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Chapter 199 – Eating Together

Tang Wulin pretty much hit the nail right on the head regarding Wu Zhangkong’s line of thinking. At their age, practical combat experience was more beneficial to their growth than anything else. The battles in the spirit ascension platform and the spars with their teacher were engraved into their very being. Such experiences culminated into growth.

So what if our opponent is strong? The Skysea Alliance’s team clearly had the edge in soul rings, yet they still lost in under a minute!

So what if they’re older and have better soul rings? All that matters is how much strength we’re able to display and if we can grasp victory!

Tang Wulin was convinced that no matter how formidable their opponent was, as long as they could bring out their full power, then not even Wu Zhangkong could say anything should they lose.

Now that the Skysea Alliance Tournament was in full-swing, the city was bustling with activity. Tournaments attracted people, so visitors from all over the east coast had traveled to Skysea City.

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The Legend of the Dragon King Legend Of The Dragon King Chapter 199 summary

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