star to be seen. However, what could be clearly seen was the shadow that extended out from Xuelao City.

The shadow was even darker than the black night, and even colder than death. It represented the willpower of the Demon Lord. Regardless of how dazzling the sword ray that passed through it was, it was unable to break through it in a short amount of time.

However, the sword ray was already powerful enough, even already possessing the strength to resist the shadow. Although it was unable to chop the shadow, it could easily chop through a lot of other objects.

For example, the arm of the terrifying third Demon General, and the throat of the seventh Demon General.

The seventh Demon General held onto his throat, and like a mountain, he slowly began to fall.

The sword ray once again returned, entering the sheath, and dispersing its Qi.

However, no matter if it was the seventh Demon General at death’s door, or the other demon experts, their expressions were not affected at all by this scene. This slaughter of certain death was full of the faint feeling of intimidation.

Su Li lowered his head. It was not known what he was thinking. He held onto the hilt with his right hand. His black hair had already fallen onto his shoulders. In the chilly wind of the night, it gently floated about, like a god or a demon.

Black Robe’s gaze pierced through the deep ocean, landing on his body. He said, “Your daughter is about to die, and you are also about to die. How does it feel?”

What he said was undoubtedly a psychological attack, and could even be regarded as a very crude and simple psychological attack. However, simplicity did not mean that it did not carry power. Black Robe used these words in attempt to break his mental state.

Su Li raised his head and looked at Black Robe. He said calmly, “Since you want to kill me, why must you let those other guys participate in the battle in turns? Constantly shoving wood into the fire will only result in it constantly being burnt to ash.”

“As long as the wood added is enough, there will always be a moment where the fire is extinguished,” Black Robe said indifferently. “Perhaps this method of battle may result in an even greater price, but it can guarantee that you will definitely die.”

Su Li did not say anything, because he knew what Black Robe had said was correct.

The shadow that originated from Xuelao City cut off his connection with the human world, and demons still had a lot of true experts that did not act, such as the legendary Demon Commander, or Black Robe, who only sat there patiently. In order to kill the Junior Martial Uncle of Mount Li, the demons had made very careful preparations.

These preparations had even involved the interior of the Garden of Zhou and the faraway western continent.

No matter what countermeasure the experts of the human world and the experts in White Emperor City had, it was already too late. The pressure of the Demon Lord was ready, and the Council of Elders in Xuelao City was also waiting.

This type of killing method was to grind and kill. Black Robe needed enough demon experts to forcefully grind away Su Li’s sword intent and Qi. It was such an easy and even slightly dry method to kill the opponent.

This was because only this type of method could have no accidents occurring.

“You are the most dazzling star of the human world after the great war. You have already brought too many unforeseen incidents to this continent, and you know, I dislike unforeseen incidents the most.”

Black Robe said while looking at him.

Su Li stayed silent for a very long time before saying, “No, I will not die.”

Black Robe’s voice rose slightly, obviously because he was slightly interested. He asked, “Oh? Why so?”

Su Li looked at him and said calmly, “There is no basis nor reasons, I just believe that I will not die. Similarly, I believe the girl, and those children that represent the future of mankind will also not die.”

Black Robe said, “I admire such unreasonable confidence in the face of death very much.”

Su Li began laughing again. His pupils reflected the snowy sky, as if it was about to burn.


One can fear pain, but one cannot fear death, especially you… why? Perhaps death was even more gruesome than pain? And why was the word ‘especially’ said? Why could she not fear death?

In the process of falling into the abyss of death, Xu Yourong thought about this sentence and the many matters it gave rise to. Suddenly, she understood some ideas, and as a result, she opened her eyes.

Why was she the last one to fear death? It was because she was the phoenix. Her fate was already destined to constantly forge her own spirit between death and pain, until a certain moment where she was able to calmly accept death. Only like that could she accept a real, new life again.

Was this the meaning of life in death? Empress, was this what you wanted to tell me? In that moment, Xu Yourong felt the endless abyss in front of her eyes suddenly begin to glow.

At that moment, her body was heavily injured, her true essence was all consumed and extreme poison currently invaded her body and mind. However, the idea she understood allowed her to calm down to a point which she had never before reached.

Constantly falling, the blood from the corner of her lip was blown backwards like a line of fire by the wind.

Countless pearl-like balls of light also arose from her eyes.

Falling towards the depths of the abyss, she calmly waited for death to come.

Calmness was a dauntless attitude, but it was not unknowing. She felt the cold gloom of death, experienced the true meaning of death and then began to fear it once again.

This type of fear did not mean that she had left the mind state of being dauntless. It was still a form of awareness, a distinct yet clear awareness that was deeply embedded in her consciousness.

Only the great fear brought on by death could stimulate the unimaginable power hidden in the deepest part of her consciousness, the power hidden within her bloodline.

This endless power began to burn, causing her to enter a strange state of clear-headedness and absent-mindedness. As death slowly arrived, a spirit deep within her body awakened.

This was the spirit of the Heavenly Phoenix, which was also her spirit.

That was the her that she had never seen, nor even discovered before.

She opened her eyes and looked into the pitch-black abyss and the real, invisible yet cold night wind. It allowed her to truly understand fate.

Fate allowed her to leave the Holy Maiden Peak and come to the Garden of Zhou.

However, fate did not make her meet Nanke, and instead made her meet herself.

To meet the other self, the truest self.

The journey was not for nothing.

In the process of falling into death, an infinite amount of regret bloomed.

In the deathly abyss, in the silent mountain cliff, on the extremely tall Sunset Valley, in the vast world of the Garden of Zhou, a clear cry suddenly resounded.

The sound was not mature, and was slightly undeveloped. However, it was incomparably clear.

Compared to this clear cry, Nanke’s clear roar earlier immediately paled.

This clear cry was the cry of the young phoenix.

The aura of the king was carried in this phoenix cry without a question.

Nanke stood silently by the cliffside, perhaps in memorial for the death of her fated opponent, or in regret that her life would be lonely from now on.

After a while, she turned around and walked towards the flat rock surface between the cliffs.

The person had already passed away. Although there was the expected disappointment and hollowness, there was even more satisfaction in the end. From this night forwards, there would be no-one able to fly in the same sky as her. This was very worthy of being happy over.

Then, the cry of the phoenix pierced through the cliffs.

She stopped her steps, and turned around to gaze into the night sky beyond the cliff. She revealed an expression of inconceivability. 

A pair of flaming wings appeared in the night, illuminating the cliffside. It took Xu Yourong flying towards the faraway distance.

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