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Chapter 258 - A Green Greener Than the Lake Water

Although it seemed like a long time had passed, in truth, it was only an instant.

Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu broke through the lake water and then they saw the drenched woman sitting on the rock in the center of the lake, combing her hair. Gawking at this scene, they felt rather silly.

However, in the woman's eyes, two heads had suddenly popped up in the middle of the lake. Naturally, this was incredibly horrifying.

With a shriek of surprise, the woman had lost her head in panic and leaped into water. Choking on the lake water, sometimes floating and sometimes sinking, the woman's beautiful appearance was filled with fear.

The lake water curled up onto her light clothes. A jade color could be faintly seen underneath the clothes.

Chen Changsheng had no time to carefully ponder about the details. He began moving his arms and swimming towards that place where she had landed.

Zhexiu said nothing, but followed behind him.

After he swam to where the woman had fallen, Chen Changsheng dived into the lake. Naturally, Chen Changsheng could not close his eyes this time. Within the lake water, the woman's clothes floated while still on her body. As she struggled in the water, her clothes also became disheveled. Chen Changsheng could see the whiteness of her neck, and could even faintly see even more alluring places.

Chen Changsheng had no reaction to all this. He thrust out his hand and took hold of her.

Having been suddenly saved, the woman instinctively came over and then tightly hugged him, like a small bear hugging a tree.

Chen Changsheng could clearly feel that his face had been buried in some place that was very plump and soft. His waist was tight in the grasp of two thighs.

This was a very rapturous position, even at such a urgent time.

If he were a normal person, he probably would have been absolutely incapable of saving anyone, and he might have even sunk down together with her.

Chen Changsheng would not. His right hand was clenched in a fist, ready at any time to come down. Perhaps he was preparing to knock this panicked woman unconscious, or perhaps it was for something else.

He held that woman and swam upwards. The woman calmed down somewhat and realized that Chen Changsheng meant her no harm and had come to save her. Because she felt embarrassed, she adjusted her posture.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her face by his.

Thus, the two faces were right up close to each other.

Even in the chilly water of the lake, Chen Changsheng could still feel the warm breath that emerged from her lips and the heat that came from her body.

Zhexiu swam behind Chen Changsheng, his eyes were fixed on the woman. Previously, when he had just emerged from the lake, he had very clearly seen the insignia on the woman's waist and judged her to be a disciple from a secluded sect in the east.

However, this was not an indication of anything. He stared into her eyes, but just what he was looking for was unknown.

Finally arriving at the surface of the lake, the woman embracing Chen Changsheng's neck looked at Zhexiu. Her eyes were no longer as panicked, nor was there anything unusual about them.

This sort of calm was a problem.

Soon after, Zhexiu detected the trace of a smile in the woman's eyes.

Lady, for what reason are you smiling?

Zhexiu wanted to ask her this question, but he could not ask, because there was no time to ask.

The woman's arms were wrapped around Chen Changsheng's neck, so her fingers very naturally pressed up against the area below his earlobes.

One of the most important blood vessels was located there, as well as the meridian that was connected directly to the sea of consciousness.

If that place was punctured, even if the Pope himself  had personally came, he would still be unable to save Chen Changsheng's life.

Without a sound, the woman's fingernails suddenly began to glow with a bewitching green color.

The blue-green of the lake water could not obscure that shade of green.

The verdant forest on the lake shore, in the face of this green, seemed to suddenly lose all color.

The woman's nails lightly pierced inward.

Nothing happened.

The woman's nails cloaked in green light were unable to pierce Chen Changsheng's neck.

As if he had sensed nothing at all, Chen Changsheng swam towards the rock in the center of lake and seemed ready to climb onto it.

The woman's fluid glance seemed to flow slightly more, like she was somewhat astonished and shocked. Putting more strength in her fingers, she once again pierced down.

…Still, nothing happened.

The woman's mind was reeling with shock, because no matter how much she thought about it, she had no idea what was happening.

The smear of green hidden in her fingernails was the one of the world's sharpest magical artifacts. As long as it was not a Star Condensation cultivator, even if the cultivator had undergone perfect purification, she still would have only required the slightest pressure to break the skin.

Moreover, that smear of green itself contained the world's most frightening poison. Even the most powerful monster, when afflicted by this poison, would not be able to hold on for long.

And yet… how was it that she was unable to pierce Chen Changsheng's skin?

At this point, Chen Changsheng finally turned his head.

They were both very close to each other, so much so that they could hear each other’s breathing and see the reflections of themselves in each other's eyes.

His eyes were very bright.

So bright that it would cause others to get flustered.

The woman looked into his eyes, looked into those eyes that shined like mirrors, and looked at her slightly pale complexion. Afterwards, something that was extraordinarily rare for her happened: she began to feel flustered.

In Xuelao City, she had made countless demon generals dance in the palm of her hand. No matter what sort of unforeseen event she had encountered, she had never been flustered.

However, this time, she was very flustered.

Chen Changsheng's eyes were very calm, without the slightest hint of ridicule.

However, she felt that she was being ridiculed, that those eyes were filled with nothing but ridicule.

She was very angry and unwilling. Her fluid gaze flowed about once more, suddenly becoming incredibly lovely and pitiful.

Her beautiful appearance, her aggrieved expression, her mature and soft body, and her innately charming demon's magic; combined, they made up an incredibly alluring sensation.

Even if Chen Changsheng's heart was made of stone, he should have felt pity. At the very least, he would not kill her immediately, even more so since he was only fifteen years old.

As long as she could make it until he turned away for a moment, then she still had a chance; that was her thinking.

Sadly, reality never agreed with the plans of humans, and the same was true for demons.

Chen Changsheng had no reaction, like he had not even seen her face. He was not affected in the slightest by her demon magic.

He held her arms as tightly as iron bands.

The woman's color slightly changed. A harsh whistle burst out of her whips, then her clothes split apart like spider webs and an extremely powerful Qi suddenly emerged.

If it was measured in terms of human cultivation levels, the Qi that she emitted was comparable to the upper level of Ethereal Opening, which was the same as Chen Changsheng. Moreover, the true essence that was released was many times more.

Chen Changsheng's body began to fiercely tremble, but he did not loosen his grip.

Holding her tight, he broke through the lake and leaped into the azure sky.

With one leap, he covered dozens of yards.

Afterwards, he landed on top of the rock in the center of the lake.

In this short period of time, he had used the Yeshi Step to make himself fall even faster.

 Holding the woman tightly, he was like a stone, falling towards the rock in the middle of the lake.


The rock in the middle of the lake suddenly split apart. At least one third of it collapsed and fell into the lake.

In the face of such powerful force, Chen Changsheng was no longer able keep his grip and he went flying back into the lake.

The woman was in even more miserable straits. Under that fierce attack, it was unknown how many bones had been broken in her nigh-perfect demon body. Her face was pale and two lines of blood streamed from the corners of her lips.

At this moment, another shadow came to attack.

Zhexiu had come.

Swish swish swish. Several streaks of light exploded in the air above the rock.

Afterwards came a yell filled with anger and pain.

Even if the woman's cultivation level had been greater and her true essence was even more powerful, she was unable to block Zhexiu’s attack after having her sea of consciousness shaken by Chen Changsheng's attack and being caught off guard.

Those streaks of light had emerged from Zhexiu's fingers.

His fingers had grown several extremely sharp and metallic claws, which had left several extremely deep and bloody marks on the woman's body.

When Zhexiu roamed the world and hunted demons, he never needed weapons. His weapons were his two hands. He knew more than anyone else where the weakest points of the bodies of the demons were.

Seething with anger atop the rock, the woman gave an angry hiss. Her left hand shot out to press Zhexiu onto the rock. However, in a flash, the extremities of her fingers had been severed by Zhexiu's claws.

 At this moment, Chen Changsheng had also come.

The blue-green of the lake suddenly turned a fiery red, like this was the place where the sun had chosen to set.

The evening clouds of the twilight enveloped the rock in the lake's center.

Wenshui Sword's Third Move, Hanging Sunset!

Borrowing the power of the sword, Chen Changsheng swiftly moved from the water onto the rock. Once his two feet landed on the rock, he concentrated the sword energy, then with a clank, the dagger left its sheath.

 This was the first time that the dagger at his waist had truly left its sheath.

 There was a crisp swish.

The glow of sunset suffused the sky, and the rock at the center of the lake had a warm red color.

Using some sort of demon technique, the woman had maneuvered her right hand until it was only half a foot from Chen Changsheng's throat, yet it could proceed no further.

 That was because her right hand had been severed and had been sent flying into the air.

The woman gave a wretched cry, and then her body disappeared. Stepping over the water, moving hurriedly backwards, with a few steps, she had arrived at the shore.

Who would have thought that Zhexiu had long already gotten there before her?

With water splashing all about, Zhexiu swung his arm. In a flash of light, an additional line of blood appeared on the woman's ankle and she collapsed on the beach.

Chen Changsheng's sword pierced through the air, which the woman was barely able to avoid, only for Zhexiu to straddle her body.

Zhexiu's fingernails pressed against her throat. The tip of his sharp claws had already pierced an extremely difficult to find cartilage in her throat.

If he exerted the slightest amount of strength, her throat would end up being pierced.

The woman's pupils contracted and she did not dare to make another move.

Only at this point did her severed hand finally land in the lake.

Only now did that stream of blood, which followed her as she rushed across the lake, finally fall into the water.

The clear water of the lake, by the blood, was dyed a deeper shade of green.

The blood that had dripped onto the beach looked like patches of moss.

Her blood was actually green.

Chen Changsheng walked out of the lake, lifted up his dagger, and walked over to the two.

The woman did not have a single thread of clothes and she was being straddled by Zhexiu. This would have seemed to be very erotic, but it was not, because Zhexiu's fingernail were still tucked into her throat.

Seeing the green blood that flowed from that woman's severed wrist, Chen Changsheng was somewhat at a loss. He could not recall the color of blood from that member of the Yeshi tribe who he had encountered in the Orthodox Academy had.

This was not his first battle, but it was his first battle that was so fierce and where it mattered between life and death.

He had seen blood before, but rarely had he seen such a bloody scene.

Most importantly, this was his battle, and some of this scene had been caused by his actions.

Since he was but a youth, he still had not adapted much towards scenes like this, so he was momentarily speechless.

Zhexiu was very used to it, so he was very calm.

The woman's face was very pale and her expression was delicate and weak. Matched with her beautiful looks, it was easy for her appearance to arouse pity in others.

However, Zhexiu's face had no expression whatsoever.

The woman determined that she would be unable to entice the two young humans, so she finally gave up. She stared up at the azure sky. Her chest heaved gently up and down, and her beautiful face became pale.

The sunset glow over the lake had long dispersed. The sun remained suspended high up in the air. The wind blew from the lake, which was slightly chilly. The trees on the shore swayed in the wind, creating innumerable waves.

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