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This time, Cliff Hanger isn’t here.

Chapter 23: Weak type

In conclusion, the battle ended in around ten seconds.
First, I avoided the axe that the Minotaur is swinging down.
Leaving the soil that was hoisted up by the attack, I’m runing behind his back.

“No, so fast …!? “
“Blood Arms. ‘Chain’ “

Even if you beat him or kick, it will not have much effect with that muscle, he can also resist wind magic. So, I used my blood as a weapon.
For a vampire, it’s a easy thing to do, you only need to use your nail to cut lightly on your finger. Then, change the blood overflowing with a tingled feel to a long chain.
I remembered a member of the Terrier Bandit Troupe, Chihuahua the chain and sickle. I had no technique like him, so I just wrapped the chain that I made.
Aiming for his arms, feets and the whole body. I wrap around the Minotaur with my speed and restrained him.

“Okay, Chain-san, please tighten.”
“Bumoa aa!?”

Weapons I create can be moved freely without touching to a certain extent. With that ability, I tightened the chain.
The preparation for Blood Arms is not fast, but the strength is quite strong. I’m finished rolled beef in no time. No, this is not a matter of being rolled up in meat, because meat is wrapped around, is it a bit different?
Anyway, the battle was finished without any problems.

“Ku~tsu … human being ! You plan to poaching our forest !”  (original is hard to understand so I change it)

The eyes of the bull glare at me as it is wrapped in the chain.
Even my chain is bounded him tight but he doesn’t seems to have injured. Yes, this is completely misunderstood.

… He is such a troublesome bull. Well, he is only a bull, ~sign.

But those who are misunderstood are bothered, so you have to explain.

“Well, first of all, I am not a human being. I am a vampire. Please look, see my fangs and ears ?”
“Nu …  but it’s still morning …”
“Either in the morning or in the day, I’m still okay because there is sunshine resistance. And another thing, I’ve only taken a nap here and I don’t think I want this forest.”
“… Really? You aren’t a poacher?”
“I has no trouble with money, I do not need poaching.”

As evidence, I picked out just a small portion of the money earned in Arlesha.

“… about that.”
“I am really sorry …”
“… Has the tone changed?”
“I’m sorry, I was a little sick of poachers, I’m sorry … I want you to forgive me…”

The atmosphere suddenly changed and apologized. The voice is also low, it is turned from a threatening thing to a high voice like a boy.
Honestly It does not suit you at all, but it was a cute voice. I heard that he think I was a poacher, and he was a monster, was a demon, I guess the peace of this forest was protected … by him. 
It is hard to have a position. I do not need such a thing.
Since the misunderstanding was solved, so for the time being, I recovers money and then releases Blood Arms. The chain became red smoke and disappeared.
Blood that has turned into a weapon will not come back. If you release it, it will be gone.

“My finger … It’s still a little painful … That’s it …I am vampire Argento vampear … Arge is fine.”
“Minotaur Oswald, I’m the guardian of this forest”  (オズワルド: Ozuwarudo)
“It’s Minotaur ! Nee-san, Nice to meet you !”
“No, nee-san is a bit”
“Well then, how about Arge nee-san”
“Ah … please do as you like”

I decided to keep it like because keep choosing is troublesome. Since I’m original is a man, it feels a little uncomfortable, but since I’m now physically a girl, he is not wrong.
Again, I will look at Oswald-kun who is out of chain.
He is really big. He is black. And he has a stinky smell.

“Excuse me for a moment”
“Become clean”

Honestly, It was painful to talk to him close, so I’m cleaning his body.
Recovery magic to remove dirt removes filthiness from his body in a moment. The drifting smell wrapped in the refreshing wind of the forest and disappeared together with flies.
He still smells like cow but he is already cleaned, so it is just his body odor. I decided to endure.

“You should take better care about your appearance.”

I thought it was impolite, but I will keep an eye out for a moment.
I don’t say he must be as flashy as Samaka-san, but I want him to be a little more clean. Because it is painful that he can not breathe through his nose.
The stinky smell a while ago is because he has not properly cleaned up. There is no choice If the smell is his body odor but here it is, he is good to go.
Oswald-kun had opened his mouth a while for a while. Then he seemed to be impressed.

“… Pane~e … Arge nee-san, who are you … just now, you have used a high level clean magic that only unicorn can use, right !?” (パネェ: Pane~e, don’t know what it mean, so I leave it as Romanji)
“I’m just a passing by vampire.”
“I try to attack suck a gentle person, I … I … Arge nee-san, ! If you want anything please let me know!”

Well then, I thought I want get feed, but Oswald-kun was Minotaur. He is just a walking bull.
He seems does not have economic power or anything, and he is fighting poachers to protect the forest. That is, it is highly possible that he will be busy and die.
Besides, body odor is my weak point. It was a very good property.
Oswald-kun who shrinks a body that is about two meters short and is a little cute, but I do not think I want him to feed me. Sorry.

… Mentally I’m a man.

I am going to be normal at first. So, I prefer a girl. If the partner is quite good, I will consider even a man.

Apart from that, Oswald-kun seems to apologize, but what should I do.
I guess it is better to get blood here.
He looks like cow, so blood will pass. I do not have any blood sucking impulses yet, but it may not be bad to have supply.
Now that I am not hungry for blood, the best wishes are to bring me to the border, but since he is a guardian of the forest, he will not be able to leave the forest … I guess it will be fun if  I can get on the shoulder of that muscles body but …

… Ah, I see. It’s a vehicle.

“Well, may I ask one?”
“Please, anything!”
“Do you have horses around here?”

If you do not want to walk, you only have to ride.
Just like when I take a ride on Zeno-kun’s carriage .
Even if there is no saddle, I can still ride a horse. Whatever you can procure in a nearby town.
Let’s procure horse in this forest. A child who will run even if I am asleep. (TN: MC want a young horse because she is small)

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