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Chapter is translated but not edit yet.

And this time is not really cliff hanger so you don’t really need to worry about it.


Chapter 24: Horse horse time (うま うま タイム: Uma uma taimu , “uma” mean horse, taimu is how japanese pronoun time)

“I know where horses are gathering! I will show you!” 

That said, Oswald-kun makes the face of the smiling cow. It was a smart smile like a mascot character of a meat shop. 
In addition, Oswald-kun gave me a big hand and said, “Please get on!” It is a gentlemanly response. 
He might be more of a gentleman than other man. At least, He is more a gentleman than a person who suddenly try to marry me. 
When I sit on the palm of his hand, he raise his hand, I was raised on his shoulder as well, and I sit on his shoulder .
Without pursuing, the desire to ride has come true. It’s a little fun. 

“I will walk slowly, please tell me if the tremor is terrible!” 
“No, it’s comfortable” 
“Thanks !!” 

From other point of view, isn’t this look like a demon take away a girl? 
Fortunately there is no surrounding eyes and I decided to take it for granted because it is really easy. I think that this is part of apology as well. 

“Well, I’m glad you are not a poacher! Arge nee-san, but now, even if you came to poach, I absolutely will not your enemy!” 
“Do poachers come often?” 
“They will come. This forest is far from human settlement, the country does not come here to develop this forest, but in this forest there are a lot of precious medicinal herbs are growing. Human want to protect this forest so they make a rule “if you don’t grow it, you have no right to collect it”, only a little number of people have permission can come here. But people break the rule like poachers will come. because they will get a lot of profit”
“Ha, I see” 

If it is a business that requires permission, depending on where you submit the permission, whether it is a country or an association, by doing the business, you get “mediation fee” or “membership fee” right. 
But if it is poached, all the profits will belong to poachers. It also takes time and labor for cultivation. 
There is danger and it is illegal, but there are people who jump if there is a lot of money. 

“The rest are demon like us” 
“Demon like Oswald-kun?’
“There is a rich man who love to eat demon, … The flesh of the demon … Well that is not illegitimate … but when you look from us it is either poaching or an enemy.” 

… Certainly Oswald-kun, you looks delicious with a chewy response. 

I considered such a thing for a moment but I kept it silent. 

“Well, we are handling demons basic like pests from humans point of view, because we are different from Demi!” 
“Demi Human: like Wood Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Devils, Vampires, Beastmen … Somewhat close to human beings but Demi is hostile to humans, there are some isn’t hostile to humans too. “ 
“Hmmm … is that so?” 
“For example Elves are not hostile to humans, but they are breaking up with other races and live in hidden villages, and I heard there is those who are actively involved with people descending from the villages.” 
“Oswald-kun, you know the stuff” 
“Hey, migrant birds will talk, but Arge nee-san, you don’t know that much, is not it?” 
“No, I do not know at all as I’m only half a month old,” 
“Really!? As expected, Arge nee-san is amazing! You are only half month old and you have such strength and magic!” 

Oswald-kun is talkative. After that we have talked quite a lot. Like how he was born,… he told me various things. 
I heard that vampires and dwarfs are also hostile to humans but some are not.
Felnote-san says “Because you stand out, please keep your identity hidden” probably was such a meaning. Since there are vampires are hostile, so if my identity is known, there will be commotion. That’s the meaning. 

… Oh well, I was talking about this world. 

It’s bad for Oswald-kun who serious teach me, but it’s in trouble even if you talk about world affairs too much. 
Because I am not interested and it is hard to understand even if it is done at once. 
As his talk gradually became longer, I decided to repeat the reply appropriately. 
I can remember the content that I heard once, so when I need it again, I just need to check it in my memory.  (TN: give me that ability, I remember the whole textbook and text will be a breezy)

Then, when I was going through the forest, I passed some Minotaur like Oswald-kun as well. 
Look like Oswald-kun is stronger than the rest of Minotaur, I guess he is truly a guardian of the forest. 
I also saw something like a tiny green dwarf like a small walking dog. 

“Green one is the goblin, doglike one is the Kobold. Yo, Gobuzo, Kobotchi, are you guys  doing well ?” 

He explained what I thought. Both are like demons often seen in fantasy novels. 

…Yes Yes. It is good to say so, it is information disclosure. Just what you need when you need it. 

Oswald-kun talked to me variously while walking about the passing demons and animals. 
It seems that he is similar to a friendly person who usually  patrol in the town and is familiar with everyone. But his face is a cow and he have an axe. 

“Well, that’s why I got the tittle guardian of the forest from my grandfather’s generation” 
“To that extent, but you was too late to notice me” 
“Usually, poachers who came to the forest in the evening use lights and even when they rest they still use fire and light … Arge nee-san has no movement and no light, so discovery was delayed, I can only listen to the report in the morning and jumping up” 
“Ah … I was asleep” 

I was sleeping in the dark, wearing a robe, buried in the grass. 
Indeed, it may not be strange even if you do not notice until morning. 
As a result, I was fine because I slept well enough, I wonder if I has done bad things to Oswald-kun. 

“By the way, those who can not fight like goblins and others are trying to use trap like naruko.” 
“Ha, is that so?” 

Naruko is a mechanism that connects trees and the like with strings and ropes and passes wooden boards and the like through the trees, so that the sounds sound when something touches. 
Instead of saying a trap, it is true that a simple alarm device using natural objects is correct, but from how Oswald-kun say, it is wonderfully worn by various others. 

“Because it is hard for us to live if we don’t work hard, mostly just for the night … … I guess we’ll arrive soon.” 

As Oswald brought his hand to his shoulder, he moved me from his shoulder to his hand and slowly let me down. 
When I got off to the ground, I felt a wet smell. Because I have vampire strengthened smell and smell enhance skill level 1, I know it was a smell of water. 
I start walking toward smell direction. After we crossed some trees, we were able to see the source of the smell. 
A pool, no it’s large enough that I can describe it as a lake. The lake which shines by reflecting sunlight through forest sun is very fantastic. 
Horses and wild boar, squirrels and birds, monkeys around the lake. Not only those animals but also many monsters, each enjoying the grace of nature. 
Animals and demons. They’re all drinking water from fountains. 

“For a long time, this lake is the main source of water for our forest, it had been here even before my grandfather’s generation, and well, …you’re looking for horses, right, Arge nee-san, this place is where they gathered the most!” 
“… If there is such a place, can you wash your body properly?” 
“I am sorry! I will be careful from today!” 
“That’s right, please.” 

Appropriately speak to Oswald-kun who bent his waist exactly and lowered his head, I'm approaching the lakeside. 
Animals and demons merely glance at me, they do not try to escape or threaten.

“Everyone is not surprised.”
“Because I brought you here, So they are thinking it’s okay.”

I see. It seems that his influence is strong with the tittle "guardian of the forest."
I understood that they are not wary of me, so I can carefully watch the horses drinking water and eating grass.
My body can be called a girl. I can not ride a horse that is too big, so I will look for a horse that fit me. It is troublesome to ride it if it is big.
The number is small, but there were also horses with horns. Perhaps it is a unicorn, but every horse is quite big and I was not likely to ride easily.
I walked around the lakeside, and eventually my eyes met with one particular horse.

It is a medium size, pure black horse with blue mane.
The silhouette is slim but rather than unreliable, I get the impression that he is a strong horse.
His eyelids are clearly deeper color than other horses and I feel he is an intelligent one. He has black eyes that sucked you in when you are staring.

… It might be good.

Especially, I prefer his mane. It feel like fluffy bed.
Since language translation has expanded the scope of effect properly, first thing is a greeting.

“First time meeting, my name is Argento vampear.” 
“… There is no name, I'm just a horse.”

Oh, a good voice.
The vocal range is low. From his tone, I can feel the strength of your intention.
I guess it is an adult man's tone. If he is a human being, I can imagine he is quietly inclining a glass of sake at a bar. Although he is a horse.

“Uhm … … Would you please carry me around in your back?” 
“Huh,… a young miss like you ?”
“Yes, I want you to take me outside this country.”
“It will be good, but there are conditions”
“what is it?”

As expected I do not think he allow me to simple get on. Because he is a horse, he would not be interested in money … but I intended to pay with carrots. 
If he is asking for something else from me, I will respond as much as possible. Because he is not a parasitic target, I must repay him properly.
An anonymous horse looked at me with a small and glossy eyes and made a word.

“I do not want to listen to anyone slower than me, if you want me , you must catch me first, missy”

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