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The fist manifestations crossed the air, maintaining its form. Until it comes into contact with the opponent or some other kind of obstacle it won’t release its energy.
It can completely maintain its initial power, having an incredibly fearsome ability in breaching defences.
Even cultivators with a perfect Purification would not be able to use their body to directly block it, they need to think of some way to dodge or make use of an even greater True Essence to forcibly overpower it.

This fist technique had another characteristic: its punch was like the wind, while its wind condensed to a punch; ending as it had started; moving like a gale and storm; enclosing all positions; a single fist was able to defeat tens of people or more, making it most suited for use on the battlefield. It was rumoured that once trained to its peak, a single punch can even defeat a thousand soldiers, hence, it was called Regiment Shattering Fist.

In the first match, Chen Chang Sheng displayed an unbelievable speed, but Regiment Shattering Fist didn’t give him any room to display his speed, additionally, anyone could tell that his True Essence capacity was very ordinary; in comparison to the geniuses that were participating in the Grand Examination, it was even more pitiful, if he didn’t have any other methods, then he would definitely lose.

Inside the Hall of Zhao Wen, it was very quiet. Everyone was observing the scene on the mirror, looking at the dozens of fists infused with a green glow that were exploding towards Chen Chang Sheng from all directions with differing expressions upon their faces.

Beside His Eminence, The Archbishop of the Education Board, Mei Li Sha, two additional chairs had been set, upon them sat two Bishops that clearly looked rather young, yet, from their clothing, it could be seen that they were actually personages of the same status as Mei Li Sha, it was unknown as to which Holy Churches they were in charge of.

These two Archbishops of the Holy Church had come to the Hall of Zhao Wen rather belatedly for some unknown reason, giving people the feeling that they had come to watch this specific match.

Expressions varied amongst those within the hall, yet the two Archbishops were very peaceful, calm and composed.

This was because they were well aware of that scholar from Scholartree Manor, Huo Guang’s cultivation level; more accurately, Huo Guang was the opponent they intentionally chose for Chen Chang Sheng.

The drawing of lots in the Grand Examination was something they had secretly prepared.
Chen Chang Sheng’s display of power and all other details in his first match had already been secretly leaked out to Scholartree Manor through clergy members under their command. This was the reason why Huo Guang had immediately used something like the Regiment Shattering Fist, which expends a large amount True Essence, the aim was to ensure Chen Chang Sheng didn’t have any chance of winning.

Everything was in order to guarantee a single thing, that Chen Chang Sheng will definitely lose.

Mo Yu looked at Chen Chang Sheng who had already been pushed to the edge of the precipice, her fine brows wrinkled, the two hands that were grasping onto the armrests on her chair tightened further.

Prince Chen Liu was by the side, observing her out of the corner of his eye, the perplexion he felt became ever deeper.
He couldn’t understand, as a representative figure of the faction wanting to repress Orthodox Academy, seeing Chen Chang Sheng on the verge of failure, why was she feeling so nervous and paying so much attention to the match’s current situation? Could it be that she would worry about Chen Chang Sheng? This didn’t make any sense.

At the next moment, he suddenly thought of something and believed that he had deduced Mo Yu’s rationale.

At the Ivy League gathering, Her Highness, Luo Luo, had utilised a simplified version of Discerning Steps in her duel against Guang Fei Bai, it was identified by Gou Han Shi and dumbfounded the entire gathering.
The reason why Chen Chang Sheng knew the demon race’s absolute secret art, Discerning Steps was still an unsolved enigma; even though the steps used by Her Highness at the gathering wasn’t a completed Discerning Steps, at the level of something like the Ivy League gathering and the Grand Examination, that type of simplified or perhaps better described as malformed Discerning Steps, was already adequate to exhibit a very strong effect; for example, when facing the approach of a storm-like Regiment Shattering Fist…

Mo Yu had probably thought of the scene from the Ivy League gathering; she wasn’t worried about Chen Chang Sheng failing and getting hurt, but was nervous about whether Chen Chang Sheng will utilise that simplified version of Discerning Steps, directly escaping the area enshrouded by the Regiment Shattering Fist, bringing an unanticipated change to the match. This is what Prince Chen Liu conjectured.

If he could think of Chen Chang Sheng’s simplified Discerning Steps, then the other people within the Hall of Zhao Wen could obviously also think of it; Xu Shi Ji’s expression was a little stern, Xue Xing Chuan was once again firmly seated, the hall became somewhat quiet, everyone clearly understood that Chen Chang Sheng would not, at the very least, immediately lose and that this match should continue for a while longer.

The two Archbishops of the Holy Church continued to have expressionless faces, as representative figures of the new faction within the Orthodoxy, they had a little more knowledge of events than others. Since they wanted to suppress Orthodox Academy; since they wanted to borrow someone from Scholartree Manor to eliminate Chen Chang Sheng in the second round, how could they possible miss these reports?

All the methods available to Chen Chang Sheng were already made known to his opponent.

Perhaps, Huo Guang was currently waiting for Chen Chang Sheng to use that simplified version of Discerning Steps, escaping from the storm shower that had been formed by the Regiment Shattering Fist.

Huo Guang was definitely concealing an even stronger move, awaiting the very instant he escapes.

At the next moment, a light sound of astonishment resonated within the Hall of Zhao Wen.

The two Holy Church Archbishops lightly frowned, seeing the scene within the mirror, they felt rather startled and confused.

Chen Chang Sheng didn’t utilise the simplified Discerning Steps, he didn’t seek to break out of the Regiment Shattering Fists that had surrounded him.

More specifically, he didn’t do anything at all; both his feet were planted upon the sand strewn ground, firmly, as if they had been nailed in place, without a single movement.

He stood in place, staring across those dozens of green fist manifestations, coalesced from True Essence and looked at Huo Guang, remaining quiet without saying anything.

Time marched forwards rapidly; he didn’t have to wait long; the important figures within the Hall of Zhao Wen and the Li Palace clergy that were quietly observing the match didn’t have to watch long; the Regiment Shattering Fist, carrying fearsome power, finally arrived before him, akin to a real storm, flooding every angle of the area around his body.

For the many people who saw this scene, whether be it Xu Shi Ji, Mo Yu, or perhaps the clergy upon the second floor that leaned towards Orthodox Academy, they all couldn’t understand; they didn’t know what he wanted to do.
This is a duel within the Grand Examination, there wasn’t the danger of death, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be a situation where someone will just give up and wait for their defeat, not to mention, even if he was to admit to being unable to defeat his opponent, why would he stand in place and suffer the storm-like attack of the Regiment Shattering Fist?

Confusion and doubt, this was what most of those observing were currently feeling, some even felt rather disappointed, such as Prince Chen Liu and Mo Yu.

At this stage, Chen Chang Sheng had lost for certain.

Huo Guang’s Regiment Shattering Fist maintained its power, forming a light green perimeter of wind and rain that was around 7 metres in circumference, which surrounded Chen Chang Sheng, inside, there was countless wind and rain, all of which were horrifying fist manifestations.

Even if Chen Chang Sheng was now to utilise that simplified Discerning Steps, he wouldn’t be able to break out of that perimeter of wind and rain formed by the Regiment Shattering Fist.

Not unless he could utilise the real, complete version of Discerning Steps.

But that was impossible.

Arriving at the Capital in Spring, becoming the first student of Orthodox Academy in over a decade, bringing about countless commotion, wanting to become the first upon the First Banner in the Grand Examination; all of this was going to end at this very moment?

In the next instant, Chen Chang Sheng moved.

When everyone thought that he would move, he stood in place and didn’t move at all.

When everyone thought that he couldn’t possible move, he suddenly moved.

He didn’t use Discerning Steps, but instead, directly charged into the storm ahead that was formed by the Regiment Shattering Fist.

His movement seemed stiff at first glance, feeling a bit ungainly, but was very steady.

The tower’s second floor erupted in quiet cries, some of the observing clergy were very startled, some were very worried.

At this moment, in the air surrounding him, there were at least dozens of fist manifestations, whirling around like a hurricane, at the fore of each fist manifestation there was a fist, infused with a green glow.

Those fists were not real existences; they could be said to be fake.

But each of them harboured a fearsome power that was real as can be.

The wind and rain formed by the Regiment Shattering Fist was very dense, as if not a single gap existed between them; apart from a complete Discerning Steps, borrowing a natural momentum to traverse it, other footwork skills or motion techniques, no matter how transcendent, would come into contact with those fists and trigger the fearsome power that was stored within, not to mention, he hadn’t used any sort of footwork skill, only simply charging forwards.

A popping sound was emitted as the new boot upon his right foot disintegrated, akin to snowflakes.

The sand suddenly scattered, revealing the stone floor beneath, web-like fissures once again appeared.

His body’s clash with the air brought forth a mournful howl, his body became a blur; the Black Dragon once again appeared.

After an extremely short amount of time, the blur slightly stalled.

This was because a strong fist manifestation struck his right shoulder.

His dark coloured uniform burst open like a flower, whistling sounds could be heard; cloth scraps scattered to the wind; the fist manifestation passed into his body; the skin instantly reddened, as if it was on the verge of rupturing apart.

At this moment, he had only advanced two steps.

It seems it was going to stop here; he would be smashed into the floor by the storm-like Regiment Shattering Fist.

The second floor suddenly turned quiet.

The light sound of a laugh erupted within the Hall of Zhao Wen, carrying with it the hint of scorn.

Mo Yu didn’t laugh, she looked at the scene displayed upon the mirror with mixed feelings.

It seemed as if she could see, at the next moment, Chen Chang Sheng’s right shoulder, skin sundered, flesh rent, bones broken, blood flowing, followed by further strikes of Regiment Shattering Fist; then, vomiting blood and collapsing; failing as such and being eliminated from the examination.

She could even see, further off in the future, his desolate back as that youth left Orthodox Academy.

That room within the small dorm, the bedding now cold, no matter how much soothing incense was used, it would no longer contain the scent it once had.

She remembered the words Her Divine Majesty had said to her, suddenly feeling rather remorseful, rather dejected.

A lot of people were thinking in the way Mo Yu was.

That’s right, Chen Chang Sheng had displayed a frightening defence in his first round match.

Yet, Regiment Shattering Fist is Regiment Shattering Fist, even a perfect Purification would not be able to directly block it.

Prince Chen Liu remained quiet without saying anything, rather angry at why hadn’t Chen Chang Sheng drawn his sword at the start of the match.

Xu Shi Ji continued to remain expressionless, his status was currently a bit awkward, seeing Chen Chang Sheng’s defeat, it would be improper for him to display any sort of reaction.

Everyone thought that Chen Chang Sheng would be badly injured by the Regiment Shattering Fist.

Yet, at the next moment, a miraculous image appeared from within the Tower of Purging Dust.

The Regiment Shattering Fist fell upon Chen Chang Sheng’s right shoulder, his uniform instantly split and blood vaguely appeared.

Yet, it was only a momentary hint, quickly returning to normal.

A faint popping sound could be heard resounding from his shoulder.

That blow from the Regiment Shattering Fist… dissipated like smoke, wisping away with the wind.

Such a horrifying punch couldn’t even make him bleed.

How was this something that would split the air like a falling cliff; something that could split the earth and terrify forest birds?

This was a breeze brushing across a hill.

That blow from the Regiment Shattering Fist was naught but a tickle for Chen Chang Sheng.

Huo Guang’s expression immediately changed.

Cries of exclamation were emitted from the second floor continuously.

The Hall of Zhao Wen was dead silent.

At this moment, Chen Chang Sheng’s left foot landed upon the ground.

He continued forwards, sweeping towards Huo Guang who was opposite.

His movements looked so ungainly.

Yet… so terrifying.

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