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Several hours after Akito was saved by a girl who is his junior.

After that, Akito who stood up with trembling feet somehow managed to bring the seniors who had become ice statues to the infirmary. He is questioned in that place.
The frozen seniors are on top of the bed. Looking at that, as one would expect, Akito thought that they might be dead, but the teachers said they are all right.

But… Except Leonardo who fainted quickly and removed from the battlefield, and escaped from that power of ice, I heard that all of them have lost their spirits.

They are attacked by spirit with too much difference in rank. It seems that the seniors who originally have a dirty heart, don't have the what it takes to prevent their spirits from leaving.
Then, the most surprising thing among what the teachers told him, that is,

"However Frost-san. Aren't you overdoing it? If you use your power, Even if they are your seniors, they are just like insects, right? Please hold back."

That's the word from the teacher who came to question us. Is it okay to treat the students as insects? He have a bit of doubt there, but he ignored it. Or rather if the seniors are insects, then what am I? Air?

Well, something like that is not important. Now, it is Yuuka. The thing I really surprised about is that while this girl is a junior, the highest rank in this academy…… No, the highest rank in this world, she is a S-ranked spirit user.

Certainly, she has completely control the power of that ice dragon spirit. Even Akito can only agree that that is the power of S-ranked spirit users. Moreover on her age…… without a doubt, she is an existence on the level of state secret.

And then, there is one more thing that he heard from the teacher. Her name which is called Frost, somehow, he had heard about it somewhere.

Frost family…… That is in the north. It is a big family that worships the ice dragon spirit, and having it as the family crest. In other words, she is the successor of ice dragon, the spirit which is worshipped there.

(That's why it's strong like that……)

Akito who received explanation from the teacher and heard all the circumstances, breathe out "Hoo…". As one would expect it is out of his expectations. It has been a long time since he has no friends in this school… that doesn't bring peace but chaos instead to Akito.

"Senpai…… sorry….."

Yuuka who was asking about Akito's circumstances, listened to the conversation beside him and quietly muttered. From those eyes, a large drop of tears appeared.

Looking at that girl, Akito thought. I don't want her keep crying like this. Frankly speaking, I'm not angry. Rather—- I'm happy.
In this school, he is living a life where he is called "The dunce", despised, and always being compared to his great father. It looks like this junior is yearning for him from the bottom of her heart.
Because of that, when he stood up vigorously, he put his hand on her head, and looked at the teacher. then,

"Sensei. About the questioning…. Is it enough for today? Because we still have something to do"

He took her hand and started to run without waiting for the answer. The teacher's shout can be heard from behind, but Akito who ignored such things dashed in the corridor.

After kept running for a bit, Akito slowly looked behind. He thought whether Yuuka is getting tired or not.

"Sen…… pai……"

There is a girl who looked bewildered and her face is messed up because of tears. Akito lightly laughed at that girl.

"Well, Yuuka. Let's…… talk for a bit"

Dashing to the inside the male dormitory, when Akito stopped and said it, the thing ahead is

—-The door to his room.

"Welcome to my room!'

Akito who said that and opened the door, had a face full of smile.

"…… Fueeh?"

Yuuka is gazing at his face while letting out such voice. When Akito pushed the back of that girl saying "Come in! Come in!", he entered the room and closed the door.

"You can sit wherever you like"

Akito said that to her, then walked to a stove which is magic device. Then, he took a crystal which is sealing the power of fire spirit from the cupboard, put it inside that device, and poured his magic power.
Keeping the fire strong, he controlled it with that device. He put the water inside the kettle above it, takes out some tea leaves, and put the 2 portion of tea in.

"Sorry if it's hot"

While saying that, he puts the teacup in front of her who is looking around the room restlessly. Why do you sit on the bed even though there is a chair? Akito had such question, but he decided to not mind it.

"The, the room is unexpectedly clean……"

Yuuka who had finished wiping her tears completely and regained her cute face, muttered quietly.

"It's not that. It's just that there isn't anything"

Akito smiled wryly while drinking his tea. His room has 2 chairs and 1 table. It's simple room which has 1 normal bed. Needless to say, there is nothing interesting.

"Because senpai is that leader's son, I thought that you will live in a better home, and the dormitory would also be amazing"

Yuuka also reached out for the teacup, she said while feeling hot holding it. Hearing that, Akito

"Aah. My family is a noble after all. I learned it recently. Well, since I don't like formalities so it's okay"

Said, and once more drank from the teacup. Yuuka laughed from that words.

"I'm glad…… I don't like people who brag too much about being rich"

Akito thought that she is very cute when she smiled. Then, when it's about time to start the main topic, he opened his mouth.

"Well then, Yuuka. I have a lot of things I wanted to ask you. First……"

There, he prepared the sink and looked at Yuuka. Then, as soon as she understands what Akito's thought,

"Don't be reserved. Please ask anything"

She answered with a serious face. Because of that, Akito stroked down his chest. He decided to ask something that worried him the most first.

"First, about this morning. The 3 men who attacked you that time…… Who are they?"
"They are the children of the servants, serving in my house. Also, they aren't spirit users. The uniform they wore are imitations that doesn’t incorporate any techniques against magic."

She quickly told Akito exactly what he wanted to hear. Because he thought that he wanted to ask about the uniform after asking that, he thought how it saved time….

The school uniform has protection against magic. A type of magic technique is incorporated in it. This technique is really an advanced technique, so it is troublesome because you need permission just to wear it.

That's because with this technique, one can completely guard against magic from weak spirit users. That's of course, when there is war with other countries, Grandneal's spirit users who have the biggest war potential would have a disadvantage. In order to prevent such situation, permission to wear this uniform is managed properly, and they must reveal their name to the country.

"Then, next question. Why did you pretend being attacked?"
"Of course, it is so that I can get acquainted with senpai"

Even the next question, Yuuka answered it immediately. When he asked Yuuka once again "Why me?", she started talking.

"Since I was a child, I have made the contract with this ice dragon spirit, and been trained with the sole purpose of controlling its power. Since I was a child, I have been studying, communicating with spirit, using the power, just like that, I have been doing those everyday"

It was her memory of the past. Akito was flabbergasted as it becomes a really deep story. Even Akito didn't expect that it started to develop into a deep conversation like this.

"Then, since I made the contract, I had more difficult days. Every day, every day, the dragon rampaged inside me, and I restrained its power and practiced to control it. Honestly, at that time, there are no nights that I can sleep peacefully."

Saying until that, She suddenly hid her face. Then immediately, she started spinning the next words.

"Since I started going to the place called school, It's more difficult. I who don't know anything except staying at home and study, is unable to make any friends, and because my power is too strong, once it goes out of control, the surroundings will start calling me monster…… everyday, It breaks my heart little by little, I somehow live by protecting myself"

Akito is speechless from her remaining face. He knows one acquaintance who has the power of dragon, but he didn't think that he would have such hardships.

"Then this year, I received a notification from the people in my country, that I have to enter this school. But, at that time, I was happy. Because there must be a lot of 'monsters' like me in this school. So I'm sure that I can make friends too……"

Akito's heart grieved from how she spoke it as a matter of fact. Honestly, he doesn't want to hear it already. But,

—-He must not run away here.

Such thought was binding Akito's body to his chair.

"But, as soon as I entered the school, I had the feeling that I will be still alone. Looking at the second year's matches, I felt hopeless from their level which is too low.."

After hearing that, Akito remember the second year's matches. After that, he remembered her power. Then Akito thought that…… certainly, their level is too much different.

"When I was watching such depressing match for a couple of days, that incident happened. The escaped military spirit…… when that appeared, of course I was also in that field. then—-"

She paused her words once there. Then after that, she checked Akito's face and continues.

"That elimination, was supposed to be done by me"

Akito gulped, the moment he heard that. She said something like she planned to do something alone to that military spirit.

"The teachers asked me. Because with this power, I can fight, I can win"'

Slowly, slowly, she builds her sentences. Akio just listened to her quietly.

"That's why, after everyone escaped, I stayed in…… that field"

Even Akito couldn't be surprised anymore. Seriously, a girl from the first year planned to fight it……

"But, someone who can be called as the second year's ace could be seen fighting. I thought that I wanted to help, however I don't want anyone to know my identity. Because of that, on that day, I was waiting for her to escape."

Yuuka frequently looked at Akito. That face seemed really embarrassed for some reason. Then finally she said.

"Then when that person was about to be done for, I was also about to release the magic 'Ice wall'. But before that, I saw someone running on the field. Then that person was amazing, when he blocked that magic….."

She raised her face there, and her eyes were shining. Frankly speaking, it's scary, but somehow Akito endured it.

"Fighting with sword, when he was about to be defeated, he released a magic which is better than my magic, and defeated it. At that time, I was convinced. If it's that person, together…… we can live together"

Akito immediately knew that it was about him. Even while being a little surprised from that, Akito somehow keeps calm.

"That flame….. Even now I still can’t forget it. I felt that, that flame warmly healed my broken heart."

She is fidgeting while blushing. Then while staying like that, she builds the next sentence.

"After that, I immediately wanted to send the 'Educational Guidance request', but I was stopped by the teacher in this school. You don't need something like that. More than that, please make yourself better in using your dragon.But, it's the light that I found after so much effort. I won't give up. Because of that……"
"That's why you play an act"
"That's how it is"

When Akito who can't keep his patience muttered there, she lightly nodded.

(With this, all of them are connected……)

Akito who saw that, thought like that from the bottom of his heart. Then when he slowly sighed, and rested his back on the chair.

"Uh….. As I thought, it's unpleasant….. Isn't it"

While looking at Akito, Yuuka slightly muttered. Her eyes are filled with tears, and she clenches both of her fist hard.

"I, that behaved like a stalker…… it's disgusting, right"

Yuuka looked down and started dropping tears. When he was that figure somehow,

—- I want to protect her.

He thought like that. Because of that, Akito quietly took something from the desk and grasped the pen. After that, he wrote in one stroke–

"It's not disgusting"

While saying that, he present it in front of her
That is "Educational Guidance Request"….. It is the paper from the paper plane that she sent this morning.


While letting out such voice, she slowly took it, and casts her eyes down. Then when she saw a circle is written in "approved",

"Sen…… pai……"

She cried while shedding tears. When Akito scratched his cheek from that situation,

"Al, although I don't have anything to teach, but if it is……. good enough just to be together— Guhaa!"

Said things that sounds embarrassing, and laughed. Yuuka hugged him with all her might.

"Senpaai! I love you!"
"Hey! The chair will fall, it will fall!"
"I won't separate with you anymore!"
"That's why if you don't let me go, the chair will— Gyaaa!!!!"

Then after that, While still being hugged by Yuuka, the chair and Akito's back were hit hard.

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