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Chapter 262 - The Sword that Breaks the Heart 

The eyes reddened and the cheeks began to sprout hair; this was the transformation of the demi-human.

In a few moments, Zhexiu's strength increased several times and his body grew stronger to an unimaginable level. Although the demon woman's hands had already torn at his shoulder, it was unable to shatter his bones. At a crucial moment, the treacherous sword that pierced his waist could go no deeper.

The sword was pulled out with a whoosh, then chopped at Zhexiu's neck. Given the Qi at the edge of the sword, Zhexiu would still have not been able to block it even if he had completely transformed.

Qi Jian spotted this scene out of the corner of his eye and was shocked beyond belief, but his sword was currently entangled with the sword of the woman, and so he was incapable of providing assistance. His left hand grasped his sheathe and moved to protect Zhexiu's back. He used the incredibly sharp Mount Li swordplay in order to block that sword.

However, the sword floated like a spirit snake and, as if it were extremely familiar with Qi Jian's swordplay, inclined upwards and actually easily broke through Qi Jian's sword move. The second thrust of the sword had never been aimed at Zhexiu. Its target had always been Qi Jian.

On the lakeshore, another squelch sounded out.

Qi Jian's lower abdomen had been directly thrust through by that treacherous and extremely powerful sword. Blood spurted out violently.

In a flash, that sword was extracted like lightning from Qi Jian's abdomen. Afterwards, it inclined once again, this time thrusting towards Chen Changsheng.

The person's first sword had heavily wounded Zhexiu and the second had heavily wounded Qi Jian. It had come noiselessly and caught them unprepared, bringing forth extremely painful consequences. Would Chen Changsheng be able to avoid it?

Chen Changsheng finally responded to the sword which had pierced Zhexiu and Qi Jian. Using the Yeshi Step with his feet, he narrowly avoided the edge of the sword which approached from behind.

However, at that very moment, the attack of the Demon General couple also arrived.

Teng Xiaoming, his face expressionless, picked up his two baskets and hurled them at Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng had been forced forwards by that treacherous sword, so he had no energy left over to avoid this attack.

The two baskets were like small mountains, smashing down towards his head.

Chen Changsheng's true essence swiftly flowed out. His dagger was unsheathed, after which an extremely wondrous flower bloomed, forming two branches that—in the most improbable of circumstances—pierced the two baskets.

With two successive tearing sounds, the two baskets fell into pieces and became two puffs of dust.

The carrying pole in Teng Xiaoming's hand smashed at Chen Changsheng’s head.

If those two baskets were like mountains, then the carrying pole wielded by the twenty-fourth Demon General was just like a real mountain. It brought an incomparably stern shadow that completely engulfed Chen Changsheng's body.


A giant crater appeared on the lake shore.

Dust violently flew about while the nearby trees crashed down one after the other. In a short while, several trees had crashed to the ground.

That demon woman gave a hiss. Taking advantage of Zhexiu's severe wound, she utilized her demon techniques to their fullest extent. Her fingers glowed with a queer, green light as she launched a barrage of attacks against Zhexiu.

As for the woman with the dignified expression, there was nothing gentle about her attacks. Her sleeve blew about in the strong wind. From within, countless feathers could be seen, each of them possessing a powerful Qi, all of which began attacking Qi Jian.

Zhexiu's eyes were blood-red, making him seem exceptionally fierce. His two hands were grey shadows in the air, valiantly blocking that demon woman's powerful attacks. However, Qi Jian's abdomen had been run through and his injury were too severe. He had no more strength to battle. Under the barrage of that woman's attacks, he was struck down onto the ground. His face was pale, his expression fatigued.

At this point, the three human youths had already been pushed to the brink.

Liu Wan'er, who had not acted all this time, finally made her move.

Carrying that massive iron pot in her hands, she burst through the air with a terrifying clap. Landing at the side of those three human youths, she flipped her wrist, and that massive iron pot enveloped the youths in its shadow as it fell.

That iron pot was truly massive, so massive that it obscured the sky above their heads, like a dark cloud. If that iron pot fell down, then Chen Changsheng and the other two would truly would be out of luck.

Just at this moment, in the deep crater on the lake shore where dust had still pervaded the air, a light suddenly burst forth, accompanied by footsteps that sounded like the beating of a drum.

 It broke through the wind, giving off a mournful cry.

Wielding his dagger, Chen Changsheng emerged from the crater and stood before Zhexiu and Qi Jian, thrusting it forth.

He thrust towards that iron pot which covered the sky.

With a clang, a hole appeared in the center of the pot. With the ear-shattering sound of metal scraping on metal, Chen Changsheng's dagger pierced through the pot and continued forward.

The iron pot covered them like a black cloud, but now there was an extra area of radiance. Chen Changsheng's dagger moved through the light, giving off a glow of its own. It was like a ray of light falling from a gloomy rain cloud.

Swish swish swish swish.

Those were the stabs of the dagger.

Swish swish swish swish.

Those were Zhexiu's claws.

With a swish, Liu Wan'er's face somewhat paled. She rushed backwards, and her neck sported an extra streak of blood.

The demon woman groaned as she backed up. Her abdomen also beared some new bloody scars.

Qi Jian finally gave out. Covering his wound, he knelt down on the ground, with blood seeping between his fingers.

However, at the very least, he was still alive.

Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu were also still alive.

The two sides of the battle had suddenly been separated.

The lakeshore grew quiet once again.

Liu Wan'er gently rubbed the bloody scars on her neck. As her gaze landed on Chen Changsheng, it became much more serious. It was still as gentle as ever, but it no longer gave an amiable feeling.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that the dagger in Chen Changsheng's hand would be so sharp, it could easily pierce through her magical artifact. Just what was the dagger made of?

Chen Changsheng turned his head to look back at Zhexiu. He knew that Zhexiu had suffered heavy injuries, so he could only hope that Zhexiu still had the strength to fight.

Zhexiu's upper half was covered with blood, but he still stood. The gray hair on his cheeks had yet to be fully retracted. He was gasping for breath, as if each breath was especially difficult to take. His eyes were abnormally cold.

Seeing Zhexiu's eyes, Chen Changsheng's heart also grew cold.

Liu Wan'er and Teng Xiaoming glanced at each other, seeing the surprise in each other's eyes.

Those three human youths had actually managed to withstand that round of genuine attacks. This had truly exceeded their imaginations. It must be known that before entering the Garden of Zhou, not even they had known about the existence of that sword.

"If you had listened to what I said before and fought them together, the wolf cub would have been dead a long time ago!" The demon woman that had once again been heavily injured by Zhexiu's fingers angrily exclaimed at the woman beside her.

That woman contemplated about Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu in silence, and then replied calmly, "If it were just the two of us, perhaps we really wouldn't have been able to beat the two youths."

Chen Changsheng did not pay any attention to what they were saying.

Zhexiu no longer cared about who was Nanke.

Qi Jian was the same.

Because what they cared about was that sword, that treacherous sword.

They all looked at Liang Xiaoxiao, and each of them with a different expression.

Qi Jian's face was pale, and his expression was one of shock. He was incredibly heart-broken, somewhat despondent even. He muttered towards Liang Xiaoxiao, "Why?"

Liang Xiaoxiao's face was even paler than Qi Jian's. However, his face was impassive and he did not say anything either, even though the sword in his hand dripped with the blood of his companion.

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