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Chapter 254 - Two Field Doctors (Part Three)

"Using the Sacred Light technique to stop the bleeding and mend the flesh, then using the Stainless Dust to pacify the spirit, is that enough? These two people still have clumps of true essence clogging their meridians. If they aren't cleared up, then after these two wake up, their cultivation might decrease by thirty percent. Some people think that if you just learn some methods, you could go treat illnesses and save lives, but that's truly inappropriate."

Chen Changsheng moved the needles like the wind while he muttered to himself.

Zhexiu looked at him from up high and said, "You could replace the words ‘some people’ for her."

After Chen Changsheng completed his task, he stood up and explained very seriously, "I'm not comparing myself to her at anything."

Zhexiu seriously replied, "I don't believe you."

Chen Changsheng felt that his face was somewhat hot, so he said nothing more. He prepared to wake up those two cultivators so that he could direct them to the riverbank where they could meet up with others.

Just as he was about to do this, he saw something that had been drawn on the ground besides the fire. After careful examination, he realized it was a map, along with a simple set of words.

The words were written rather well.

He silently commented to himself.

"She wants them to go to the Mountainside Whispering Woods. It seems that there are a lot of people gathered there."

Zhexiu asked, "Do we need to go there?"

Chen Changsheng didn't even need to consider an answer  before directly saying, "No."

Zhexiu asked, "Why?"

I……still have things I need to do……there are still lots of people……waiting for me to treat them……fine."

Chen Changsheng stood up and was quiet for a long time. He finally, somewhat embarrassingly, said "I'm still not ready."

The white ceremonial robes were especially eye-catching in the night. If it were spotted on an everyday street, it might have even frightened people. However, in the eyes of cultivators, these white robes were associated with the special message-delivering fireworks of the Thirteen Divisions of Radiant Green and Holy Maiden Peak. They represented the hope to live and the end of suffering.

Over the course of her journey, there had already been two instances where the young lady's arrival had been greeted with cries of joy, accompanied with hot tears. So when she saw how calm the cultivator sitting next to the fire on the grass slope was, she was momentarily out of sorts. After a moment, she understood why the cultivator was so calm. It was because the cultivator was in the midst of meditating.

As she drew close, she realized that the cultivator's wounds had already been bound up. From the angle and wrapping of the wounds, this was not self-applied treatment. She was planning to take her leave when she suddenly thought of something and squatted back down. She unwrapped the bandages and examined the wound.

This cultivator's wounds were probably inflicted by a magical artifact from the Temple Seminary. All around the wound, she could still see the so-called stardust that was always left behind by the Temple Seminary's magical artifacts. However,the stardust within the wound had been cleaned out by the same person that had treated the cultivator, and the wound itself had been sewn together by some sort of thread.

The young lady could not help but think that the person who had treated this cultivator was incredibly bold. All the Daoist Canon and medical classics contained information on these sorts of methods, but it had been a long time since anyone had actually put them into practice.

There was most likely no problem with the external wounds, but what she was really worried about was the meridians. Injuries inflicted by magical artifacts and injuries inflicted by swords were two completely different things. The sword injured the body while the artifact injured the essence. The magical artifacts of a cultivator were not as extravagantly flashy as swords. They killed by damaging the internal organs, especially the meridians.

After this cultivator's external injuries had been healed, he had been in constant meditation. Perhaps by now, even his sea of consciousness would have problems.

Her finger rested upon the cultivator's vein as she slowly inserted a drop of extremely pure true essence.

The sensation of the true essence entering the cultivator caused him to wake up from his meditation. Seeing this young lady so close to his face, he was so shocked that he subconsciously prepared to attack.

The cruel rules of the Garden of Zhou that had been set down by the Saints were truly made to sharpen the will of the human cultivators, thus improving their battle prowess.

That young lady cared not for those things and said, "Don't move, don't speak, close your eyes."

That cultivator did not know her, or at the very least, he did not know the current her. Yet, when he heard the voice that was akin to a clear spring, he felt that it was a voice that he could absolutely trust. He subconsciously relaxed and closed his eyes once more.

After a while, the young lady stood up.

She did not continue to stay and strode off into the night.

The light of the fire caused her shadow to stretch out.

That cultivator woke up once more. He looked at her back, and his expression somewhat perplexed.

Previously in that graceful glance, he had seen a delicate yet very normal and very forgettable appearance.

However, why was it that when he looked at her back, he felt that she was so beautiful that it shook him to his core?

The young lady's expression at this moment was rather perplexed.

That cultivator’s meridians were extremely free-flowing. The shocks and blockages that had been left behind by the Temple Seminary's magical artifact had all been resolved by that person.

Amongst the several hundred cultivators that had entered the Garden of Zhou, which one was best in the medical arts?

Who was the most well-versed in these methods? Who amongst Ethereal Opening cultivators would know enough about the meridians that they could perform such minute repairs?

Unlike Chen Changsheng, she immediately knew who it was.

So he still has some uses.

She silently commented to herself.

Hearing the sound of water, she had arrived at the river. Seeing the bonfire, she realized that she recognized two of the people there.

The two girls were also very surprised after seeing her.

Ye Xiaolian's eyes were filled with reverence while Senior Tong gave a smile of relief.

Everything could be changed about the self aside from the eyes. Moreover, she had not purposely changed anything about herself this time, so her fellow disciples were able to recognize her.

She shook her head, to which Ye Xiaolian and Senior Tong understood and said nothing.

She walked over to side of the master from the Clear Void Monastery and opened his bandages. As she glanced over the wound, her eyebrows slowly rose up.

"He treated him?"

She asked Senior Tong.

Senior Tong had cultivated together with her in the South Stream Temple, so she naturally knew about the situation with Chen Changsheng. However, she did not understand the meaning of her words momentarily.

"Originally, I thought he still had some use, but who knew that he would treat him in such a haphazard fashion? He only treated the outside of the wound, but it's still bleeding inside. Does he not care about it?"

For some reason, the young lady was getting increasingly angry.

The master from the Clear Void Monastery was currently extremely weak, so he simply had no idea what was going on. His disciple was even more confused, but from the attitude of the two disciples from Holy Maiden Peak, he knew that the person who had arrived was someone he could not afford to offend.

The young lady stretched out her right hand over the master's stomach. Then, a pure and sacred light fell from her palm.

The Clear Void Monastery could be even more remote, but it was still associated with the Orthodoxy, so how could that master not recognize the Sacred Light technique?

Believing this young lady to be an extraordinary and powerful figure of the Orthodoxy, the master was moved and hurriedly attempted to rise and pay his respects.

The young lady slightly frowned, then directly knocked him out.

The Clear Void Monastery disciple stood hesitantly at the side, not even daring to speak much, much less act out.

After learning art of healing from Daoist Ji, did he suddenly think he could cure everyone under heaven? Did he think that cultivators were the same as ordinary people? That a sword wound was the same as the common cold?

The young lady was slightly annoyed as she thought of these things. Turning to Senior Tong, she asked, "When is he coming back?"

Senior Tong estimated the time and realized that it was not long before the time Chen Changsheng had mentioned. She replied, "It should be soon."

The young lady stared blankly at her, then turned around and walked off into the night.

Senior Tong asked, "You won't wait for him?"

The young lady did not answer. She quietly moved on, causing several birds to cry out in the night.


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