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The sound of a big commotion, is beating— inside Sylvia Lancaster's ears.

It is a place which is called an arena which stands within Grand Magic Academy. Inside that, a festival was about to begin.

Looking at the surroundings, there are the students from her academy, and there are also 90 seats that were set up for students from Element Academy that are looking down to the arena.
Then there are seats for guests of honor above that. There are the leader of spirit knight order Hiiragi Yuito, and his wife Hiiragi Lilia there.

After confirming that, she sees the people in front of her— 10 spirit users which are chosen to be her opponent in this academy.

(Hmph. He is really not here)

Looking at that with a disappointed look, Sylvia snorted. At that time, the student who was chosen to be the moderator grasped the mic, poured magic, and shouted

"Good! Finally this day came! This is the fight between Grandneal's first princess, our Grand Magic Academy's pride, the war princess, Sylvia Lancaster, and the honored 10 spirit users that has been chosen as her opponent for today! Lastly, looks like this is gonna be an interesting match!"

The spectators who heard that are really excited, and Sylvia looked at them with a disappointed look. Looking at that situation, there is one spirit user stands in front of her, Asha Anlayhaim, she(Sylvia) remembered her(Sylvia) conversation with her(Asha) yesterday.

"I'm sorry. It seems that you will also become my opponent, but…… to be honest, I don't have any interest in small fries like you guys"

Asha who remembered that single line that she said as she left, doesn't hide her killing intent that she let out. Rather,

(I will absolutely beat her…..)

She directed her resentment filled eyes to her.

"Well, the format is a match, but from Sylvia-sama's suggestion, the format has been changed into an irregular match of 1 vs 10"

From the words of the student who acted as the moderator, the spectators started to make a commotion. Especially the reaction from students from Element Academy are enormous.

That is as expected. Because for the students in the academy, the students who stand in the middle are the people that would be their goals…… the people who stand at the top of the school.
Those people would be defeated by "A princess" who is not even a spirit user alone? Something like that is impossible. That kind of looks go through Sylvia.

"Also, in today's match, we will use a new type of magic device. It will convert damage to the body to damage to magic power, it is something you can thought as not getting injury. Please give a round of applause for engineer Lilia Hiiragi, and the development member of our Grand Magic Academy who were involved in that development!"

A round of applause comes from the spectators who heard that to Akito's mother, Lilia who is in the honored guest seat. The students that sat on magic academy’s side stood up and lowered their heads.

"Well then, finally, I would like to invite the leader of spirit knight order, Hiiragi Yuito, to deliver his greetings"
"Ehh? I don't hear something like tha—"
"Dear, please give the greetings properly"
"As I said, I don't kno—"
"There's usually one right! Think about it!"

Yuito looked in puzzlement from the words said by the moderator, and it makes Lilia angry. From that situation, people who looked up at Yuito have a blank look, after that, a big laugh wrapped up the venue.

(That is, Hiiragi Yuito— he's quite different from what I imagine. Would his son have that kind of feeling too?)

Sylvia thought about something like that while laughing at it..

"Ah, ahh~……. Well, good luck"

Saying only that, he who sat in the chair with a thump, in the end got hit by Lilia. He became teary-eyed, and rubbed his head saying "it hurts", the venue became very enthusiastic.

"ah, ahh~…… le, let's pull ourselves together. Well then, please activate the magic device 'Magic Damage Conversion Field' "

The moment the moderator said that, the arena where Sylvia and the others is, is wrapped by something transparent. Looking at that, the spectators make a loud commotion again.

"Eh? By the way, hime-sama. Your weapon?"

A spirit user in front of her asks while looking at Sylvia's appearance. She only said "I already have it?" to that.
It can't be helped that she is worried. Because she doesn't seem to be wearing anything besides her Grand Magic Academy Uniform. It seems that it feels strange for them who is looking at a magic device user similar to Akito

"Showing your weapon before battle is something done by a third-rate. Because you guys are not trying to be able to see it, right?"

Being told by Sylvia like that, they can't say anything. But because they are spirit users, and she is a magic armament user— I wonder where she carries her weapon? Asha wondered.

"5 seconds before the match starts. 5-4-3-2-"

When such voice can be heard, the spirit users put their magic power in their hands. Facing them, Sylvia grasped the necklace on her neck—-

"Neck, Bastard. Activation on"[1]

When she muttered like that and broke in along the signal of the start of the match, a big sword around her height appeared in her hand.


The spirit users who look at that, let out a surprised voice. Ignoring them, Sylvia puts her magic power in the sword, and make a flash.

Immediately, 9 spirit users are slashed before deploying the magic, then the damage are converted into magic consumption, then they lose their consciousness. Looking at that sight, the venue falls silent.

"It's really boring. Is this the best among you guys? Don't make me laugh"

After taking a glance to the fallen spirit users while snorting, only one person survived. No, Sylvia says while looking at Asha, the last one remaining.

"……Your highness are quite strong."

When Asha glared at her while grasps tightly "Shower Tempest" that she deployed it somehow, Sylvia

"That's not it. You guys are too weak"

Says something like that quietly. Asha who heard that, had her shoulder trembling greatly.

"Well, since you had tell me various things, and also about the hero who defeat that military spirit, I will be your opponent properly"

She put the sword in her shoulder and said it. While Asha created an arrow and got ready,

"That's an honor. Your highness….. Pierce! Water Arrow!"

She answered her like that, and released the arrow. The water arrow, made from magic power, flies straight like that,

—–passed through a space with no one in it.

"Too late"

When Asha was startled, in front of her, there is sylvia's figure brandishing her sword. When Asha somehow blocked it with her bow, she got into a stance, but

——at the next moment, the bow together with her body got slashed.

She felt her magic power leaving her body. Her vision gradually became darker, and her power is leaving her body.

Among them, the last thing Asha saw is…… a girl who make a seriously bored face.

A big cheers wrapped the venue.

It is the students of Magic Academy who is letting out such voice. For them who have been looked down as they don't have the ability to communicate with spirits, it seems that Sylvia's match is still fresh in their mind.

On the other hand, the students of Element Academy is having a face that is saying that they can't believe it. 10 spirit users who was defeated in front of their eyes, are what their goal is. That is for an instant…… They can't hide their agitation from the fact that they are just defeated in an instant.

Meanwhile, Sylvia put the sword on her shoulder, and looked at Asha's body,

"Nevertheless, It's a great magic device. They really don't have any wound"

She let out such words. The lying down spirit users are already not interesting for her.

"Seriously, spirit users are too weak. Are you training properly?"

When Sylvia looked at the lying down spirit users with scornful eyes, and then looked at the honored guest seat, everyone simultaneously averted their eyes. Because they can't retort anything.

"A ha ha. Could you not torment them too much. Sylvia-sama"

While looking at her, Yuito who grasped the mic, said that to Sylvia. Confirming that, Sylvia looks above the spectator's seat.

"Oh my. The leader of knight order. Don't you think it can't be helped even if I didn't say it? People who relied with their given power and doesn't struggle is a dreadfully weak person"
"Ha ha ha. That's true. Well, I think it will be a good lesson for them, I hope you can forgive them soon"

Yuito smiles at Sylvia's cold words and scratches his head.

"It's more troubling than that, knight leader. People who join the knight order after you would be quite incompetent. As the princess of this country, I am also worried about the future"

Sylvia snorts while looking at 10 fallen people. Then, Yuito shook his head,

"Well, I'm sure they will also grow from now on. I hope you don't say too much"

He said such words, and looked at the academy students in the spectator seat.
While looking at his figure, Sylvia let out a laugh, and muttered "Well, it's okay", then

"Well then, knight leader. It’s about time to move to the main subject. The entertainment is already, enough, right?"

She pointed her sword towards him. Then, Yuito tilted his head, and

"Entertainment? What's this about?"

He quietly said it. Sylvia answered "Don't play dumb" to that.

"Frankly speaking. There is a reason why I made this plan. That is"

She pauses there, and laughs. Then,

"Hiiragi Akito. Your son's name. Don't say that you don't know"

She said that. Yuito's shoulder is trembling from that. If one noticed, the people in the venue also started making a commotion.

"Akito, what's with him?"

Meanwhile, Yuito replied her calmly. Looking at that, Sylvia finally declared.

"It doesn't look like a lie will go through you, so I will say it honestly. I don't have any interest to these spirit users. Because I want to cross swords with your son— Hiiragi Akito, I made this plan this time"

That words make the students from Element Gakuen start making an uproar. Because they know about him who is called "The Dunce", so they are surprised as they are told that she doesn't have any interest in the person in superior class that they are admired and his name came out.
Then, the other students also shows a reaction towards the words "Hiiragi Yuito's son".

"Crossing swords with my son? He is not even a spirit user, you know? The people that is still there—– "
"I told you not to play dumb, right?"

Even hearing it, Sylvia says as she finally lost her patience from the calm Yuito. Then when she pulled out something from her pocket

"I've put the the image of the magic he released in the uproar recently inside this. I'm also not stupid. I don't know what you are trying to hide, but— I won't accept it, you know?"
"……Where did you"

Finally, Yuito reacted to the words she said. Looking at that situation, Sylvia smiled.

"Although it's okay to reveal it here like this. That will be troubling, right? So, take my proposal"

While staring at Yuito, Sylvia took a breath. Then finally she declared.

"Immediately, bring him here, and let me fight him. If not….. You know what will happen right?'

Yuito who heard that looked at her with a serious face. Then when he called the member of knight order nearby, he gave the instruction.

"Bring Akito immediately. She seems to be really angry"
"I'm fine with that"

Sylvia who heard that nodded, showed a beaming smile,

"Finally…… Finally I can meet you. Hiiragi Akito"

And quietly muttered

"It seems that you are quite infatuated with our son. That guy also unexpectedly can't be put in the corner. Right, Lilia"
"De, dear! Why are you so carefree!"

After that, while looking at her inside the stadium that has become noisy, Yuito laughed, Lilia's face became blue and she shouted.

Reference :

「ネック、バスタード。起動オン」[<] neck="" might="" be="" where="" she="" wear="" her="" magic="" device,="" and="" bastard="" might="" be="" her="" weapon’s="" mode/type.="" if="" you="" have="" better="" suggestion="" or="" you="" have="" different="" idea,="" please="" let="" me="" and="" the="" others="" know.="">


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