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The city around school, Lelenia.

A single girl is running inside the bustling city while swaying her black ponytail because it is a holiday.

Rutia Elfeed. The girl who is the senior that is admired by Akito, grasped tightly the search warrant given by the teacher with her right hand, and was doing her best to find Akito.

"Eh? Hiiragi…… Ah, is it the boy who defeated that military spirit? If that's the case, a while ago, he went toward the city while linking arms with such a cute girl, you know?"

Asking the students who was staying inside the school, when Rutia who finally found the witness, heard that……

—She was angry.

(Ahahahaha! Hiiragi-kun! Even though I was worried because I thought you are involved in something so you didn't come to meet me recently, but it's a date! I see!)

While having a dark smile, she runs inside the city at tremendous speed. Because of that, her plump breasts shake, the gaze of the people who walk on the street are gathered on her, but she doesn't mind it.

(Well  then, Hiiragi-kun. Now…… I will come to see you, okay?)

She runs while grasping tightly the search warrant she brought in her hand. In order to give a lecture to her junior who must have a difficult time.

Under the sky that became a bit red, Akito who had had an encounter with his own contracted spirit, the immortal bird, was having something like a date as planned by Yuuka.

Although the person in question denied it, the gazes full of bloodlust from the surrounding people doesn't forgive that his junior entwined her arms with him. He couldn't helped but to let out a sigh.

"Senpai, It's fun, isn't it♪"

Meanwhile his problematic junior is having a very good smile. Akito seems really happy that he was awakened.

–I'm glad that the existence that would kill me if I went out of control was born to this world.

She certainly said that to Akito at that time. Perhaps she is similar to Akito, she fears her own power.

(But, if the time comes when she goes out of control, What should I do?)

Such thoughts keep running in circle inside Akito's head. Of course, even if such things happen,there is no way that he would be able to kill her.
Besides, there is also a possibility that he will be the one that go out of control. At that time, would she also really seriously try to kill Akito?

(It seems that she won't be able to.)

While looking at his junior who smiled happily, he thought so. Then, a voice echoed in his head.

『Master. It's alright. It might be possible if it is the old ice dragon, but……From that guy right now, I don't feel such drive. it seems that it takes a liking to its current master.』

Moreover inside Akito's head, when he asks (Is that so?), the voice inside his head…… Feni lets out a voice 『mhm』.

『Was that around 150 years ago? The ice dragon once tried to fill this continent with ice. To the point it lost its mind.』

Being told such past calmly, Akito was dumbfounded. That gentle looking…… and moreover serving Yuuka as something like slave, was doing something like that in the past…….

『Well, at that time my clan's fire dragon beat the foolish ice dragon and sealed it. At that time, I placed one person to monitor and guard that seal. That's the beginning of her house, the Frost family.』

Hearing that suddenly, and while being dumbfounded once again, he looked at his junior. Then because she asks "what's wrong?", Akito somehow smiles, and says "Nothing".

『Well, if it's the current her, it would be alright. But, it seems that there are moments when she is also afraid of the power of the ice dragon. That ice dragon, instead of making the armament, it seems that it can't transfer it.』
(Is that so?)

When Akito heard that, he remembered that at that time, also at the time when Akito was surrounded by his seniors, she didn't deploy her spirit armament.
I thought she has it as she use S-ranked spirit, but it seems that there are quite a serious circumstances.

『Well, that's why, if master shows your power, and says something like you will stop her in that situation, she would be able to wield her power to her heart's content, wouldn't she? I was asked to let the ice dragon's clan know. So tell her.』
『Mu. Sorry ice dragon. It's too troublesome. Alright. Master didn't hear anything. Am I wrong?』
(Aah yeah yeah. Let's leave it like that.)

While having such conversation within his head, Akito walks with Yuuka. Then, Yuuka said "Ah. Senpai! It's here!" and stopped.

When Akito wondered and raised his face, a signboard of a cafe called "Whisper of The Wind"[1] could be seen. It looked a bit old, but it seems that there are a lot of people coming in.

"It seems that the interior of the shop here is good. it is called a good place for lovers when they are on a date that not many people know……it's just perfect for us! Let's go!"

While saying that Yuuka pulled his arm violently. How is it perfect? Akito raised his doubt, but he was pulled just like that.

『That's right. It's just perfe– Fufuu……』

Inside his head, while saying such thing Feny started to laugh. Because of that he tried to ask (Eh? What?), but the answer doesn't come. She is just laughing entirely.

Even though he has some doubts when he entered, certainly it is calm and it feels nice. When he looked at the surroundings while having such thought, he saw 2 shop assistants who came in front of him, smiled and after that led them to their seats.

『Fuu…… Fufufuu.』

When Akito sat while feeling dubious for Feny who was laughing because of that, Yuuka smiled while looking at the menu.

"Well then. Let's see…… Because it's almost dinner, I am good with only a cake set."
"No. is it okay to only……eat a cake set. Well, whatever. I will only have coffee I guess."
"Se, senpai…… Do you want the dinner I made so much?"
"No, wait a moment. Do you also plan to make the dinner?"
"Of course!"
"Of course……"

Akito groaned in half eyes as Yuuka clenches her fist. Then, she

"Fufufu. First, from the stomach…… It's my advantage……"

She is somehow making a scary face, but certainly because this morning was delicious, I decided that I'm not going to complain. Akito thought that his food expenses will not rise.

Ordering the cake set and coffee, while drinking that which is brought immediately, Akito

"It's delicious! Eating together with your loved one……. Fufufufufu."

Looking at Yuuka who is making such a happy face. It's a bit scary, but it's fine if she is happy.
When looking at her while thinking like that, Feny speaks in his head…

"Mhm. So this is the thing called coffee. It's kind of bitter."
(Eh? Saying that, can you also taste it?)
"Yeah. I can do it, you know? I can also block it. Convenient, right?"

He has a conversation in his head while drinking coffee. It seems that contracted spirit can synchronize even to that point. One thing was discovered, Akito thought about something like that.

"Hey. master. I also want to taste the cake said by the the girl over there. Can I have a bite from her?"
(Hmm? I mean if you want to eat it, you can come out.)

When Akito felt admiration for that, Feny said that. Moreover when Akito replied, she snorted as if being amazed.

『Will it be okay to do it? It will be an uproar though.』
(I'm sorry. Please don't do that.)
『Mhm. Then a bite is okay. Get it.』

Threatened with a bit selfishness, Akito looked at Yuuka. Then when he asks her "Hey. Is it good? Could you give me a bite",

"Fue!? Ehhhh! Ah, uh……. Go, go ahead!"

After she awfully panicked for some reason, she cut it a bit with the fork, and brought it to his mouth.

(Eh? Why aan~? Yuuka-san?)

Although he had such thought, but Akito couldn't hear his junior who looked embarrassing saying "A, Aan~", for the time being he opened his mouth and ate the cake.
At that moment, the store's insides was filled with applause for some reason, but he ignored it.

"Oh, It's good. Thanks"

Saying that with a smile, then when Akito asks Feny in his head "is this good?",

『Aah. It's good. The thing called cake is a good thing. Take me to eat it next time. Also, I can fulfill my promise with the ice dragon. Thanks.』

She said something worrying in the latter part, but apparently she liked the cake. Because of that Akito felt glad and shook his head.

"It's an indirect…… ki, ki, kiss….."

And without consideration for him, Yuuka blushed while looking at the fork.

After several minutes from that, Akito and Yuuka who went out from whisper of the wind, walked toward the academy.
The stars are shining a bit In the sky that has become a bit reddish.

"Today was fun. Senpai"

Yuuka who was still blushing for some reason, said that while holding Akito's arm. While replying with a smile, Akito and Yuuka left the city.
When they entered the spirit forest, it was awfully dark, but thanks to the spirits on the way which released some lights, they managed to somehow see the road.

"I always thought that the forest would be beautiful at this time."

While holding Akito's arm, Yuuka said that. As expected, you won't ever get tired seeing this sight.

『Master. If you put just a bit magic in your hand, won't it brighten up?』
(Mhm. Certainly, your fire is beautiful, but I want to see this for now.)
『I also agree with that. I just taught you for the moment you are in trouble. It's about time something will come. Be careful.』

Even coming here, he replied to the self-important Feny, and looked back. Then, Yuuka also looked back while holding his hand.

"Now, the one who was following us since a while ago. Who are you? The one over there."

When Akito said that, immediately from behind, a rustling sound could be heard–

"From when did you noticed me?"

While raising such voice, a man appeared. Because of that, Akito said "from the beginning".
Well, the truth is Feny told me that there is a guy with the same magical reaction who keep following us, but he decided not to say that.

"Hmpm. as I thought there is a reason why someone like the man who was put in the wanted list, is said sharp. Well whatever, be quiet and let me catch you."

The man sticked out his right hand while saying that. Seeing that the contract seal there is shining, Akito noticed that the opponent was a spirit user.
At the same time, Akito who was concerned with the word "wanted list" decided to ask that.

"Ha!? Am I? Hey, what is about being put in the wanted list? I don't remember it at all, you know?"
"I don't know what you have done. I just a bounty hunter who saw the wanted poster in the guild, and then searched for you."

When Akito said that, the man replied like that. Because of that, Akito tilted his head.

By the way, the place called guild is a place where personal requests and the posters of a wanted person are put.
Anyone can take the personal requests there, and they will get the reward if they are success, and for the posters of wanted criminal, if they can arrest the wanted person, they can get the that bounty.
In other words, it is a convenient meeting place where, anyone can make requests, or take them. It is a convenient meeting place.

–but, why was I in the wanted list!?

Akito panics. Being put in the wanted list means that Akito will be aimed by bounty hunters and people who saw his wanted poster in the guild. What have I done? No, I don't remember at all. Inside Akito's head become full of only that.

“For a kid, your bounty is amazing. I immediately set you as my target. I'm really lucky that you are found within the city."

Without consideration for Akito, he made his words.

『Master. Why don't you just burn this man and go home? He is annoying.』

Feny finally starts saying such things. Because of that, he answered (no) inside his mind,

(Your power is too strong. It's not good to use it inside the forest! It will spread! At worst, the city and the school will also be burned!)
『Ah. That's also true. I don't care about the town and the school, but not the forest.』

It seems that for Feny, the spirits are more important than humans. Well, it should be obvious.

"Yuuka, You also don't do anything. It would be bad if you kill him."
"Un, understood!"

Then, Akito spoke to his female junior, and sheathed his sword. The man burst into laughter.

"Ha ha ha! As I thought you are a child. What are you planning to do to me with that kind of toy?  In the first place, It is also okay for the girl over there to be my opponent, you know? Since I won't be able to kill you easily, right!"

While laughing, the man's contract seal is shining, and he deployed his sword spirit armament. It's a long sword with the same length as Akito's magic armament. But, most likely it would have a special ability.

"Well then, let's go?"

The man who suddenly stop laughing, come with a sharp move. Akito blocked that with the sword arduously, then he kicked his stomach.


The man flew a bit and is rolling on the ground. Looking at that, Akito……

(Eh? Isn't he somewhat weak?)

He thought. Yuuka felt delighted looking at that. Then Feny's voice which come to his mind also

『……He is too weak. Well, you are also uselessly used your sword skill too far.』

She let out such amazed voice. Although spirit usings is basic, there are many that isn't suitable for it. Because there are a lot of people who depend too much on magic.
In other words, there is no way that he can win against Akito who had been taught swordsmanship by the leader of the spirit knight order personally from young age, and trained his body really hard for a year in the academy.

"Ugugu…… Thinking that you are a child, I let my guard down. Then, how about this!"

When Akito was looking at him with amazed face, that man quickly stood up and held his sword high. Akito who saw that sword was shining, he realized that probably the special skill was being activated,

"Gofuu Gafuu! Gehaa!"

Before the skill was activated, he quickly charged in and hit his stomach with the pommel, then just like that he send the pommels to his jaw, and then kicked him in the stomach.

The man swirled a bit in the air and then rolling on the ground. Looking at that sword that was disappearing, he let out a breath as he realized that the man had fainted. Then when he was about to sheath his sword—

『Master, from behind!』

Because of Feny's voice, he turned around suddenly.

Then from among the branches, something jumped out, and suddenly swung downward a large sword toward Akito.

He was a bit surprised because of that, but he somehow put his magic into the sword and when he blocked it, a high pitch sound rang.
Even though it is said blocking, the opponent has large sword, while his is a long sword, moreover the weight of the opponent and power was completely transmitted to the large sword which was swung downward, it changed it into a rather heavy blow. Akito who received it in forced position, was forced to go down to his knee.

(Besides, this is spirit armament!!)

Akito who saw the the opponent's right hand is shining while barely defending against the powerful large sword, he realized that it was a spirit armament. If it's a spirit armament, of course the probability that it has a special ability is high.

He has to fight while being cautious for that, and it will be bad if they target Yuuka. Because of that, he immediately put his magic into the sword and repelled that, he made some distance by jumping to the back.

But it seems that the opponent is quite powerful. The enemy immediately charges in towards Akito, and releases an unthinkable sharp slash. When he somehow repelled it with his sword, the next slash immediately comes.

And that sword is sharp and fast to the point it is frightening. To make matter worse, inside the forest with poor visibility, Akito who can't afford to kill the opponent, precisely repelled that sword. Because of that, his spirit was rapidly falling.

"Se, senpai!?"

Looking at that, As expected Yuuka lets out an impatience voice. It seems that her seal shines and she is trying to release a magic, but she doesn't shoot it as the distance between Akito and the opponent are close.

"! just stop it already!"

Akito broke through the fight there. He greatly repels the opponent's sword and then he ran to the back with all his might. Then jumped to a nearby tree, kicking it, and strike the big body toward the opponent.


Whirling in the sky, while letting out a shout, he puts his magic into the sword. Then when he tried to swing downward the sword which starts to become a thin light towards the opponent—


When the opponent prepared the her sword while such voice could be heard, something like a thin membrane was deployed around her sword. Akito who was surprised after looking at that, somehow he hit the membrane with the sword.

Thanks to the magic power he put into his sword, he wasn't blown away, but the momentum had completely died. But, Akito was not surprised because of that. That's right, the thing he was surprised about were—-

That familiar voice and the special ability which spread a barrier from the sword. Then while being a spirit user, having a swordsmanship that amazed Akito. That's right, Akito's opponent…… No. he knew her.

"Ru, Rutia-senpai?"

While landing on the ground and looking at the swordsman behind the barrier, Akito lets out a shocked voice. Then, the opponent remove the barrier, and lowered her sword.

"Finally you realized it? Hiiragi-kun."

When Akito was surprised after looking at the face which appeared from there, the girl smiled. Then when she took a glance toward Yuuka for a moment……

"Well then…… How about you give me your excuse? Why did you not come to my place recently? Then who is that girl? What are you involved in now?……. hey."

While saying such things, she had a big smile.

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