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Today, I’m back from work sooner than expected and I already transalted more than half of this chapter during the day. I hope I can finish chapter 26 tonight.

Here is chapter 25

Chapter already translated but not edit yet.

I did it, I can finally upload chapter sooner than  expected.


Chapter 25: Vampire does not like chase

“Do you remember the rules, young lady ?” 
“If I can touch horse-san who runaway I win, if horse-san run away to sunset horse-san will win, Oswald-kun will count up to ten, after that I can start chasing you, is not it?”

A charming horse (with a perfect for sleeping mane) sprang up and shook his head lightly. It seems I got it right.
For now, we are moving a little away from the lakeside. We has moved here to avoid annoying other animals.

“Then it’s time to start!”
“Please do it anytime”

Honestly I think it’s a little troublesome, but I will endure patience because I can relax after this is over.
Naked horse, it is a little dangerous to get on, but if the temperature of the horse is directly felt, it is a pleasant one.

“…Sorry, please start!”


At the same time Oswald give signal, he start running. As expected, he is really a horse, there is a tremendous acceleration.
Naturally trees are growing here and there in the forest so we can not run straight without stopping.
Yet, he is a skilled horse, running through the trees almost without deceleration.
It was brilliant running that I was convinced that was his “I do not listen to anyone slower than me” confidently.

“…, three, four, five, six …”

While watching the horse runs, Oswaldo counts with a strangely cute voice, while I’m listening to it with a relaxed feeling.
Or, it seems that he counts sheep even if he counts with such a long voice … far away … Sleepy …

“Arge nee-san is sleeping? I already counted ten! “
“Fu nya ~tsu”

Bad Oswald-kun, dont make so much noise when I'm sleeping.
Rubbing while closing the eyes. *yawn* . By the way, today I have not take a nap yet. I am sleepy.

“Well, Arge nee-san, you do not chase him?”
“I do not have to chase him,”
“Each other’s shadow is connected”

I point at my shadown and said that.
My shadow made by sunlight passing through the leaves of the trees. It is shaking. But that’s not all.
A thin shadow extends from the head of my shadow and it has been continuing all the way to the back of the forest. It was not made by the light of the sun, an unusual shadow.
The place where this shadow will arrive is the shadow of a horse with wonderful mane.
This is a skill that can use high level shadowing skills and can connect me and the shadows of other things. "Shadow Knot", maybe I should call it like that.


Measures were prepared even before he run. All I have to do is pratice my skills.
I became shadowed like a fishing line wound on a reel, automatically and fast to the shadow of horse-san.
This skill can change even my dress to a shadow, so there is no need to put on and take out clothes every time.

As the level of shadowing skill rises, I will be able to obtain hearing and vision from the shadow state besides tying shadows as I do now.
Looking out from inside the shadow with that ability, Horse-san was running like a gust of wind in the forest, he look back and said.

“Fu … look like she can't follow me?”
“That is not the case”

Wow, horseish scream.
While I'm thinking such a thing, I restore the upper body from the shadow.
The lower body still remains shadowed, so if the other runs and moves, I will move as well. From the side, it seems like a girl is growing from the shadows.
This kind of effect is also benefits from skill points. After all it was okay to leave distribute points as loli-gramp recommend. Slowly leave the shadow, touch the stomach from the side of horse-san.

“Okay, I win”
“Mu, mu~u"
“This is my win … , is not it?”
“…  I have no words”

My opponent relaxed slowly, so I completely get out of the shadow.
To be honest, I think I can win without it.
If I run seriously, I can run faster than a car.
Of course, I can even outrun a horse as fast as him, but …since it's troublesome,  I do it with easier way.

Even it's easier to win with ability, but using these method is of course troublesome.
If the other party did not approve of the defeat in this way, I intended to run a bit seriously, but I am relieved that he accept it.

“Well then … Uhm … why do not you tell me your name for the time being?
“… I am the one I lost, call me as you like, miss”
“Well then, Neguseo-san.” (ネグセオーさん: Neguseō-san)

He was made a great face.
It look like he is angry. It was a surprise to think that a horse could do such a face.

“The King of sleepless, Neguseo-san ” (寝癖: neguse mean "lack of sleep" 王様: ou sama mean King)

Before saying “Call whatever you want” on your own, you must know that you could not cancel it. It seems pretty serious.
If you do not like it, I will think about a different name if you say so. Because it is black furry, Schwarz meaning black in German, Noir in French and so on.

I felt he did not like it from the partner ‘s atmosphere, but since he did not say it clearly, his name became Neguseo. Because it was a name that fit him in my mind.
It is important to say your opinion properly. I will say honestly whenever I want to take a nap.

“Hey, I am tired, I want to take a nap,”

Yes, just like this.
Neguseo-san watches over with terrible eyes though, but I’m not interested and leave him alone.


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